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Gaper’s Guide to employment in China

Capital City



Chinese Yuan

Population Size

1.412 billion

Language Spoken

Standard Chinese, English

Facts & Stats

China could win a hypothetical “programming Olympics” if one existed according to HackerRank
Each year, it produces up to 4.7 million tech graduates.
China is one of the most popular destinations for software development outsourcing

Grow your team in China

Costs in China are relatively lower as compared to other Asian countries as well, again making it more attractive for global companies to outsource their software engineers and product development from. China’s incessant dedication to upping its tech game makes it a remarkable platform to hire remote tech teams from particularly when such teams have the potential to be very efficient and productive

Employing in china

The cost to hire app developers in China ranges from 15 to 45 USD/hour. Average rate – 30 USD/hour.

Why Hire from China

The costs are much lower

China and India are the main Asian tech hubs

large number of software engineers