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Giving Equal Opportunities To Work For NYC Startups – Only With Gaper

The entrepreneurial playground in cities like NYC has, of recent, see the entry of a multitude of remarkably competent startups and small businesses. Such creative and innovative entities have made NYC one of the most competitive and difficult environment for startups and small businesses to thrive in. Particularly in the field of technology, the standards expected of companies only in their nascent stages have also proportionally risen. With economic and social factors also fortifying the barriers to entry, small and humble business owners in the field of techno longer have it in their capacities to keep their companies alive and flourishing.

Most challenges facing tech startups in NYC relate to the high cost of running businesses over there. Research has shown a gradual increase in the salaries of programmers and other individuals employed in the tech field in cities like NYC and San Francisco whereby, since 2015, employee compensations have seen a rise of more than 10% on average. What this means for startups is a lack of access to skilled and adept professionals. With the growing cost of labor, startups are finding it hard to find it within their means to recruit programming and engineering services. Here is where the first disparity between small and large companies sits.

Apart from that, a lot of tech startups with incredible potential fail to secure funding from investors and venture capitalists. This further fortifies the divide within the NYC tech startup arena in the fact that certain small and new businesses can no longer survive in the highly competitive industry. And this isn’t exactly a surprise either since simply renting an office space for your team makes up a significant amount of the company’s expenditure.

Our team at Gaper seeks to address this dilemma, where tech startups in NYC can also leverage the same opportunities and operate alongside their peers who have investor backing and VC funds. We achieve this by providing programming and software engineering services through remote teams. These are vetted professionals with a wide array of diverse skills that are here to take over all programming work for startups in NYC.

Businesses who hire our services also enjoy the benefits of remote teams. For one, you no longer need to rent large office spaces to accommodate programmers and engineers. You also do not have to advertise for jobs, interview, appraise, test, or go through any step of the recruitment process. Gaper has already gone through all of this to form a vetted team to ensure services provided to our clients are reliable and conform to the highest of standards and industry practices.

Lastly, our model of remote teams makes the service itself affordable. The move forward from a traditional office-based setting means that you end up paying 50% less for the services that would otherwise have burdened your accounting books if full time, office-based employees were hired.

This model simply ensures efficiency and higher productivity. Your core team will be able to focus on the core competencies of your business: a crucial job which if ignored or not done well can plunge startups into inevitable failure. Experts frequently stress the importance of effective marketing, networking, financial strategies, and scaling. If cost and labor problems are distracting business owners from these, it is high time they make a move. Harsh and competitive industries wait for no one.

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