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Why Distributed Teams Work More Efficiently and Productively


As humans, our advancements in the last 2 decades are far greater than one could possibly imagine. The technological capabilities we possess are helping change the world as we know it. Another change that it has brought upon is the advancement in hiring talent. We have unlocked the ability to communicate with anyone in the entire world and use that communication to our advance. By hiring employees from throughout the world. Hire software engineers online throughout the world.

Distributed teams are a collection of employees from throughout the world that essentially comes together and forms a team. We do not need to decrease our options and only consider candidates that are near us. Therefore, we can easily scout different areas for viable candidates.

Outsourcing and distributed teams are two unique takes in hiring that are receiving immense global domination. Thus, here’s a comparison between the two to show you how important it is to hire software engineers online through distributed teams.  Now let’s take a look at how the two method’s work and which one has more potential in improving the hiring process.

Outsourcing and Hiring

Outsourcing (usually shortened to OS) has a variety of definitions but in the context of software development means one company employing another company to complete a project or a part of it. They disperse part of their workload with another business, often the dealings between the two companies are confidential.

Now how does hiring with outsourcing is executed? A company locates a suitable outsourcing establishment and discusses potential partnering. If both reach an agreement, the first business lays out the tasks, while the latter supplies the expertise and delivers results, furthermore, The first business maintains ownership throughout the whole venture.

Distributed Teams and Hiring

Distributed Teams (DTs) essentially comprise of experts serving as part of the team at an establishment but performing the work in a location different from where the majority of the workforce is based. Meaning, a DT can work efficiently even if each member of the staff works from a different region or a country.

To hire software engineers with DTs is diverse process. To hire software developers online, you could hire them through an ancient system, applying for a job, clearing the interview and work from the regional office. Most remote workers are found through web portals and remote jobs websites. 

Outsourcing Model

Pros of outsourcing


The companies tend to operate mostly in developing countries where young individuals are ready to work at cheaper rates in comparison to those found in the developed nations

Better delivery time:

An outsourcing team, as your partner has the necessary staff right off the bat so no time is wasted on finding new experts. The work on different projects simultaneously 

Efficient use of time:

By lending tasks to an OS establishment, businesses free up time and can spend it on other matters


As all the dealings and arrangements between the two are confidential. It allows the first company to present the work done as their own without anyone else learning before.

Cons of Outsourcing

Communication problem:

As hiring is conducted all over the world problems may arise due to different languages, cultures and time zone differences.

Lack of professional growth:

 Your staff will be unable to grow professionally and hone their skills

Distributed Teams

Pros of DTs

Hiring from anywhere:

Choosing a DT allows you to hire from anywhere, as opposed to OS businesses that are usually based in one location

Improved meetings:

DTs use a variety of tools to hastily and easily arrange calls and meetings since staffers are always carrying gadgets with them.

Reduced expenses:

Miscellaneous costs are reduced with remote work teams, you will not need to provide workspace, supplies and food.

Boost expertise:

DTs allow you to boost your expertise because experts will come from a variety of ethnicities and backgrounds. So useful and knowledge tends to interchange.

Cons of DTs

Difficult to keep track of staffers:

It is not easy to track workers who are hundreds of kilometers away from you, so you may find them suffering from decreased motivation and productivity.


As the workers are working from different parts of the world with different time zones, incoordination is evident moreover, different languages and cultures may also prove to be a big hurdle.