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Remote Software Developer Jobs

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A Little About Gaper

Gaper is a company based in NYC, New York. We recruit talented software engineering talent from all over the world and create augmented teams that work on projects for our clients. The company is headed by successful entrepreneurs Mustafa Najoom and Ahmed Muzammil, both of whom have a rich background of successful business ventures with a focus on AI-led innovations.

There is a disconnect between firms that need software developer/engineer services and individuals who are looking for such work. Gaper helps bridge this. Gaper’s client portfolio includes a diverse body of firms, a lot of whom are alumni of Antler, 500 Startups and Accelprise.

Working With Gaper

Gaper prides itself on a healthy and flexible work culture. Engineers and developers can work from anywhere at whatever times are suitable for them, as long as they meet deadlines and take part in team meetings.

We also offer competitive remuneration packages to our developers and engineers in line with the work they do. This means that our salaries are often higher than what other similar companies offer their employees.

Career Growth With Gaper

Working with Gaper comes with a very attractive growth path. In fact, one’s professional and technical growth is a natural byproduct of working with us. You get to work on new projects and a diverse range of clients regularly. This not only upgrades your technical skills but may also require you to take up leadership roles, team management responsibilities, tackling new challenges, networking and negotiating with clients and many more opportunities that boost your personal and professional profile. Your soft skills get honed and polished as much as your technical skills do.

Are You The Right Fit For Gaper?

As mentioned before, Gaper takes on the top 1% of engineers that apply for a position with us. The following pointers can help you gauge what we look for in the engineers we look to hire remote software engineers:

  • You have at least three years of experience as a professional software engineer.
  • You can work at least 40 hours each week. Part-time individuals are also welcomed on our teams.
  • You can allocate some time to holding e-meetings with our team and clients in New York. This will be required at least twice a week, but busier weeks may entail more meetings. Please ensure that you are able to make time for these meetings given your timezones.
  • You should be able to hold a conversation in English – especially technical discussions since meetings with our clients are conducted in English.
  • You have good communication skills. It is essential for our teams to hold regular and productive meetings, exchange timely updates and work on project plans and timelines flexibly. Your soft skills will need to be put to use. 
  • You are able to lead, collaborate, guide, critique and negotiate. Our remote software developer teams are distributed but get a significant amount of work done. Sometimes, teams are regrouped and shuffled for new projects. You may have to lead a team, negotiate with clients and work on collaborative projects. 

We don’t expect everyone to be immediately ready and prepared. That is impossible when you are joining a new company and interacting with a completely unfamiliar set of strategies and work practices. Let alone colleagues. All we ask for is a willingness and drive to learn, and an attitude that is conducive to productive teamwork. If you think you are the right person for our teams, we cannot wait to hear from you.

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