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7 Advantages of Node.js for Startups

The advantages of Node.js makes it popular amongst startups to develop e-commerce, real-time, or social networking applications making it important to hire a Node.js developer for every tech team.

In a survey by Stack Overflow in 2021, JavaScript ranked as the most popular programming language for 9 years straight. Most software developers consider learning JavaScript a necessity. Not only is it easy to grasp and get the hang of, but it is also incredibly versatile and easy to use in building beautiful web applications. 

More than 30 million websites use Node.js. All these reasons have added to the appreciation of Node.js among the JavaScript developer community. Due to this reason, businesses have begun to incorporate Node.js in their projects. In this article, we shall discuss some Node.js advantages for startups in detail.

What is Node.js?

Node.js is a server-side, run-time environment built on Chrome JavaScript’s V8 engine. V8 is a JavaScript execution engine C++ programming language. 

In simpler words, it is a JavaScript framework that acts as a scalable application builder. Node.js utilizes an event-driven, I/O model that keeps real-time data-intensive applications lightweight. Node.js developers use it for client-side and server-side scripts. 

In 2009, Ryan Dahl created Node.js. To this date, there have been eighteen versions of Node.js since its creation. It is a necessity to learn Javascript basics before beginning to use Node.js.

With the help of Node.js, developers can build different network programs and applications. Examples include real-time chat applications, REST API servers, web applications, web servers, etc.

When To Use Node.js?

Before we get to the advantages of using Node.js for startups, it is a good idea to go over the contexts and applications where this framework is used. 

  • Real-time applications

Node.js is the ideal option for messaging and chat apps, and other applications that require systems to run in real-time. Real-time messaging is one of the most popular examples of using Node.js for projects because it proves to be handy in heavy input and output operations.

By hiring Node.js developers from virtual job boards such as Gaper, businesses can make chat apps in no time. If you are looking to hire a software engineer, then Gaper is the place to look – book an appointment with us to hire vetted Javascript and Node.js developers for your business! Our recruiting manager can hand-pick a suitable Node.js developer from Gaper’s AI-driven marketplace for software engineers.

  • IoT application development

IoT, the internet of things, refers to communication and connection between technological devices via the internet. IoT and mobile apps have become something we cannot survive without. According to freecodecamp.org, Node.js modules facilitate IoT development. Plus, many enterprises choose Node.js for private and public IoT solution systems. This is also because it is quite powerful and the best option for developing multifunctional projects.

  • Node.js game development

Due to the features that Node.js has to offer, it can be quite helpful in making browser games. Along with JS tools and HTML5, an organization can build games for its clients. 

For example, you can make a drawing game with Node.js, or even a chess game. Obviously, the possibilities are as broad as your skill, ideas and creativity. 

  • E-commerce applications with Node.js

E-commerce apps have to be user-friendly and bear a lot of load at the same time. Node.js is the best tool for web e-commerce app development. If you are interested in developing scalable apps like eBay or Amazon, hiring a Node.js developer for your tech team is a must.

  • Social media networking backend

JavaScript is the primary choice for many businesses to make their dynamic websites. Many developers also value Node.js features for backend development. The Node.js framework increases the efficiency of networking apps since they need to be reliable. LinkedIn is an example of a major networking platform built on Node.js.


Rest stands for Representational State Transfer, whereas API refers to the Application Programming Interface. API is a set of rules used by software to communicate with one another. The structure of API depends on REST. Node.js assists in building fast REST APIs with minimal lag. Because REST APIs provide a lot of flexibility, they are very useful for building cloud applications and services.

Advantages of Node.js 

Now, that we have talked about Node.js basics, it is time to have an in-depth discussion about the advantages of using Node.js for startups. Why is Node.js becoming known amongst so many business leaders? Here are a few reasons why startups should consider hiring Node.js developers. Set up a quick appointment with us to discuss whether our JavaScript developers will be suited to your business’ app development needs. 

Node.js is a time-saver

Speed is what distinguishes Node.js from other application development frameworks. Startups have to work according to strict deadlines. This is where Node.js beats its competitors.

The reason behind this is the Google V8 engine. At the same time, there is no compromise on quality and functionality.  Also, Node.js takes less time to run a program.

Software developers can focus on writing code while the speed of the web development process is maximized. Code execution happens at a faster rate as Node.js can process several requests simultaneously. 

The caching module also reduces the loading time. Some startups may require extra features in their apps due to client demands which is where Node.js becomes even more important to be used.

Startups save development costs

One of the most prominent Node.js advantages is that it can be used on both the front end and the back end side of the application. A single developer can handle both aspects allowing for time but also cost efficiency. 

This especially applies to startups that have limited funding. They do not have to spend their money on hiring multiple software developers for a specific skill set. 

Node.js is easy to learn

Enterprises have to come up with business strategies that work in favor of company growth and productivity. There is a huge amount of pressure on startup founders to ensure that their brainchild can survive in its initial stages. 

Node.js requires basic knowledge of JavaScript. Still, it is beginner-friendly and does not demand advanced coding skills. Therefore, it can easily be adopted by startups without much hassle. Also, the programmers do not have to stress over switching between the back-end and front-end.


Startups require a tool they can rely on – one that promotes expansion and client accessibility. This is where Node.js bridges the gap. Node.js is excellent at scaling systems – a feature that can prove to be rather valuable for digital startups. 

The non-blocking I/O model enables the runtime environment to cater to several requests at the same time. Therefore, it does not become slow making Node.js quite suitable for modern architectures like serverless architectures and microservices-based applications. 

Node.js framework can develop lightweight and fast apps. Therefore, this can contribute to reaching worldwide customers. Examples of companies that are utilizing this are LinkedIn and eBay. 

More efficiency 

When the work burden increases, startups find their tech teams struggling with errors and hanging programs. Node.js provides seamless development. 

Transforming a concept into a functional project becomes much less stressful with Node.js as development is fast and new features can be added as needed without delays. Generally, this would take extra effort and time. However, with Node.js, integrating more features is an obstacle-free process. 

How does Node.js work?

As a startup, before switching to Node.js, the tech team should be well aware about Node.js features and how they would benefit business goals. They need to have an understanding of how the runtime environment works and how benefits can be gleaned from its features. 

Some Node.js basics that developers should know and be familiar with are: 

  • Node.js accepts the request from the client.
  • There is only a single thread hence the number of users does not affect it
  • Thread refers to a sequence of instructions that the server has to carry out
  • In one thread, the first step is the initialization of a program
  • The execution of all the top-level codes takes place
  • After this, it is crucial to add modules
  • Then, there is the need to register callbacks
  • Hence, all these actions generate an event loop
  • The role of the event loop is to schedule which operations the thread should perform.

Knowing some jargon is essential to understanding Node.js. Event queue and thread pool are two such concepts. 

Node.js consists of a thread pool. It comes from the Libuv library which provides four additional threads that are separate from the main thread. You can configure the thread pool for more threads. Thread pool comes in handy during the accepting of blocking requests. As a request reaches a thread, it becomes part of a queue. The event loop picks up these events according to their time. Then, the calling for callback functions takes place. These threads help a Node.js process in carrying out synchronous tasks particularly when heavy-duty tasks need to be dealt with.

Node.js developer community

Startups do not have to worry about finding the right kind of Node.js developer for their tech team. The Node.js developer community is vast and supports a diverse pool of Node.js developers from around the world.

Platforms like Reddit and Stack Overflow are not only extremely helpful in maintaining a community of developers that receive help, guidance, feedback, and learning consistently but also in helping individuals find development work and jobs. 

Node.js’s npm is now the largest software registry in the world consisting of packages and modules with an extensive collection of libraries. But also, npm is an online database of sorts where open-source Node. js projects can be published and studied by others. 


The powerful features of Node.js have given it a popular position not only amongst startups but large businesses as well. If your startup is working on developing applications that require functionalities related to e-commerce, real-time information exchange, or social networking, be sure to hire a Node.js developer in your tech team. 


Why should a startup use Node.js?

Node.js is a run time environment powered by a V8 engine. The V8 engine makes it a high-performance JavaScript framework.

Startups have to survive in a competitive environment and ensure that maximum time is utilized. Node.js’s features make it a lightweight yet efficient application builder. Some of these features include:

  • Non-blocking input/output model
  • Scalability
  • Fast speed
  • Can be used on the back-end and front-end sides of the application
  • It is a test tool

What is Node.js npm?

The Node package manager is an online tool for installing Node.js packages. Plus, it acts as a repository for Node.js projects. One can find libraries, tools, and various kinds of services that can be used with Node.js.

Which is the best programming language to learn?

JavaScript has become one of the most frequently used languages for software developers. It is not hard to learn JavaScript basics for beginners. If a developer knows JavaScript fundamentals, it automatically becomes easier to understand Node.js. You can find a JavaScript and Node.js course on Udemy.

What are the three benefits of Node.js?

Node.js has several benefits, three of which are:

  • One of the most appreciated Node.js advantages is its lightning-fast speed. Due to this, the JavaScript framework is an excellent choice for making real-time applications and application development.
  • It is easy to comprehend and learn. Therefore, it does not take much time to understand Node.js. 
  • There is a minimum risk of Node.js lagging and becoming slow. Thus, code execution becomes faster.

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