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startups save money

How can startups save money with Fintech!

How can startups save money with Fintech! Startups are tight on cash! They have the brains, they have the grit, but not the financial capital yet. This means they try to save money from wherever they can. Here we show you 3 ways where startups save money using Fintech! Easier payment services Paytech has changed […]

Developer Interviews


If you are reading this, chances are you are applying to developer jobs or developer interviews, or you have applied to one and have received a call. In case you are planning to apply, a general word of advice would be to apply everywhere. Don’t downplay yourself and act as a roadblock to your own [...]
trello vs jira gaper

Trello vs Jira – A Developer’s View of Project Management Tools

Nowadays, it is common for software development work to be done by distributed teams where developers are situated in different parts of the world. Because of this, team and project management now need to be handled in a way different to how they were done a decade or two ago. Senior remote developers have different […]

challenges with remote work

5 challenges with remote work & their solutions

5 challenges with remote work & their solutions A pandemic hit us in March and we have been dealing with its unprecedented circumstances ever since. As a result, people started working from home, wearing masks, and refraining from social gatherings. However, these aren’t the only challenges that were faced. Below are 5 unique challenges with remote work […]