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Make Remote Hiring your Strength – Now!

Did you know that remote hiring will soon be a need? The hiring gap – especially in software engineering – has widened to an extent that startups are struggling to hire, even during the thick of the pandemic.

Going entirely remote when hiring

With tech tools at hand, there is no real reason to invest in office real estate. Save costs all over by hiring remote from the get-go. Ditch the traditional 9 – 5 working office environment and embrace the new normal. The pandemic only accelerated the inevitable. It shot shoddy naysayers to the ground when things automatically went remote almost overnight.

Having said that, the pandemic at least taught us one thing. It is the resilient and adaptable that survive.

Systems that could easily adapt to the abrupt change were able to pull through, while others took the hit.

Unity in Diversity – Remote Hiring Perspective

The ideology inherent to “Unity in Diversity” is to integrate different viewpoints – to merge different people to become one. Remote hiring plays much the same theme as an inherent way to merge different talents into a single pool. The employer benefits from the diverse knowledge base and can make use of it as if it were an in-house resource. Cross border training and sessions would only make for a stronger core team. It doesn’t matter where they are at.

Get More Done

As you have augmented your team – you can get more done in a shorter amount of time. That literally goes without saying. More productivity equals more projects – leads to more earnings.

Plus, a remote team can be leveraged to do the tasks that you may not want your local team to distract themselves with. This keeps things on track and you are able to progress through daily to-dos faster.

Tools to help make your external team internal

Looking for tools to help transition through the quagmire of remote hiring? There are several that help integrates external teams within the fold of in-house teams. Slack, Trio, Notion, and Trello are but a few that help things move along seamlessly. It is how you utilize each, to be able to make the most of it. With Trio and Notion together, it is almost like you are working with your remote team side by side and chatting with them over your shoulder.

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