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Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people

Journey helps you create your journey in a few clicks

CEO Peter Clark tells us that they started as a remote company and they plan…

Growth Book provides Custom in-house A/B testing without the work

CTO Graham McNicoll explains how they save some companies 10s of millions of dollars with…

UiFlow helps companies build software 10 times faster

CTO Eric Rowell talks to Mark about how they do it and how COVID helped…

From A Journalist To Founder | ConsenSys Mesh | Editor | Photographer | Gaper Podcast

Easy For Some Not For All | Remote Work | Analytics Engineering | Gaper Podcast | Tag Management

Absorbits helps you protect your prized possessions

Listen to CEO Elliot Harris talk about why he started the company and how he…

If you Can Work in Person Then Work In Person | Halo | Gaper Podcast | Work From Home | Start-ups

Love-Hate Relationship With Working From Home | Gaper Podcast Software Engineers | Zoom Fatigue

Overcoming Zoom Fatigue | Work From Home | Gaper Podcast

Creating Economic Equality | Female Influencers | Women Media | Gaper Podcast

Selling online V COVID-19= A challenge | Pandemic | Online Market | Gaper Podcast

VMware | co-creative leadership advisor | xApple | xDisney | Gaper Podcast

TangApp | CEO | Founder | Gaper Podcast

Alteryx | Power of Data Analytics Unleashed | Gaper Podcast

Meru | #1 Asian wholesale marketplace for LATAM | Gaper Podcast

Unpopular Ventures | The Road Less Traveled | Gaper Podcast

Spokeo | Enlightening & Empowering Customers | Gaper Podcast

MassChallenge | Strengthening Global Innovation Ecosystem | Gaper Podcast

The Era of Impact as a Service has Arrived according to Britain Jacobson.

He should know as the Director of Operations at Everfi.  

TEK Partners provide technology solutions nationwide.

Change Management Practice Leader Oria Alcantara talks about remote work at TEK and the affects…

Blisser | Remote Fundraising | Gaper Podcast

Project Verte is a cloud-based supply chain platform powered by AI, designed to help multi-channel retailers compete at the next level

CEO Sandra Campos talks about the challenge in supply chain since COVID and what she…

Ambassador Labs delivers the best developer experience for teams building cloud native apps

SVP of Engineering Bjorn Freeman-Benson talks about his philosophy on working with developers, both distributed…

Collective is the first online back-office platform designed for self-employed people

CEO Hooman Radfar explains how they can help this growing segment of the economy

BizAvJetsUSA is a new magazine covering a niche section of the aviation industry

Co-founders Annamarie Bounocore and Eli Stepp talk about how it began and their plans for…

Silicone Valley | Human Resources | Chegg Inc | Gaper Podcast

Aerotime automatically groups your meetings together, creating time when there’s none

CTO Dhruv Goel talks about how they used their product to help themselves be more…

Mayan Analytics brings business insights by bringing the latest machine learning, AI, and big data straight to your phone.

CEO Ernesto Reza-Garduno talks about his company’s journey

Rampd | Building| Hiring| Training | Managing | Gaper Podcast

Always Be Hiring | Business Advise | Kira Talent | Gaper Podcast

Executive Business Consultant | Chief Revenue Officer | Chief Operations | Gaper Podcast

Customer Experience Strategy | Innovation | Design | Execution | Gaper Podcast

Service Robotics & Technologies delivers mission control software for smart buildings

CEO Greg Scott talks about their technology and the increased demand for it.

Potion is a video prospecting tool for sales professionals

CEO Andrew Boos tells us all about their product and their journey.  I recommend going…

Laura Hackney, CTO of AnnieCannons, is teaching STEM to victims of sex trafficking

COVID didn’t deter them.  They pivoted to remote instruction and plan to do both remote…

Bevy helps companies of all sizes build communities to fuel growth

Senior VP of Sales Steven Broudy explains how when COVID hit they had to build…

KForce business has increased since COVID. Senior Tech. Recruiter Scott Hale talks about what has happened in the last year

And he believes that most companies are in the process of figuring out how to…

Consequential helps companies of all sizes launch and scale

DASHLANE Makes Your Online Life Easier

DisSolve Is the Most Waste-Free Product Ever

Probably Even Property Is Going To Be Digital In The Future

Concept of Working from Home Has Been Very Calming

Always focus on the Right thing to be successful

Janes Witcher, CTO of Defense Industrial Base, was a pioneer of remote work at Microsoft

Listen to him tell his story over his 20 years at MS

Fiserv provides financial software services to banks and companies

VP of Software Development Marc Rind talks about the affects of COVID on their industry

Both good and bad decisions makes a Successful Business

CircleCI’s tools make it easier for remote teams to produce quality work in a timely manner

VP of Business Development Tom Trahan talks about their products and how this is possible

SAIC Chief System Architect talks about remote work at a major company

And the affects of COVID on their business

Saildrone is navigating an ocean of data. CHRO Todd Davis talks about the exciting things coming up for their company

Vertical Finance provides credit card rewards programs for niche markets

CEO Matthew Goldman explains that the first one is Grand Reserve, a program for wine…

Omer Miller says that coaching and spiritual teaching have been unaffected by the change to remote

He helps people from wherever he is in the world

Amber walks us through her motivating professional journey

“Winning by Design” helps you design your go-to-market model and train Marketing teams for success.

American Veteran Industries “AVI” a SDVOSB is part of USA International Holdings group company

Because Animals is changing the way pet food is formulated and made

CEO Shannon Falconer talks about her journey and what her company is doing

Ad Astra Media is out to introduce the world of STEM to underserved communities

CEO Jose Morey talks about their goals and what they are doing

Marsh McLennan has 76,000 employees worldwide. All of them had tog o remote last March

Global Talent Acquisition Leader Fayez Nathoo talks about the affect it had on his company. …

Chris sheds some light on running a business and finding a suitable investor

Mike advises us about remote work ad how to make the best of it

Seth Kischner, Security Engineer for MUFG, is taking advantage of working from home

He changes cities about every 3 weeks.  He also has more work since COVID arrived

Worklete CEO Ben Kanner took his father’s lifetime work and brought it to the masses with technology

All workers, both remote and office-bound, can benefit from their services

Innovative Technology Solutions provides end-to-end IT services for many companies

President Jesse Alexander talks about the affects of COVID on their industry , their business…

Warrior | Blockchain/Defi To Reshape the Media & Revive the Pursuit of Truth

New Idea Engineering is in the business and technology of enterprise search

CEO Miles Kehoe explains what that is and how they help companies

Banco BV is the 5th largest bank in Brazil and they are moving their applications to the cloud

IT Executive Manager is in charge of it and he talks about how it is…

Ryan Donaldson, CTO of HootSuite, explains that the future of advertising is social media

The change started awhile ago and COVID accelerated it.   

Radius VC invests in the change we need to see in the world

Managing partner Gilberto Granda talks about what sets them apart from other VC’s and the…

Thrust Interactive makes game rocket

CEO Jesse Lindsley talks about the affects of COVID on the industry and his company

David Fano is a serial entrepreneur and senior leader known for building high growth teams

Nico shares names of his favorite project management tools

Dr Ryan thinks Remote work is perfect for engineers

Bryce Prunty’s Insights On Dealing With Uncertain Times

Eric elaborates on MutualMarkets and their experience with remote work

FP Mailing Solutions makes it so customer go to the post office less

Global IT Director Don Cahoon says that made them very popular last March

AppCard’s demand increased when everything went to Stay in Place

VP of corporate development Eran Harel talks about how it affected their customers and their…

Ron Herardian is an expert on cyber security. He was busy before COVID and that has only increased since

Listen to him talk about trends in security

Matt Gonsalves is VP of Technology at Insight Global. They did a great job weathering COVID

Listen to Matt talk about how things have changed in 1 year

Stefan shares his views on remote work

Jeremy talks about his experience with remote work and The amazing Africa

Candice is the person behind the amazing software of the iphone X max

Patrick tells us about Aritex and his journey to being a Founder

Valerie shares with us her insights on recruitment during the pandemic

CanETH has created a green way to mine ETH. But that’s not the most impressive thing about him

Listen to him talk about how he beat stage 4 cancer.  And he is concentrating…

COVID had a huge affect on Ticketmaster but they successfully managed through it

VP of Operations Lemna Parvini tells us about the journey

Lampros Labs solves problems for their customers with software . They’ve been doing it for years

CEO Troy Davis talks about his viewpoints on software development and why they are successful.

Martin Creative help companies with their marketing in a very effective way

CEO Joe Martin explains that and the unique way that he runs his company.  You…

Arvizio provides enterprise software solutions involving augmented and mixed reality

CEO Borys Vorobyov explains the difference between the two 

Tealet helps us get to know the story of tea from farm to cup

CEO Elyse Petersen talks about the supply chain involved in delivering tea to the masses…

Pulse Connect is all about data privacy rights for indiviiduals.

CEO Randolph Rodrigues is passionate about this topic and he discusses what he sees coming…

Chris talks about the creativity behind his startup’s name “spring”

Ken talks about how due to the pandemic we are missing out human interactions

David talks about his experience with remote work

Bria shares how he came up with the name “grouparoo” for his company

“Fast” is the The world’s fastest checkout

Conant Leadership is all about each person being themselves and being better each day

CEO Doug Conant explains that we have to be ourselves to be the best leader…

Rick Rius is a talented Biz Dev person in the Identity Mangement/Cloud Security space

He talks to Mark about the challenges COVID caused in the industry

COVID had a huge affect on Ticketmaster but they successfully managed through it

VP of Operations Lemna Parvini tells us about the journey

Daniel talks about helping their clients figure out remote work

Matt introduces us to the idea of Chaos Engineering

Linley Ali has many years experience in health insurance and technology

Listen as he and Mark talk about the affects of COVID on both

Your goal is to build the best team. Make better decisions with Criteria Corp

Chief Product Officer Greg Isaacs explains how they help you do that and help you…

Simplero gives you everything you need to run your online business in one place

Cris Reed Talks about his level up podcast

Vicki Gann- from a teacher to a startup founder

SnapStays is a leading provider of move-in ready apartments

Torchlight Consulting empowers the founders behind some of today’s most exciting young companies

John shares some ideas on how to make remote work more effective

Joshua Silberman discusses how his company’s culture helped him grow

Tessa shares about her dream of building software solutions for the developer customer advocacy

Julia Talks about how going remote can help companies

Thibaut discusses the necessity of communication tools while working remotely

Territory Foods provides tasty & healthy food while also taking care of their customers and the environment

COVID helped them get back to their core values.  Listen to CEO Ellis McCue talk…

Mike Manrod, CISO at Grand Canyon Education, is responsible for many things

Listen to him talk about what those are and see the server stack he has…

The Data Diva, Debbie Reynolds, talks about privacy rights with Mark

She has been working in this field for years and is called upon to help…

X.AI is the ultimate in personal and group scheduling

They decided to switch to a distributed work environment in 2019 and haven’t looked back. …

Nuray Elci is the Sr. Manger of Fuels Retail Sales for Chevron, INC.

Listen to her explain how COVID affected the energy business 

At the Burns Group, marketing and branding all starts with a beginner’s mind

CEO Jo McKinney talks about the affects of COVID on her business and her customers

Traction is a new breed of brand experience consultancy providing the power of the unusual

CEO Adam Kleinberg talks about the affects COVID had on his company and his customers

Do you want to speak with confidence and authenticity

Allison Shapira the CEO of Global Public Speaking can make that a reality.  Listen to…

Scope entered the market last March and has grown its network of freelance experts from about 15 to more than 100 as demand only increased

Scope ( is defining implementation as a service by partnering with no code and API companies…

Socialtables CEO Ben Stokes explains that they provide safer events with no stress

They were mainly an in-person event provider at first.  They had to pivot when COVID…

Fractal supercharges your applications by streaming them from the cloud.

CEO Phillipe Noel explains how it works and why it is the perfect solution for…

Altura Ventures can help you refine your product, raise money, and grow your business.

CEO Lee Lorenzen talks about why they are different than a VC and why startups…

Angel, Founder of Freedcamp, gives 3 tips on how to improve remote working for your team

California Elite Fitness went from a local gym to an international gym due to COVID

Listen as co-founders Lori Beveridge and Jon Martin explain how they did it.  They service…

Scentbird offers perfumes and colognes via an eCommerce subsrciption service

CTO Andrei Rebrov explains that business increased since COVID.  And he explains that they are…

Let’s Love Sundays CEO Alice Elizabeth actually loves every day

And she has since she left the corporate world to start her company.  She tells…

Via.Delivery has found a way to help Ecommerce companies and brick and mortar stores

CEO Mitchell Nikitin explains how he and his partner came up with the idea 

Rahul Vijay, Head of Tech Deals& Supply Chain for Uber, talks about the affects of COVID on their business unit

Different services were affected differently is a community of skintellectuals sharing tips & tricks

CEO tells us why she decided to start her company after graduating from Harvard with…

Thorn builds tools to fight child sexual abuse. Their goal is to eliminate this horrendous crime for good

Listen to Director of Engineering Mo Ezderman tell us about their company and their cause

Memberstack has built a beautiful user login & payment processing system for any website

And you can deploy it in minutes.  Co-founder Tyler Bell tells us how they got… is the end-to-end web platform for development team

Aaron Porter, Global VP of Agency Partnerships, tells us what the .sh stands for.  He…

Ahmed Amer, Senior Director at Guidewell Connect, is a veteran of remote work

He shares some of the interesting stories with Mark on this entertaining podcast

Deploying lightweight, disruptive business models with ff Venture Capital

Givelify helps faith-based organziations and non profits increase mobile and online donations

New Creative Director Kendal Richer tells us why he decided to join them

Angelneers is a different type of VC. They invest their time and money in startups

Founding partner Oleg Koujikov tells us how they do things differently

David bringing his fintech knowledge to

Breaking new ground and looking for opportunities to build, grow & scale new businesses with Lincoln

Leading performance platform for heavy construction with HaulHub Technologies

FotoNow reduces the cost of manufacturing QA using Artificial Intelligence

CEO Florian Ziesche tells us that they are growing and talking to some big companies

Hearo.Live provides virtual watch parties. And they have a lot of options to choose from

CEO Ned Lerner built the product and company using his vast experience.  Try it out…

Angelo bringing a weath of knowledge on

A unique business impact on hiring and retaining talent through HireVue

Courageous exists to help you and your team believe in yourself again

Dominique bringing 10 years of HR experience to’s podcast

Bringing Sci-Fi to reality with Visual Feeder

Growing results that exceed expectations with TeamSnap

Helping engineering and product teams save time & improve customer experience with Courier

All about investments to leverage technology, solving business problems with Joanna

A pragmatic approach towards remote

Yair is at the intersection of education and improving clinical care with avoMD

Natalie shares how helped its customers go remote

Piio helps companies improve their web performance by measuring Largest Meaningful Paint

CEO Nico Bistolfi explains what that is and why it’s important

Grand Canyon Education has been leading educational transformation since 1983

Executive Director Kelly Padilla shares with Mark why they are different and where education is…

Customer.IO is a digital communications platform for growth companies

Principal Product Manager Brendan Fortune tells us why their business is growing

Pareto Technologies is a digital asset management company

CEO Junaid Ghuari is well versed in Blockchain and cryptocurrencies and he shares that knowledge…

Karma the Game of Destiny is a digital magazine

But it is much more than that.  Listen to CEO Robert Porter talk about his…

Building on User Privacy with The Privacy Co. – Josua sharing his experince with online privacy

Discussing WFH and beyond with Nico –

Veamly is The Best Assistant For High Performing Engineering Teams

CTO Ramzi Maalej explains how they make life better for development teams 

CroMetrics helps companies grow through strategic, data-driven experimentation

Director of Product Management, Grant Tilus, explains that they have been totally remote since day…

Jasmin Sethi cares deeply about inclusivity in the workplace

As CEO of Sethi Clarity Advisers she explains the affects COVID has had on inclusivity

CompanyCam helps contractors save time thus freeing them up to run their businesses

CEO Luke Hanson talks about how they’re growing and the affects of COVID on their…

Podscribe is the best podcast transcription service on the market

Listen to CEO Pete Birsinger’s podcast with Mark

1SM helps companies make sense of their sales and marketing data to create a unified customer view

Co-founder Jordan Josloff tells us why he left a job he loved for this promising…

Making a decision and getting to a decision with Cobble – Date Nights made Simple says Jordan

The Beautiful part of Virtual Events is the Scalability – Succinctly put by Tamilla from ManyChat

DataDog provides IT Operation Services for SaaS Companies

VP of Infrastructure and Reliability tells us that they are growing rapidly and looking to…

Viget does a great job helping their clients with all their branding needs.

Creative Director Ally Fouts tells us that they apply ethical standards to who they choose…

Ambrosia Vertesi works for the Operator Collective and is the founder of HR OpenSource

This busy lady tells us what’s happening in both worlds

365 Digital Consulting can do all things Microsoft and for much less than the Big firms

Founder Ehsan Hakimi talks about how they started and all the services they offer

Laconia Co-founder Jeff Silverman loves his job because he gets to help different companies

Listen to Jeff and Mark talk about why it is so much fun

Exodus lets you trade cryptocurrency easily and securely

CEO JP Richardson explains that they have been remote since Day 1 and it has…

Andrena provides low-cost high-speed internet to households

CEO James Smits talks about where they’ve been and where they’re going

Buddy Boss makes building your own app so much easier

Global Operations Director Shelby Fernandez talks about their platform

Kaleo Designs are experts in UI/UX. Co-founder Andrew Daniels talks about how they started

And where they’re going

All Billing & Coding Services started years ago. VP Tiffany Aviles talks about the journey

Ahmad shares that it is fascinating to know more about the world through working remotely

Running businesses as efficiently and effectively as possible – and bringing people to the businesses to buy

From Startup Mom to Head of Finance Notion -Myoung Kang shares her remote journey on Gaper

Make others learn to be more responsible remotely – Marcel’s advice

States Title is changing the way title searches are done

Listen to recruiter Stephanie Garza tell us that they are growing and they are definitely…

National connects people with the right message, in the right place, at the right time

Listen to Financial Communications Advisor Larry Markowitz talk about the effects of COVID on their…

Prinifa is building a personalized data mart for anyone who opts in

CXO Valto Loikkanen explains the great applications that can come out of this

The Post-Pandemic Rules of Talent Management

Recent history indicates trends of revolutionizing the workspace, remote IT Jobs and its constituents. Technology…

Ziplyne helps companies SOAR. Listen to CFO Efrem Epstein explain what SOAR stands for

and CEO Rome Chopra explain how they came up with the name Ziplyne

Patrick McCarthy is a virtual CFO. Listen to him explain how COVID has affected remote work

Democratize working with a personal stylist with SIBO

Yaymaker gets over 50 unsolicited leads per day for their virtual event application

VP of Sales Matt Rolnick explains that their events were 100% in venue pre-COVID but…

Runtime Verification provides software testing and verification services

COO Patrick MacKay explains that COVID has helped everyone show more empathy to their co-workers

The Capital Network provides funding advice and funding for startups

Executive Director Marie Meslin talks about the affects of COVID on their business and their…

Buildzoom has a great solution for both consumers and construction contractors

Co-Founder Jiyan Wei talks about the affects of COVID on the construction industry and his…

Extend provides a better product protection experience for both merchants and their customers.

CFO Trevor Zehnder talks about how COVID affected their operations and finances

Zach Poll runs the US Health Care Partnership for Plug and Play

He talks about the affects of COVID on the health care industry

Airtame provides wireless screen sharing from any device for business and education

CTO & Co-founder Attila Sukosd talks about their journey

MediaMash solves the YouTube problem of driving traffic off brand more on

Venture Capitalism in the New Normal – Sean shares more about Wind Ventures

Jesse shares his insights on and talks about

PostEra is shorting the time to market for new life-saving drugs

CEO Aaron Morris explains how and tells us what they’re doing to expedite a cure…

City Block provides health care services to under-served communities

Head of Talent Jackson David tells us how they are growing rapidly

InCountry helps companies comply with regulations in multiple countries

VP of Product Samer Kamal explains how they help companies

Leo Lu wears many hats at BNY Mellon. He talks about what they are doing in FinTech

and the affects of COVID on his business

Gilead Director Anand Satyadev talks about the affects of COVID on his company

One affect is the increased demand for Remdesivir

Global Technology Partners is providing credit to sub-Sahara Africa

CEO Rich Bialek talks about the journey and the affects of Covid on his business

Anu Shukla is a serial entrepreneur. Her latest venture is with Botco.AI

They provide intelligent chatbots that use AI

Entrepreneurs Can Thrive by Building Community & Strong Personal Brand – Raymon’s insights on Gaper

Jeff Bounds talks about scaling business now in preparation for 2021 profits

Jeff is a strategic advisor and executive coach with over 20 years experience

The Walker Group NYC is a FinTech Boutique

Managing Partner Wayne Brown talks about the changes in FinTech over the years

Ryan believes podcasting possesses a giant opportunity for entrepreneurs – Ryan on Gaper

Helping the best Latin American early stage entrepreneurs with Kalei Ventures

Over fifteen years ago, Karen made a career change from theatre to HR and never looked back!

“How important labeling is in machine learning and AI” – Alain’s quip on technology

Jared on how he got involved with Startups and FinTech – and his love for both

From Naval to Investment Banking – Bryce’s experience over the years

The joy of working in Startups – wearing different hats – Cory shares on Gaper

Guillaume, a Software Product leader talks about his extensive experience on development

Humanified is the social network for making change happen shares Neil on Gaper’s Podcast

20 years of investing in various industries and growing remotely – Sherwin on Gaper’s Podcast

Developing cryptocurrencies, smart city, & blockchain technologies for positive social impact

Colorful Realm is changing the way mid-range movies are funded and made

CEO Justin Swibel talk about their plans and the effects of COVID on the entertainment…

Wine Awesomeness is a virtual wine shop. CEO Logan Lee tells us that sales tripled when COVID struck

And they worked their way through it while working remotely

Lean Studio advises startups on how best to use their capital and innovate

CEO Ryan MacCarrigan talks about the affects of COVID on his business

Jeanensis is a digital transformation and capital markets advisory firm

Founder Ken Goodwin talks about many things including global markets.  He also explains the unique…

Vanessa Carmones, CEO of Any Context, helps tech companies with their marketing needs

She also has a company called Level Eleven that helps with ethics in the Tech…

Mazen Jundi is an expert in many subjects from FinTech to Blockchain

He shares his thoughts on various industries and working remotely

Fintech Ventures Fund invests in early stage startups in FinTech and InsureTech

Partner Lucas TImberlake talks about the afffects of COVID on their industry

The new world coming out of COVID – establishing skills to setup remotely – Ziad pushing forward

Bonnie realizes that people can be productive remotely, even overnight due to the new normal

Peter Nicholas shares that the pandemic thrusts remote working into the forefront

Something we are all coming to terms with still

COVID rapidly put us into a virtual world – Rob’s take on Remote in the New Normal

Helping lead the world of tomorrow with mentorship.CLUB

Erez discussing his strategies to work remotely with his distributed teams

The home & office have blended – get the work done – Ari sharing his insights on Remote Work

Empathy first mindset with the Pandemic – Bryan talks about Remote Work on Gaper

Daniel created his own VC Fund to invest in disruptive entrepreneurs

The biggest challenge has been talent states Ethan on the topic of Remote

COVID is like a real life test but the transition worked really well shares Eric on Gaper’s Podcast

Amplify your message by marrying the physical with the virtual – Ben on Future of Remote

Cliff’s quest is to bring balance to the industry with his works

William, Michael and Ben on Venture Capitalism in the New Normal

Bryan talking about Venture Capitalism – readjusting & being more productive in the new reality

Having an important conversations with Nasir on Gaper

Jump on the innovation side – Jay’s insights on the future of growth

What works today, 90% doesn’t work 9 months from now – Nick on sales of the future

Jose Graca on Remote Employment with Mustafa from Gaper

Ronald states that COVID 19 was the full push to go remote & everything fast tracked from there on

Make your ideas worth it, communicate it and execute it – David Chang on getting it started up

Lekisha Middleton is the Founder of the Good Success Network

She is an executive coach who started her company to help other executives with their…

Building Link provides a SaaS solution for Community Managers

VP of Sales talks about how COVID has affected her new company and the people…

Results oriented individual, Guy shares his insights on remote employment on

Founder of Qnary – Bant Breen on discussing remote and more

Talking about Remote, Eric shares his perspective on

Avi Greengart is a consumer electronics expert and the President of Techs Ponential

COVID had an affect on his company and his clients.  Listen to him explain that

Jennifer Brown Consulting helps companies deal with diversity , inclusion and equity

Her company has been 100% remote since day 1 and it has helped her attract…

Raine Magazine was the first magazine to use the online flip book

Editor in Chief Nova Lorraine talks about the magazine business and her other interests

Wanted helps people get hired at their desired salary, CEO Balazs Alexa talks about the trends in remote work

He also talks about the hiring industry and the affects of COVID

Matter Made provides marketing solutions for early stage startups & Enterprise companies

CEO Elias Rubel talks about the affects of COVID on his company and his clients

Tim Harvey, Co-CEO of Owl Peak Labs, is changing early detection of colorectal cancer

Listen as he tells us what is on the near horizon

A-Bio supports the Pharma companies. COVID has had a huge affect on their business

Business Development Partner Ben Woodard takes out time from his busy day to explain what…

Startup Boston Founder Stephanie Roulic talks about the challenges they faced moving their yearly conference to completely remote

But it was still a huge success, around 3,500 participants for 5 full days

Paul Rios of HubSpot is the ultimate remote worker. He lives in the US and his clients are in Brazil

He talks about some of the challenges he has faced in his 9 years at…

Kangaroo Time has created an all encompassing system for Child Care companies

Senior Manager David Gonzalez talks up their growth and the challenges caused by COVID

Even Health is using technology to treat depression

COO Heather Townsend talks about their technology and her thoughts on remote work

Online Carry Training’s business has increased since COVID hit.

CEO Chris Schutrop talks about running a company with people in 34 states

Success is built on relationships with RECIPROCITY

FinTech4Good introduces cutting edge fintech & blockchain solutions to emerging markets – Xiaochen

Scott is revolutionizing travel management for small to mid-sized companies with Upside Business Travel

Anita works with startups combining practical marketing knowledge with continuous development

Abby is all about unlocking the full potential of small businesses with Tailor Framed

Ryan talks about empowering others to use and craft digital products with Shockoe

NorthShore.AI has built a decision making engine on top of Slack

CEO Alex Poon discusses the affects of COVID and remote work

Hal Ebbott, Principal at Swing Ventures, discusses the affects of COVID on venture capital

Creatively-driven, passionate & entrepreneurial Jasmine shares her journey at Round21

Visible Alpha provides deep financial metrics and forecasts to institutional investors shares Faisal

Wide Roots represents family-owned, artisan, and responsible winemakers – Russ on Gaper

James Turner shares his journey to and through James Turner

CEO Ben shares about Blue Corona, a data-driven online marketing and analytics company

Techie Staffing represents top technology, Anna shares on Gaper

Joshua is the Co-founder of Manna – the ultimate recipe app and interactive cooking community

It is all about helping people wanting to become software engineers with Career Karma

VP of Strategic Partnerships at Archer Software, Tatiana talks about the future of remote employment

Ventures Analyst, at Plug and Play Tech Center, Marcelino on Gaper sharing his knowledge

Greg sharing his several hats on Gaper’s Podcast with Mustafa

Dan speaks about his venture-backed online marketplace UseKitch through the Pandemic

Chris D’Antuono of Currency Cloud talks about the future of Fintech.

Banking and other industries will not be the same.  Listen to hear what he says

Navteca CEO Shayna Skolnik talks about using emerging technologies to help their customers

Diffco develops robust mobile apps powered by AI and secure architecture

CEO Vadim Peskov talks to Mark Allen about remote work

Engagious provides message refinement for corporation and politics

President Rich Thau also talks about their Back2Normal Barometer and their Wing Voter Project

Refinitiv provides data analytics for and about the financial sector

Sam Watkins, Head of Sales, Account Management and Learning talks to Mark Allen about their…

Measured Results Marketing helps you know your numbers so you can make better, profit-generating, marketing decisions.

CEO Christopher Antonopolous explains how they help companies run their organizations better

SmartPower wrote the book on clean energy and energy efficiency marketing

President Brian Keane talks to Mark Allen about the advantages of remote work

For 25 years, Bethany Plaza has been an energetic and outspoken leader in the IT industry

She has started 5 companies. She talks to Mark about remote work

Mission Tech is passionate about solving the US Govt’s toughest national security challenges

Chief Futures Officer Jen Sovada talks about their growing rapidly in less than 2 years…

KODE Labs builds software for smart buildings. It’s 1 platform for all of a building’s systems

Co-founder Edi Demaj talks about the journey from Kosovo to Detroit to entrepreneur

Keirsten Greggs started Trap Recruiters to help companies with the recruiting process.

She has since added mentoring candidates involved in the process

United Space Structures is designing and building a city for people to live on the Moon and Mars

CEO Bill Kemp says it should be ready for people by 2031.   Listen to this…

SachaThompson, CEO of the Equity Equation, helps companies and employees with diversity issues

She is leveraging her many years of experience in this field

Quanta Vici is creating sleek, heated wearables for all, CEO Adrien Beyk talks about the challenges

Especially since the lockdown with different skills in different cities

Bill Worthington, CEO of Grizzly Shield Services, is out to help all with cyber security

He is leveraging his many years in the field to help others at a price…

First Screen CEO Jeff Amster started his to help companies recruit more effectively

Now his platform is tackling other business issues

Jaden Pereira, CEO of TyltGO, is tackling the local delivery challenge

Listen to him describe how they are doing that starting in Canada

Spoten provides advanced analytics for the SMB segment

CEO Ivan Sene talks about remote work and starting a new company

Kin Insurance is offering better P&C Insurance to the masses

COO Jamie Ahern talks about their incredible growth

Discussing the world post Covid – Carlos Helder of Heromask sits down with Mustafa Najoom of Gaper

Mustafa of Gaper and Andrei Lopatenko of Zillow Group discussing The Growth of Remote Employment

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Mustafa of Gaper and Robert Breedlove of Parallax Digital discussing The Growth of Remote Employment

How the Future of Work is evolving- Mustafa Najoom of Gaper & Kyle Kling of MDI Ventures talk about it on our podcast

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How the Future of Work is evolving- Talk between Mustafa of Gaper & Tess Michaels of Stride Funding

Mustafa Najoom of Gaper and Marc Weinstein of Steward discussing The Growth of Remote Employment

Discussing the world post Covid – Stephanie of SOCIALFLY sits down with Mustafa Najoom of Gaper

Capbase is a Startup Administration as a Service (SaaaS) company

Co-Founder Stefan Nagey talks to Mark about how they got started and working remotely 

Rebank provides businesses with 1 interface for all their banking, saving them time and money

CEO Juan Andrade talks about the journey and working as a remote team

Grain provides credit through your debit card

CTO Patrick De Suza tells us how they started remote and plan to stay that…

Helen shares her experience on

Career Karma helps wannabee engineers learn what it takes for a career in engineering

CPO Timur Meyster talks about the journey pre and post-COVID with Mark

Mustafa Najoom of Gaper and Osman C. Jen of DX2 Capital Management discussing The Growth of Remote Employment

Mustafa Najoom of Gaper and Noha Waibsnaider of GatheringUs discussing The Growth of Remote Employment

Mustafa Najoom of Gaper and Julia Smila of Unicorn Lab discussing The Growth of Remote Employment

Mustafa Najoom of Gaper and Darrell Silver of Thinkful discussing The Growth of Remote Employment

Mustafa Najoom of Gaper and Micheal Bingham of xIris discussing The Growth of Remote Employment

Mustafa Najoom of Gaper and David Suendermann of Modality.AI discussing The Growth of Remote Employment

Nguyen shares his journey with

How and Why did Ali go Remote – he shares it with Mark on

Working on bringing the world closer together by providing reliable, inclusive, and accessible means of communications with Bridgefy

Carol shares her story at Story2 on

Sara Lerota talks about her experience at MarketMakers on Gaper

Elnaz shares her excitement about ROYBI; an investor-backed EdTech company focusing on early childhood education

Chris discusses the future of remote with Mustafa

A chat with Jeffry about his journey with Digital Harvest Inc

Mustafa Najoom of Gaper and Brian Friedman of Rolling Thunder discussing The Growth of Remote Employment

Discussing the world post Covid – Michael Tringe of CreatorUp sits down with Mustafa Najoom of Gaper

Mustafa Najoom of Gaper and Julia L. Xu of Julia Xu Consulting discussing The Growth of Remote Employment

In Jason’s words, “I’ve seen the ups and downs of business and still creatively coming out ahead”

Eino helps Telecoms forecast bandwidth requirements using AI.

CEO Payman Samadi talks about working remotely and how COVID-19 affected them

Mustafa has a chat with Frances, the CEO and Managing Director of NUMA

Mark talks about his immense exposure throughout his various adventures and ventures

YC was super helpful to first time founder, Jerry for Lofty AI

Margaret – serial founder – busy with Lavendale sharing her insights on Remote

Avi discusses more about MindCET on Gaper

Roman on Gaper, with Mustafa on Gardenio

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Mustafa Najoom and Matthew McGraw discussing The Growth of Remote Employment

Mustafa Najoom of Gaper and Csaba of Capital Konkoly discussing The Growth of Remote Employment

Magic was 90% remote when the Stay in Place order took affect. Now they are 100% remote and staying that way.

CFO Michael Rubin talks about the journey they have undertaken

Ido Levy started Safemode because of a tragedy. Now his company is 100% remote

Listen to him talk about some of the challenges they faced

David talks about his work on Lucid and how his drone technology works

Chatting it out with Alan Brody from Startupalooza on

Aaron talks to Mustafa about Izba and Managing Remote Teams

Discussing the world post Covid – Clem of Merger & Acquisition Solutions sits down with Mustafa Najoom of Gaper

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Mustafa Najoom of Gaper and Mitchell of Lendtable discussing The Growth of Remote Employment

Atypical path to Venture – Jacqueline and Mustafa on a one on one about Rosecliff Ventures

Doing it a little differently with – Chuck and Mustafa on Gaper about Capital Markets

From Navy Vet to 1859 Ventures, Josh comes onto Gaper to share his journey

From Navy Vet to 1859 Ventures, Josh comes onto Gaper to share his journey June 9 Chuck

Founder of Zero, James shares his story on Gaper

Ryan sharing more about Scrum Ventures with Mustafa on Gaper

Discussing Brooklyn Minds on Gaper – Carlene talks to Mustafa about her startup

Chatting with Mustafa, T Antonio shares all about Mapbox on Gaper

Mustafa talks to Lee from Roots about seed investment in a remote environment

About Storm Ventures & more on Gaper’s Podcast – Mustafa’s chat with Tae

Jackson talks to Mustafa about Get Corporate Support on Gaper’s podcast

Alessio from 645 Ventures, talks to Mustafa from Gaper about future of investments

Justin on Gaper discussing Blaine & Gonzalez with Mustafa

Chou sits down with Gaper to discuss the future of remote employment and Savvy

Savitude has developed a system using AI that reduces the amount of clothing that is discarded every year

CTO and Co-Founder Nick Clayton talks about the journey and challenges

Sepi Biddle is the founder of Inclusive Recruiters. She concentrates on getting the right person for her clients.

And she has been doing it successfully from her home office for 3 years

Carl Jennings, owner of Infospan, specializes in Virtual Learning Event Protocol

He has a live event coming up on 7/11 from 1:00 – 3:00 PM EDT. …

BeMo helps the right students get into highly competitive programs. CEO Behrouz Moemeni explains that they have been remote since day 1

Behrouz also started Sort Smart, a software company that helps universities with the admissions process.

Steve Ohanians, CEO of Webenertia, talks about going from 100% office-based to 100% remote

And so far the results are surprisingly good.  Webenertia provides digital marketing for B2B companies

Xbuds creates AI-enabled ear buds for master swimmers. CEO Archie Rabano talks about the challenges COVID-19 has created

David Lynch, CEO of KLIR, is helping municipal water companies improve our water quality

They have offices in different parts of the world

ITG America makes fully-integrated software systems for the education industry. Managing Director Adam Berns explains that they have decided to go fully remote in the US

Grapevine CEO Andrew Reiner found a way to mimic the office while working remotely

Listen to the podcast to hear his ideas.  Grapevine has built an AI-based tool that…

OTOjOY’s solution helps people with hearing aids enjoy many every day things

CEO James Rowe talks about the effect COVID-19 has had on the business.

Prince Ghosh, CEO of Workbench, is helping streamline the supply chain

Covid-19 affected his customers but his company was ready when it hit

Micah Green, CEO Of Maidbot, got his idea for the business from The Jetsons

All their employees are working remotely except the mechanical engineers

Xephyr Consulting started during COVID-19 so they had to start remote. They plan to stay remote once the pandemic is over.

Co-founders Ian Kim & Aditya Iyengar tell us that they started Xephyr to help small…

Jack from Kopa shares his insights with

Kopa makes finding furnished apartments safe and easy

Outseta provides startups with all the basic modules they need without having to write code. Co-founder Geoff Roberts talks about moving to San Diego and working remotely

Trust Layer is bringing technology to the insurance industry. Director of marketing Charles Chy shares his thoughts on remote work

Obie provides free software for companies in the commercial real estate industry

And they also help them save money in various ways

Securicy CEO Darren Gallop talks about the challenges companies face relating to security

His company has gone 100% remote since Covid and they are deciding what to do…

It is all about creating and managing startups and projects – Nelia sharing her journey on Gaper’s Podcast

Jim Franklin has extensive experience in the business world. He shares his thoughts on remote work and its future

Jim Franklin has extensive experience in the business world. He shares his thoughts on remote...