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Gaper’s Guide to employment in India

Capital City

New Delhi


Indian Rupee

Population Size

1.38 billion

Language Spoken

Hindi, English

Some Stats on the IT sector: 

India has seen its IT services sector grow by 2.3% with an additional $4 billion added to its revenue last year – National Association of Software and Services Companies
The average salary for an entry-level full-stack developer is $415
India’s financial year begins in April and ends in March. For example, FY 2020 started in April 2019 and ended in March 2020

Grow your team in India

India enjoys a very growth-oriented culture of IT education which means that local education curricula and business enterprises are devoted to continuously improving the human resource skill set and investing in growth and transformational projects.

Employing in India

Hiring a local in-house web developer for your projects can easily cost more than $3000 per month, however, hiring a full-time web developer from India will cost you less than $1500 per month.

Why Hire From India

Lower Costs per Hire

Flexibility and Ease to scale

No Language Barrier