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Accelerating Tech Careers

Transform yourself into an ideal candidate with the 14-week accelerator program and a world-class certification

Program Overview

Ready to accelerate your career?

Professional Development

During the first 4 weeks, you will learn to master the MERN Stack. This powerful JavaScript stack allows you to be in command of both the Front and the Back-End. You will have access to world-class mentors and be trained in MERN technologies namely MongoDB, Express, Node, and React.js.

Industry Experience

In the following weeks, you will work on a real-life application project. As part of a team, or individually, you will learn to communicate with clients and undergo the process of building a product. This will allow you to successfully experience what’s its like working for an IT company.

Refine your portfolio

We will start working on refining your portfolio in the last weeks. You will also undergo intensive communication skills training and will be prepared to appear in interviews. Our process involves a series of training sessions followed by mock interviews by HR professionals and industry experts. 

Build a Community

In the end, you will have built an extensive network of peers, mentors, senior developers and industry experts. You will have a professionally curated LinkedIn profile and CV and will be prepared to walk into any interview with an added advantage of industry experience and world-class certification.

Get Hired By Top Companies

Our Gaper Grads get to join top startups and companies to excel in their fields.

Land top-tier positions through our hiring support.

Median Salaries of our Graduates across our campuses:


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Employer Testimonials

Here’s what our graduates have to say

Our experience with gaper has been amazing. Gaper ensures that they provide the quality of work they promise to deliver. For my several projects, gaper has helped me find right people for the job.

Farukh Usman - Byonyks

Gaper has wide pool of engineers that are pro-active and efficient in their work. My company had great time working with such enthusiastic engineers. Gaper definitely eased the process of hiring for us.

Usman Butt - Repairdesk

My company reached out to gaper for urgent project. Gaper made sure that they provide us with resources on time. The hassle to hire an individual from scratch was made easy by Gaper.

Talal Burney - Careem

Our company hired engineers that were Market-ready, adaptable in nature, grit and patient through Gaper. They were intelligent individuals who provided quality work within deadlines.

Zainab - Uber