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Fintech 2021

The year 2021 while still in recovery from the impact of COVID-19, is looking set to dominate the industry with innovative technological solutions for a brighter, more digital tomorrow. Will we continue to see a surge in digital-only banks? How will the further implementation of RPA (robotic process automation) change the way we do things? Will we continue to see the rising popularity of blockchain?
Gaper brings together experts from within the field to shed some light and debate on the predictions for FinTech trends in 2021. How will banks incorporate AI in their operations? How will security concerns with all the new technology incorporations look like and perhaps most importantly how much will we advance toward a financially inclusive world?
Here to answer all our questions are Kenneth A. Goodwin Jr. (Managing Partner and Founder Jeanensis) and Jared Longhitano (FinTech Sales Executive)
Conducting this webinar would be Mark Allen (Director., Gaper)