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The Best Sites for Finding Remote Jobs for Developers

Growing up, we are all pick up one thing very strictly, that is to find ourselves a suitable 9-5 job and strike the sweet spot of balance between work and life. And as soon as you graduate, your creativity limits itself to the drives back from work. But with the recent turn of events towards remote working and remote jobs for developers, you may rekindle your hopes for a stress-free career. Unlike office jobs, remote working opportunities offer you the laxity of working from anywhere, giving as much time to your family, and keeping bread on the table.

Companies like have made it very easy for people to work online. Also, it is not only the jobs that have gone online but also learning institutes. However, we have learning boot camps such as nerdii around that has made it super easy for students to learn anywhere in the world.

However, the absence of a competitive environment at an office holds its value as well. And that is why more than freelancing, telecommute and remote working jobs that tie you to a permanent salary from a firm are much more recommended.

Remote Jobs for Developers

But as sweet as all this sounds about remote working, it is equally difficult to land on your first gig online. The internet is full of scams makes it difficult for new developers to find their way through. But to address that, here is our list of the best online sites for remote jobs for developers.


FlexJobs is a leading job board for remote working opportunities. If you’re no newbie to finding online work, chances are you’ve already come by this website during your hunt.

It offers you opportunities in 50 interesting fields that include web development, graphic designing, digital marketing, content creation, and whatnot. You can find yourself anything from entry-level to expert-level jobs on FlexJobs.

However, the most compelling part to consider this website is their screening policy. Their strict screening of employees and employers reduces the risk of scams and promises you a return for your hard work.


Another website by the same founder, Sara Sutton (CEO of FlexJobs). is an equally recommended platform to find remote working opportunities for developers as its predecessor. However, the only area it lacks is the variety of jobs available. It mainly focuses on remote working or freelancing rather than area-based work-from-home or telecommute jobs.

And since that is what most of you are out looking for, it could serve as a major plus point as well. This website allows you to filter the jobs according to your specifications and difficulty level.


Remotive is a rising web platform for remote working opportunities online. Although the list of jobs available is comprehensive, it is quite well hand-picked as well. And this is what makes it one of the most authentic job boards to register yourself on.

Remotive has an active community and a weekly newsletter to put up all available remote working opportunities. The area specifications are much more clearly mentioned on this platform than most others, making it easier to find a job available in your place of residence.


Jobspresso is a well-established job board trusted by some of the biggest names in remote working fields such as WordPress, Trello, etc.

This website gets its recognition from the wide variety of fields you can apply to. From digital marketing to graphic designing and much more, you can find yourself a perfect job to land on.

The most attractive factor? You get to upload a resume online for potential hires. Any employers coming by your resume online will contact you if they deem you fit for the position. This takes away most of the hassle of staying up to date and frequently applying to any opportunity that comes by.


EuropeRemotely, as the name suggests, is a job board for people across Europe. Although being area-specific doesn’t exactly make it an ideal option for developers worldwide, it may be a great opportunity still if you’re living in Europe.

The website lists categories ranging from web development, customer support to digital marketing. And the compelling part is how competitive or better the pay rate is over the market. Finding a remote working opportunity on this platform may not be as easy as the rest on the list. But if you manage to land yourself on a job, it will probably be worth all the hassle and wait.


To finish off our list of the best remote working websites for developers, we have Dice.

Dice is a platform that works for more than a job board by connecting professionals and firms rather than just plain advertising. The registration process might take a bit of your time as it is very thorough, but that is exactly what gives it the edge.

By uploading your resume, salary information, and work preferences, you make it much easier for an employer to shortlist you for an interview.