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Hiring Tech Talent Amid COVID-19 Crisis? Here’s a Surefire Way to Hire Top 1% Vetted Engineers

As the deadly COVID-19 cripples entire industries, companies are actively revisiting their recruitment strategies to evade transmissibility of the virus. It’s not just the businesses that are practicing social distancing, countries, and institutions throughout the world are embracing this trend. Many companies have already resorted to home-based working to suspend physical contact amid fears of the COVID-19 spread.

But the move to home-based working isn’t enough. Companies are struggling to run their operations at optimum levels without sharing physical spaces. Given that a lot of them were ill-prepared for remote work. Plus, they are yet to align their human resource teams to measure staff productivity and hire new employees amidst the crisis.

Does this mean they should also prepare human resource departments to fill vacant positions remotely? Especially when a key employee gets sick (coronavirus) and can’t work from home? Definitely yes. COVID-19 has led to several abrupt changes, and this is one of them.

Besides offering paid leaves to sick employees, companies should also uncover new ways to hire for hard-to-fill roles. That too in just a few days and without sacrificing quality candidates. This may include hiring someone with expertise in full-stack, python, artificial intelligence, etc.

Let’s analyze how companies are shifting their recruitment strategy amid coronavirus crisis, and whether the new approach is working for them.


Can a new approach really help?


Virtual Recruitment Platforms

According to the spokesperson of Antal International, a recruitment firm, they have already canceled a few interviews amid the outbreak. While most of their interviews have been moved to video calls.

With recruitments coming to a halt, virtual onboarding platforms seem to be the newfound love of the HR personnel. These tools allow them to hire and onboard potential candidates without organizing in-person screening and meetings.

Virtual platforms are helping HR people to connect with prospective candidates in real-time through video calls. Not only it has paved the way for online assessment, but also quickly becoming a part of the recruitment process. Especially when it comes to filling IT and tech roles. The effective practice is HR personnel to screen and evaluate potential applicants and move them to the next level.



All that Glitters is not Gold

Unfortunately, setting up video calls, scheduling virtual meetings, and ensuring post-interview follow-ups with candidates can be pretty nerve-wracking and laborious. Your human resource department is already struggling to resolve everyday issues in this pandemic. So, it would be unfair to engage them in more complex tasks like virtual vetting, online interviews, and training.

That’s not all. There is a slew of challenges when you look to hire talent while working remotely. For instance:


  • Specialized talent is low in supply. So scanning job portals alone won’t allow you to hire software developers that have the right skill sets.
  • A lot of recruiters in the tech industry don’t understand the nuances of various IT roles. As a result, they fail to cognize the technical requirements of a job.
  • Unlike marketing, technology is somewhat limited when it comes to finding specialized talent. Thus, a high percentage of HR personnel don’t have many potential candidates in their pool.
  • Since it’s a buyers’ market, the biggest challenge for growing tech companies is to attract the best talent. This is where they lag because they have to compete with larger and more established firms for exceptional candidates.
  • Many a time, highly skilled candidates are looking for jobs that allow them to work remotely.

The tedious hiring process doesn’t end here. Recruiters are also required to verify references and perform background checks for the candidates. It isn’t easy to perform these checks in the current scenario. Meaning, you are less likely to hire a qualified person.

So rather blindly shifting to virtual recruiting platforms and having a foolish belief, its best to opt for something more quantifiable. Such as a reliable marketplace to hire Top 1% vetted engineers.


Marketplace to Hire Remote Software Engineers

Imagine if there’s just one platform where you can find top tech candidates from different parts of the world; how much time and money you would have saved? All you need to do is review their profiles and add the best talent straight to your hiring pipeline.

With Gaper, you can exactly do that. The marketplace to hire remote software engineers has a vast pool of qualified candidates. The potential applicants include front end, back end engineers, mobile developers, full-stack developers, remote python engineers, AI engineers, and more. Allowing you to pick the best of the best at half the price of an NYC software engineer. No matter whether you need a developer on a full-time, part-time, or hourly basis, Gaper is your go-to marketplace.


Currently, Gaper is helping tech firms speed-up their hiring process without compromising on the quality of the candidates. So you can measure the skillset of each candidate against your benchmarks and instantly fill in the vacant positions. This approach to recruiting tech talent greatly reduces the tedious work that takes a toll on your business efficiency and results.

Besides, it frees your HR from mind-numbing work and allows them to focus on core issues affecting your workforce.


Build your remote team with Gaper’s top 1% vetted engineers


Wondering how Gaper has managed to build a pool of top 1% vetted engineers?

Our CTOs travel around 12+ countries, such as eastern Europe, Africa, and parts of southeast Asia. They carry out a series of rigorous tests and interviews in the best universities to shortlist the top candidates. So, when it comes to fixing scripts or writing complex codes, our candidates won’t disappoint you.

Python, Ruby on Rails, .Net, PHP, React, and Django are some of the many programming languages our candidates are well acquainted with. Best of all, we are also training the companies to embrace the remote now experience. If your company is aiming to hire remote software engineers or a single vetted developer, get in touch with us. Your business cannot afford any further delays.



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