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5 Tips To Acing A Virtual Interview

The stage of interviews can be a nerve-wracking process, no matter how much you prepare. One confusing question from your future employer, and you might feel the floor slipping under your feet.


The stage of interviews can be a nerve-wracking process, no matter how much you prepare. One confusing question from your future employer, and you might feel the floor slipping under your feet. A virtual interview can be a slightly different game but the basic principles remain the same. However, do not worry! It is completely natural to feel nervous yet uncertain. A mix of emotions might take over before you start with the next phase of your professional life.

In recent times, it is no surprise to see that businesses are slowly re-opening. The world is re-adjusting itself to the current situation, while some countries still cope with the ongoing pandemic of Covid-19. Virtual interviewing might be a relatively new idea for some companies. Still, it is gradually gaining popularity.

In this article, we have shortlisted some tips that might guide you if you are preparing for your virtual interview. Keep it together, you’ve got it! Now, let us discuss a few steps and tricks to leave an everlasting impact on the interviewer.

Light from the front!

You might be aware of the fact that the first impression always counts! Therefore, always position the light source in such a way that it is in front of you. Sitting against the light is a big no. If the interviewer cannot see you properly, it can be a big issue. There is no eye contact and they are unable to see how you present yourself.

Seeming like a shadow or silhouette against the light is something that must be seriously avoided. In some cases, you may even take advantage of natural light. If not, then this is a part that must not be forgotten in any case. You can always take help from a window with lots of daylight pouring in. Table lamps can also be pretty beneficial! Make sure your background is also clean and tidy. Try to find the right kind of arrangement for your call. Last but not least, ensure that your face is in the middle of the screen.

Be aware of common questions!

Never become a part of an interview without any preparation. Especially, if it is a virtual interview. The internet is overflowing with guidance views, discussions, and groups to discuss all sorts of queries. Blindly going to an interview means you’re clearly trying to sabotage yourself. Try to use professional body language and stay as calm as you can while answering questions.

Questions asked during an interview are divided into two types. Situational questions revolve around how the candidate would handle a particular task or project that is given to them. However, behavioral questions are related to experiences or incidents in the past. What did the individual learn from it? When you answer questions, try to be as authentic as possible.

Avoid noise pollution

Background noise can create a lot of disruptions. It has to be avoided at all costs since your virtual interview will not be happening again. It is an opportunity that cannot repeat itself. Therefore, remember to go to the most noise-free and peaceful area you can find. This way the possibility of distractions is reduced to a considerable extent.

Want to know another important tip? Make sure to turn off all your annoying notifications. That annoying ‘beep’ sound can create issues in your virtual interview. Plus, it does not feel professional at all. Paying attention to such small details can be very helpful in the future. Therefore put your phone on mute, close any browser windows, and turn off notifications from your laptop or other devices.

Be honest

Let us imagine that all of a sudden your internet connection is beginning to face problems. What do you do about it? Instead of seeming confused and flustered, it is always better to be straight forward and inform the other party. Due to glitches, the speed might be reduced or communication may be hindered. You should share it right away with the interviewer, so they can ask you again.

Enjoying the video chat yet remaining professional is absolutely appreciated and encouraged. Do not hesitate to incorporate a bit of your personality into your discussion. It can always go in your favor. After all, it is all about strategizing and exhibiting your positive traits in a manner that can be advantageous for the employer. If you work with that mindset, then things can work out for you.

Carry out a test run

Practice makes perfect! It does not matter which platform you’re using. There are plenty from Skype to Zoom and Trio. The more you practice, the better you will get. Plus, you will become more accustomed to the small complexities of technology. Since remote interviews are a growing trend, you should aim to excel at it. Do your research on the company and talk about you might be able to use your skills for the business to evolve.

You can always do sessions with a friend or with a family member. That way you can prepare for your interview, know your shortcomings, and work on them. In addition, one can get feedback, opinions, or advice from close ones. Hence, it is highly recommended to do this before an interview.


Following-up is a good idea. You can always get in touch with the relevant representative and get your interviewer’s email address for further queries. Always make eye contact, so that you do not seem lost in your thoughts. These are a few tips that can be handy when it comes to virtual interviews.

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