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Eugenia on the prospect of remote employment

Eugenia has been working in several capacities and realized her calling was in Event Management. With a bit more perseverance she landed at SeedStart.

Talking about remote employment and particularly “Future of Remote Employment” she had several things to share with us on our podcast.

Read on to find out more about Eugenia and her experiences along the way.

Like Event Management? Like to Work Remotely? Well, Eugenia lives the dream of plenty of people around us for sure! She gets to travel the world; and this Globe Trotter states that she gets all her inspiration to work by being able to immerse herself in travelling and learning about each region too.

Talking about SeedStart we discussed how the accelerator – based in Switzerland – is working towards getting the most out of its operations. “We have one main goal which is – impacting people’s lives in emerging markets, it is our mission, through technology and entrepreneurship,” shares Eugenia.

“We have 3 main activities that we connect.
We connect Startups with mentors, with investors, with all stakeholders that we have on our network.
We build companies from scratch. We have our own SeedStart Startups.
And we invest.”

Seedstart looks for the most investable startups to help scale them through a competition, wherein each startup needs to have a “Minimum Viable Product” as well as a certain amount of money already in their coffers to be in the running. They also make startups “investment ready” so that founders can manage to raise funds through other means as well.

Discussing Remote Employment, SeedStart has values already catering to it. “Independently Together” is their motto, encompassing the very notion of remote work as they are based in 5 different regions globally.

She suggests that to keep employees motivated, employers need to ensure a “work life balance” as things may get carried away with no differentiation between work timings and life timings. This leads to burnouts that can easily be avoided if activities like company lunches and beer nights can be chalked in on the calendar even in a remote setting.

“For me Remote Work IS the future”

Getting inspiration and the willingness to work because one can travel, manage time on their own as well as work from any part of the world is what the future holds.

This is what Eugenia had to share about her work and how she remains inspired to keep working at SeedStart. Over the years, her experiences led her to make life choices where she manages to work hard and not work a day in her life! Now that is what we call inspiring!

Future of Work is Remote, and Eugenia definitely embodies this in her work life!

Do you have anything to share? Comment and let us know about your experiences with remote work!

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