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Fintech experts you should follow in 2020

Fintech experts you should follow in 2020

New to Fintech and don’t know where to start? Or been in the industry, but trying to keep up with what’s going on? Not to worry, we have your back. Follow these Fintech Experts in 2020 to stay on top of all new developments! has a bustling blog that is always on the look-out for anything Fintech and keeps its readers informed about new developments. Subscribe now if you want regular Fintech news brought to you!

Renaud Laplanche, CEO Upgrade Inc.

Born in France, Renaud Laplanche is a French-American and a serial entrepreneur. He has co-founded 3 companies until now and is currently the CEO of Upgrade, Inc. His first company, TripleHop Technologies, launched MatchPoint in 1999 and was acquired by Oracle Corporation later on. Laplanche’s next adventure was co-founding LendingClub which was a peer-to-peer lending company that allowed borrowers and lenders to find the interest rates that fit their needs. All of this led to his latest endeavor, launching Upgrade Inc. with his former executives at LendingClub where they provide banking and credit services


Peter Renton, Co-founder Lendit

Renton started Lend Academy in 2010 when he was passionate about peer-to-peer lending and wanted to inform viewers about this Fintech experience. Lend Academy has grown to be a leading educational platform and even has a podcast about the lending marketplace. However, Renton did not stop here, his passion led him to co-founding LendIt: a conference series that takes place in the US, Europe, and China each year. 

Susan Ehrlich, CEO Earnest

Ehrlich is the CEO at Earnest, a fintech company dedicated towards student loan refinancing and private student loans. She has previously served at Simple Financial Technology under many titles. Lend Academy’s Podcast is just one of the renowned podcasts where she appears to talk about student financing, the debt crisis, and how we should tackle it 

Denise Thomas, CEO Apple Pie Capital

Thomas has been a founder 3 times and has had executive titles at a number of companies, out of which a few are OffRoad Capital, Kao Infosystems, and Healthiest You. She is currently the CEO of Applie Pie Capital, a lender that comes with a new appeal to franchise financing. Thomas has given guest lectures at Stanford’s Business School and at Haas School of Business at University of California, Berkley.

Rob Frohwein, CEO Kabbage

Having had many executive positions in various companies, Frohwein eventually Co-founded Kabbage. It’s a company that makes it easier for small businesses to get loans. He also co-founded Drums that allows businesses to set up a sales force quickly and effectively.