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Daniel Suárez shares his story of remote on

Starting out about 3 years ago with Zapiens (as a predominantly remote team), Daniel had already sold 2 of his startups. “I was always trying to build new things and solve problems.” He shares more about his journey with us on

He conceived Zapiens, as an idea, at a party. The next morning, he realized how big of a problem knowledge transfer actually was. After 10 years around the same theme – Dani was ready with his next big idea.

With a 4 member team at the time, Dani started sending out LinkedIn messages. He identified their problem and provided them with a solution; and managed to bag Nespresso as his first customer.

He built a level of trust through his services. Satisfied customers were more than happy to recommend him on to other clients. To this day Zapiens does not have a sales team – rather, they rely solely on their customers’ referrals.

Although not funded through any venture capitalists just yet, “We were selected by Alchemist” Dani stated. He also claims that they are growing organically by about 80-90%. 3 years down the line Dani simply wants to “continue this amazing trip”.

“Knowledge sharing and knowledge management is the future”

Sharing a movie phrase, Daniel encourages young entrepreneurs to leap into the startup world. “There is no destination, it is about the journey.” He also claims it does not really matter if you crash, “just enjoy the trip” is what he stresses upon.

Rounding off Daniel shares “Remote brings freedom” and it does not matter whether the employees are in the same city or not. It simply goes to show that Daniel really is all about REMOTE as his video and podcast both prove his point of view. Hear on to what else this daring founder had to share.

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