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Gaper Shares Scott’s Perspective on the Future of Remote Employment

Future of Remote Employment has gained more traction since the world was forced to go remote. Read on to Scott’s insights on the subject on Gaper’s Podcast.

Scott Roslyn is the Co-founder and CEO of We Are Bill – a strategy and innovation firm creating new brands and reinventing and repositioning existing ones. His current clients are looking to either create a brand image from scratch or to reinvent themselves and elevate their value proposition. He has a consumer-centric approach, which works towards how a brand is actualized.

Working with Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 global companies, Scott has worked with a variety of company sizes. With this knowledge in hand, he had some interesting words to share on the future of remote work and employment.


About Behavior Change Over the Past 3 Months

We are seeing a huge shift and I think everyone is experiencing this new normal from the inception of this (pandemic) … Life has been turned upside down.”

Scott discusses how work experience, collaboration tools, and even the type of work needs an overhaul. He shares his experience about how his clients’ needs have arisen due to the current situation. How companies have needed to pivot while new companies are emerging and launching due to the environment we are all in.
According to him, it is a 1 in a 100-year event. So all behaviors’ longevity needs to be seen. What is temporary and what is not. Life will no longer go back to what it was but some things would recover while some would forever be changed.


New Normal – How Are Companies Performing Remotely

Picking from their own past experience (when they first started out with We Are Bill), “We thought about what type of company we want to be.” Being able to work in a new dynamic and thinking about things like, “what is the role of an office? What role does an office space serve for us?” and working towards building the strongest team to deliver the strongest product.
He emphasizes how these questions need to be asked so that people work to live rather than live to work. Find the integration of what office space serves to work styles and “Best to work where you are most inspired.”


Let that space work for you, rather than the other way around.

Due to the pandemic, Scott’s team has not been in the office since the 1st or 2nd week of May. He says they were fortunate enough to be able to switch to remote work overnight.

Bringing things into perspective, Scott gives a reality check when he shares that had this pandemic come about even a decade ago, things would have been very different. The scenario would have been scary. Using tools like Zoom and G-Suite, at their disposal has obviously made remote work possible.

Turning to such tools was once an abstract, if not superficial. Now, however, the same tools have become much more real and meaningful in our lives.


Work from Home Vs Remote Employment

Remote is effectively when companies go beyond state and country boundaries. Even time zones. It would essentially need a higher sense of discipline. People can actually thrive in a remote work environment.
Scotty leaves off saying that Remote Work needs people who are “really respectful and really intentional about how that can function. (It) requires planning and empathy for what an (ideal) remote life looks like.”

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