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15 best sites to hire freelance developers in 2021


15 best sites to hire freelance developers in 2021


Hiring a software developer or, for that matter, recruiting a freelancer for any post can be a crucial task. Finding the best way to recruit someone online is more difficult as compared to hiring in person. However, there are numerous benefits to hiring online freelancers or permanent employees too. First of all, it saves you a lot of time and the hassle of firing. If you don’t like their work after a project, you don’t offer them another. 


Once you have the method sorted, another challenge that recruiters face is finding the right platform/place for hiring a freelance developer. Luckily we have that all sorted out for you. Below is a list of the best sites to hire freelance developers in 2021

1- provides the top 1% of software engineers from around the world to companies in search for the finest technical talent. The best thing about is that If within the first two weeks you think the engineer does not fit your project, you get a new engineer without incurring any extra charges. Furthermore, works entirely online, eliminating all geographical boundaries. Also, they have engineers from over 12 countries. However, since Gaper focuses on the top 1%, getting selected as a developer by Gaper can be quite challenging for the average applicant, but quite beneficial for clients.


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2- Fiverr

Fiverr is not only the best place to look for IT specialists but absolutely every one. Around fifty million transactions take place on Fiverr annually. You can go to Fiverr if you need an IT specialist or a person to draw your sketch. Fiverr has everyone from every niche. A rumour has it that you may also find people who will tell you jokes for a small fee. How crazy is that?

Furthermore, the most intriguing thing about Fiverr is that people can bid on projects. You get to choose the freelancer who fits your budget, and the freelancer gets to choose you if you fit his financial need. Fiverr is perfect in every sense but not when it comes to charging its user.


Fiverr is overall a great site however there are a few drawbacks. For example, Fiverr charges its users 20% per transaction. Moreover, it takes 15 days to clear the paid amounts. In addition to that, Fiverr prioritizes the buyer over seller in case of conflict.

3- Guru

Guru only has two million freelancers at the moment. However, it is gaining popularity rapidly. More and more companies are gravitating towards Guru to hire freelancers. The reason for its popularity is the security it provides to its users. Furthermore, they only charge a small job fee of 5%, making it the most cost-friendly freelancing platform available. Clients get to post job ads for free and enable the freelancers to choose their desired freelance project.

4- Designhill

Designhill provides its employers few different ways to find freelance designers. Employers can make project content, which helps bring a multitude of design entries straight towards the employer. Another method of seeking out services can be through using the search box placed at the top of the landing page. Design contests are amazing. Especially for people who struggle with crowdsourcing work on freelancing sites. Designhill proves that design contests can become a legitimate enterprise. 


It has a lot to offer whether you are a web designer, graphic designer, or chasing any other type of design. They further offer their creatives the chance to design their own T-shirts, have them printed, and sell them in their online shop. This provides the freelance designers another creative way to get their work out there and help create another source of revenue. 

5- Toptal

Toptal advertises itself as a place to source the top 3% of freelance talent. They have an intensely vigorous screening process for which they receive thousands of new submissions every month. However, only a few entries are selected. Such exclusivity helps them set themselves apart from the rest of the freelancing websites. They also have a massive clientele list that has used their service to find designers, which include Airbnb, Thumbtack, and Zendesk.

6- We Work Remotely

We Work Remotely are proud of the fact they get around 2.5 million users a month, which is a massive audience base. They contain a plethora of job postings that include many design-related postings. We Work Remotely can feel a little less personal than other freelance websites. However, the sheer number of job postings more than makes up for it. 


Companies or individuals seeking designers have to pay a fixed price of $299 to list on the freelance site. This helps weed out the low-quality job leads. Thus, acting like a natural screening process. Companies such as Invision, Amazon, and even Google have posted jobs on their platform. The best thing about the platform is that you aren’t obligated to create a profile. All you need to do is simply click on the job link and there you are.


We Work Remotely features freelance opportunities that meet your skillset, whether you’re seeking part-time work or full-time freelance jobs.


7- Simply hired

Simply hired is another platform similar to the ones mentioned above. The unique thing about this specific platform is that it allows other platforms to repost/share the jobs posted on their site, which leads to a higher chance of the job reaching freelancers. It’s so loved by its users because all the clients have to do is create a job ad for required posts and leave the rest to Simply Hired.

8- Working Nomads

Working nomads was created back in 2014 but gained popularity within no time. Currently, it is among the most famous job boards known to people. Due to its popularity, the top software developers can be found here. Also, it is not difficult to use. All it takes is a job ad in order to get a developer to take on your project.

9- Virtual Employee

Virtual employee is based in India. But it connects clients to freelancers from all around the world. In comparison to other freelancing websites, Virtual employee is smaller. However, there are many ways a client can benefit from using this platform, such as lower project fees charged by freelancers as compared to other platforms. Virtual employee has freelancers that fit in your budget. Therefore, if you have budget constraints, Virtual employee is the freelancer hiring platform for you.

10- Stack overflow

Stack overflow probably is the most interesting platform out there. This site is not for freelancers or clients but is the largest community of computer developers on the internet. Here, developers interact with each other by asking each other questions regarding programming, web designs, HTML5, and full-stack, etc. Doing so increases their knowledge and clears their doubts while at the same time helps others through their expertise and queries. If you need a freelancer or a full-time software developer, stalk this platform and choose the one you think can fit your project/company the best.

11- LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social media platform. It connects people all around the world, just like other social media platforms. However, what makes it different from other platforms is that it connects employers with professionals and not friends and families. Thousands of people have found employment through LinkedIn and vice versa. It is a hub for professionals to hang out. How to score a job or find the perfect developer for your project? Post a job ad on LinkedIn. You are guaranteed to attract many experts within no time.

12. Behance

Behance is a brilliant platform to help you spark your creative flow. It has a wealth of fantastic work, including graphics, animations, web design, and more. When you fill out your Behance profile with outstanding examples of your work, it’s shared with a community of like-minded creatives. And if your project is chosen as a featured project, you’ll gain even more close exposure. Who knows, maybe someone may notice it and want to hire you. Helping you expand your clientele list. 


Behance also includes a jobs section, which contains a multitude of quality freelance employment leads. You won’t find an unending list of job openings, but what is available is consistent with Behance’s stellar reputation.

13- Glass Door

Glassdoor was originally created for users to rank companies anonymously. However, with passing time, it has become a hub for clients and freelancers. The original purpose of this platform died when people started posting job ads instead of reviewing companies. Now it has become a platform that unites employers with their future employees.

14. Dribbble 

Wherever you are in your design career, you need to have a profile on Dribbble. They never cease to astonish us with the quality and range of killer projects posted, as well as the supporting network of creatives.


Having a high-quality Dribbble profile is a terrific approach to market yourself and demonstrate your abilities to potential clients. Dribbble receives a lot of traffic, and there are a lot of clients seeking designers. All you have to do now is write a killer bio and show off your greatest work.


Dribbble also makes it simple to update your job availability and allows you to flip the switch on and off as needed. You also gain access to a unique freelance design job board if you upgrade to the pro level.


Dribbble is a great place for web developers, graphic designers, and others with similar skill sets to discover inspiration as well as their next freelancing employment.


15- FreeLancer

Freelancer is considered to be the most user-friendly freelancing website on the internet. Freelancer not only has software developers but people from every niche, similar to Fiverr. They have a very attractive website that is easy to follow and navigate.


In conclusion, there are both ups and downs to all these websites mentioned in the article above. However, we always recommend hiring freelance developers with skill over saving a few bucks, because a skilled professional will help you make that money back eventually.