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Cynthia shares about Remote Work at Stix – only on

The Story before Stix:

Before Stix Cynthia was part of “Adventure for America Fellowship.” It helped recent college grads to get into the early stages of startups. She then went on to be part of the founding team of “Hungry Harvest”. There she met her future Co-founder, Jamie, and they eventually left to start Stix.

Cynthia talks remote

Coming up with Stix:

She realized what she wanted to “start” after a mortifying experience running into her boyfriend’s mother at the drugstore (learn more about it on the podcast). Stix “is all about making women feel more comfortable about the products they need but dread buying.” She wants to grow her business through “creating better products, product experiences, education and community.”

Her experience with remote work:

Cynthia admits that the clichéd “roller coaster entrepreneurial journey” is quite true. Although hard it is pretty rewarding and amazing to learn, how Stix has helped so many women.

She gives two pieces of simple advice to young entrepreneurs:

Don’t do it alone

Ask for help

Her experience with remote work has been quite good and she learnt more about teamwork and comradery through managing remote teams. She also talks about building a community around her network, in spite of being remote.

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