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Global Remote Recruitment In 2020: Gaper Steps In To Handle Global Employment

Gaper foresaw the importance of remote teams – not in a world bedeviled by a pandemic- unlike many other businesses that relied on delivering their services via office-based employees, – but in a world where entrepreneurship is encouraged and cost and time savings hold immense value. In doing so, we learned and developed a reservoir of inhouse knowledge that helps us regularly collaborate with teams around the world all the while also conforming to the diverse employment and compliance issues that come with such a mode of operating. This in turn has brought us to a position where we have become capable of handling remote employment on a global scale for other businesses. Some of the employment-related operations that we handle are payroll, compliance, and benefits for clients across the world. 

The Issue With Hiring Remotely

Remote recruitment is not as straightforward as office-based or same-country hiring. However, businesses are increasingly looking at talent from across their home borders to contribute to their firms since such a modus operandi not only minimizes costs but also opens up a whole new pool of skilled candidates to recruit from. When your full-time employee is based abroad, you are required to conform to a whole host of local regulations and formal processes in the employee’s country.

Commonly this involves the recruiting business having to create an entity in the foreign country along with a payroll while being mindful of their labor laws. To keep your accounting books in order, you will also need very accurate information on taxation, transfer pricing, exchange rates, and other variables that you might never have thought of!

How To Tackle This?

While it may be too costly and time consuming for businesses, particularly SMEs, to keep track of all the concerns that are a part and parcel of global remote employment, Gaper is well-equipped to carry them out for businesses. When a business entity hires an overseas employee, they register themselves and the employee with us. The subsequent processes are handled by us whereby we take the necessary steps to hire them in their country through a contract that you specify. We also take over the monthly tasks of payrolls and taxing where you only get to pay an invoice from us. You can also conveniently alter any information regarding payment or other relevant variables through our platforms.

To get into a bit more detail without complicating things, our solution consists of the following steps: You register and sign a contract with Gaper.

You recruit an individual who resides outside your country’s borders.

The employee you hire signs a contract with Gaper that outlines both their local rights and the duties/rights relevant to their employment with your firm.

Gaper handles the payments and tax side of things.

Your business pays an invoice from Gaper once a month. 

Terms and Conditions – Remote Employment

Gaper will charge a certain percentage of the total cost that is incurred in employing an individual per month. This percentage may vary if operating costs are higher in some countries. Other than the costs of employing and this added percentage, you do not pay anything else when collaborating with us.

We believe it is crucial for such services to be available to firms in order to promote ease of doing business and breakthrough certain barriers to entry for new entrants. While remote work might be a daunting territory for some businesses, it has the potential to bring out the remarkably productive output from your team. This can be ensured even further by implementing robust mechanisms for communication, support, and accountability as part of your business culture. Things may appear uncertain at the start, but it is very much possible to build long-lasting remote teams that thrive and prosper.

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