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Accelerating Tech Careers

Transform yourself into an ideal candidate with the 14-week accelerator program and a world-class certification

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Fact and Stats

The Gaper accelerator program is an English-speaking acceleration program that will help your company expand and grow in its initial phase. Our goal is to assist you to accelerate your startup from a prototype stage with zero customer base and no generated revenue, to a stage where you have developed the perfect product for the right customer base and you know how to generate revenue. At that final stage, your startup would contain all the essential elements to grow and scale globally, either organically (bootstrapping) or by raising money from investors. If you wish to raise capital, we will help introduce you to potential angel investors, and essentially help you build your pitch & presentation and close the investment deals.

Grow your team in US

Create a strong, capable team with a good working dynamic. Experts who lead the accelerator will help you understand complex key issues, as well as mentor and educate you and your team to understand their role in the initial phase. We would provide your current employees with training courses and workshops to help improve their overall skillset. Dedicated co-working spaces where your team can focus on the accelerator and educational opportunities

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Risks of misclassification

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Employing in Austria

We will help you expand your team by helping you hire work locally and globally. Providing you with viable candidates that can help prove to be an essential asset in your early start phase. This helps streamline your workflow.

Competitive benefits package in Austria


Groom you to gather funds, exposure to business angels and VCs during the program

Coaches & Mentor

Dedicated highly rated coaches for key focus areas (value proposition, pitching, sales, pricing)

Co-working Spaces

Free co-working office space for the duration of the course

Dental Care

100+ Breathing Experts

B2B Sales Curriculum

Intense sales curriculum for every step in the sales funnel – all the way from target customer identification to deal closing.


Provide you with a wide array of global and local business connections

Health Insurance

Free healthcare plans once you get accepted into the program.


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