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Rise Refresh: A new frontier for FinTech in 2021 by Rise New York x Gaper

Given the unexpected turn of 2021, there is a question mark on what the new year means for businesses. FinTech, a sector with incredible scope for innovation and consumer value, has a lot of expectations attached to it this year. In this discussion, we will get insights from a diverse panel of professionals who share their experiences, opinions and predictions for FinTech for the year ahead.
What big ideas will FinTech tackle this year? How do the experiences of various communities differ within the sector? Should business owners be on the lookout for any disruptive innovations?
Discussion questions
Necessity drives innovation. In what ways have you been able to pivot your business model to fit shifting industry and consumer needs? What are those shifting industry and consumer needs?
Are there any FinTech trends already emerging from ‘20? What trends in particular do you think have the capacity to change the financial landscape of ‘21? Why?
This year, the US reckoned with its history of denying access/power to black and brown communities in a big way. How is the FinTech world responding to this problem? Do you think FinTech and FinTech products can affect real financial redistribution/change? How?
Why is it important for a FinTech company to represent the people it serves?
How can we expect traditional core systems in banking to be affected by FinTech developments?
Should founders/managers be on the lookout for certain FinTech developments that may change the way they conduct their businesses?
Event takeaways
The scope for FinTech in 2021
The accompanying implications for businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs
The role and experiences of black founders and professionals in the sector
This discussion will be moderated by: Tayaba Shalwani , Project Manager at Gaper
Speakers include:
Ahmed Babikir, Co-Founder at Envaluate
Douglas Parker, VP – Financial Services at Trinet
Kenneth Goodwin, Managing Partner