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From Data Science, To Retirement Atlas – Jennie Johnson’s Journey Going Remote

From Data Science, To Retirement Atlas – Jennie’s Journey Going Remote

With a background in Math and Statistics, Jennie Johnson had her role set in Data Sciences & Analysis; leading her towards user research and product management. However, “At some point I realized it was time for me to leave Niche – I wasn’t quite sure what to do next.” Her Co-founder and her were ready to start something anew. What it was, was something they still had to figure out.

She got to experience staying at a senior living community when her husband’s grandfather passed away (unfortunately). But what was a sad situation, opened her eyes to the possibility of something great. “…what really struck me was how good that experience was for him.” Her husband’s grandfather had the good luck of living an independent life (into his 90’s) with a community of close friends and a solid support system.

Activities, like the Science Community, with several engagements going on, made Jennie wonder, why other places did not replicate the same experiences for their members. She states that at this particular community the experience “…extended the quality of life dramatically.”

This was the genesis for Atlas Retirement; to provide a place for senior communities to get the best quality services for such engagements. They are now live in 2500 communities, pushing Jennie out of her comfort zone and getting the best experience out of it.

She advises others to “make sure that the kind of thing you do day to day are things you really enjoy. Ensure what it is, lines up with what it is you want to do, otherwise, you would be miserable.”

Having gone remote from the get-go, Jennie realized that she has been able to benefit from the untapped market – including hiring remote software engineers from around the globe.

Her plans are to expand nationwide, providing all levels of senior care as well as starting on invasive markets, such as home care.

Here’s to wishing her luck and to you to hear on to what else Jennie had to share.

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