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Become an affiliate partner and let’s grow together

Refer Gaper to businesses and people you know to earn $1000s in return. Get access to our network and let us help you grow.

How it works?

Fill out your information

Fill out your details in the affiliate form at the bottom of the page.

Get regular updates

Our team will reach out to you and set up a meeting. Followed by regular updates, access to our network, and our magazine.

Earn $1000s

Get rewards for each step your referral takes in the process.

What do referrals get?

Each referral receives the first 5 hours of work free of charge

Introductory call

Get a $25 amazon gift card when your referral has an introductory call with us.

Contract signed

Get $500 when your referral signs a 3-month contract

Contract extended

Get $250 when your referral extends the contract to 6-months

Contract extended further

Get another $250 when your referral extends the contract to 12-months

Refer Someone!

Or Contact us at:

+1 (530) 324 2349


Frequently asked questions

You can refer any business, enterprise, or individual client that is not already a client of Gaper.

You will earn your reward on each unique contract signed after approximately 2 months of the program start date. This only applies if your referral completes the duration agreed upon (minimum 3 months) as a paying Gaper customer.

Unfortunately, the longest duration for a contract to accrue a reward is 12 months. So you can receive a reward for your referral signing or upgrading a contract to 12 months. No rewards would be eligible after the referral has completed 12 months as a paying customer with Gaper.

If your referral downgrades their contract from 12-months to 6-months or 3 months, the reward will also downgrade accordingly.

if your referral downgrades their contract to a time duration less than 3 months, a referral reward would be not applicable.

if your referral terminates their contract, Gaper would not be able to reward the affiliate.

There is no limit to the number of customers that you can refer, nor on the amount you can earn from this program. You are encouraged to refer as many new customers as you can.

Please click on the “refer” button before FAQ section or fill out your details above and we’ll get in contact with you.

Unfortunately, we only offer rewards for the first contract your referral signs with Gaper, and if it is extended to a maximum of 12 months. No subsequent contracts will be eligible for rewards.

For example: If your referral, who first signed contract X, signs another contract Y, you will not receive rewards from their contract Y. You’ll only recieve rewards from the initial contract X.

We encourage affiliates to let their referrals know about Gaper and its services before or soon after referring them to Gaper. However, this is not a requirement as our sales team will be reaching out to the referral and will keep the affiliate in the loop as well.

You can earn a reward for each unique referral’s first contract of full time employee(s) hired for a minimum of 3 months. You will not be eligible to receive rewards for any subsequent contracts that the referral signs with Gaper.


The referred customer must sign a contract with Gaper within 30 days of being referred by their affiliate.

A unique referral refers to a company, business, entity, or individual that is not a previous or an existing paying customer of Gaper

Full-time employee refers to a professional hired for working 40-hours a week

A contract can include an agreement to hire one full time employee or include a team of as many more full time employees. For instance, if your referral hires 1 full time employee for 3-months, they get a reward of $500. If your referral hires 5 full time employee for 3-months, they get a reward of $500 for each full time employee hired. $500 x 5 = $2500 in total.

Please feel free to email with any and all of your concerns