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Team management software you need to improve productivity


What are the most common team management issues faced by managers everywhere? These can include a lack of communication, poor teamwork, time management,  low-performance levels, difficult employees, and more.


In order to fix these issues, you need to thoroughly understand the challenges. Hence, once you do, you would have a better chance of focus on the key aspects of team management. However, not everything needs to be the responsibility of a team leader. Some things are better suited for technology to fix. Due to the advancement in technologies, we can control certain aspects of team management through the help of certain computer applications. These apps help streamline daily processes that are not worthy of a leader’s time and effort. 


The benefits of team management apps include: 


  • Enhances coordination among team members
  • Coordinates daily tasks and workflow 
  • Collects data in real-time to allow for smarter decision making
  • Enhances transparency and accountability 
  •  Improves internal communication
  • Scheduling efficiency 


The benefits of a team management app could run a kilometer long but hopefully, you understand my point by now.


Here are the 5 most essential team management apps: 


Trello is a commonly known software that provides lists, boards, and cards that will help organize your teams. Trello’s user interface is easy enough for anyone to use. Moreover, it helps keep all your and your employee’s tasks in check.  Therefore, whether you are using it for official purposes or simply managing your personal life, Trello is the number 1 contender for improving your team’s workflow.


Features available on Trello:


  • The cards are heavily detailed with options such as due date, checklist, attachment, comments, labels, and more
  • Create boards for different assignments, projects, individuals, etc.
  • Workflow automation 
  • Use pre-made templates or make your own to fit your situation.


Slack is the best team collaboration app for teams that prefer to constantly communicate with each other. It lets you create channels and helps set up notifications, which ensures your team’s improved productivity. Thus, provides a better overview of all your projects and tasks. Furthermore, in addition to popular chatting features, Slack provides multiple shortcuts and hacks that help to increase the productivity levels of your team while collaborating. Hence, it is essential for remote teams.


Features available on Slack:

  • Team communication and chat
  • You can integrate it with Google Drive, Box, or Dropbox to share files
  • You can set up reminders
  • Highlight words to be notified as they appear in conversations
  • You can add @everyone tag to send a message to the entire team
  • Slackbots


Hubstaff is an automatic online timesheet tool that helps pay employees for when they complete their work. It has upwards of 30 integrations to easily integrate into your current tools such as Trello. Moreover, Hubstaff allows you to take screenshots and measure activity levels authorizing employers to monitor remote employees. Furthermore, the mobile app lets you track time working, even while driving, and provides individual employee or fleet location tracking via GPS. 


Features available on Hubstaff:

  • Manual and automatic tracking
  • Activity view with the option of taking screenshots
  • Customizable reports
  • Timesheets and payments
  • The ability to integrate Hubstaff with various different apps


If you are trying to find an entirely new team management experience, you need to look into notion. Notion is the perfect team management app that helps you plan and strategize projects. Moreover, it helps you easily communicate everything with the team, and keep track of all ideas. Furthermore, if your team likes to use Slack, you can integrate it with Notion for a much quicker and streamlined experience.


Features available on Notion:

  • To-do lists
  • Weekly planner
  • Taking notes + sharing files
  • Commenting on anything
  • Planning projects
  • Personal weekly checklist
  • Serves as a shared whiteboard