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7 Best Job Sites To Find Remote Jobs Online In 2021

Since the recent few years, the trend of remote working, telecommuting jobs, and working from home has risen considerably. Before 2020, this flexible approach to work was largely restricted to part-time and/or freelancers looking to make some extra money online. Despite that, legitimate work from home jobs were tricky to find. People were restricted mostly to transcription, typing, data entry, virtual assistant, tutoring or call center work. Quite often, these had poor hourly pay rates.

However, this mode of work became the norm after the notorious lockdowns were imposed worldwide because of Covid-19, turning metropolitans into ghost towns. However, as the number of open work from home positions skyrocketed, people also found relief from commute and office work life. Despite initial skepticism, teams produced their best work while working remotely.

According to a recent survey, about 99% of people preferred a home job at some point in their lives. Companies such as Gaper have a business model that allows us to accommodate their employees as well as clients very well online. There are many ways to make money and earn extra income via remote working solutions now. Even folks with no experience can land entry jobs that are able to give them useful exposure to work demands. But as attractive as remote working can be, finding the right job that doesn’t leave you hanging from paycheck to paycheck can be daunting.

It is also necessary to ensure that you are not getting yourself into a scam. As a rule of thumb, if it sounds too good to be true or if you are asked to pay to work, it is a scam. Here is our list of the best job boards to find your first home-based/remote working opportunity from.


To top our list of the best online sites for remote jobs for developers, we have Remote. co.

The CEO of FlexJobs founded it, but it still tops the list because of its dedicated remote working opportunities. Unlike its predecessor and many other job boards, Remote. co does not include area-based work-from-home opportunities but purely remote work.

It also features applying for either entry-level, intermediate, or expert-level job choices. And through the user-friendly search option, you can find just the right job for your skillset.

Just Remote

If you’re more into simplistic designs and quick navigations, this might be just the job board you’re looking for. Just Remote provides you with an optimized search page that draws results as smoothly and efficiently as it can get.

It offers a wide variety of online jobs to choose from. Also, it features an additional filter that allows you to specify the jobs available in your country. So, no going through a lengthy description for a project that isn’t available in your area!


FlexJobs is one of the most used and recommended online platforms for finding remote work. It shares the same founder as Remote. co, but a predecessor to that site covers an even broader spectrum of remote jobs.

FlexJobs has over 50 categories of work to choose from. And not only that, you can find yourself anything from a telecommute to a short-term remote project online. The factor that really gives FlexJobs the edge is it’s screening policy, which eliminates the risk of being scammed online.

All in all, it’s a perfect place to start headhunting for remote work online.


Pangian is an online job board that favors the content creation, web development, UX design, and digital marketing community more than anything else. The virtual job board enlists job opportunities from across all five continents.

But the most attractive part about Pangian is its online community. It allows you to make an account and participate in website development, enhance your learning, and seek quick-fix tips for when you run into trouble.

Pangian is a perfect start for all freelancers and remote workers that can use a little help to get things started.

Virtual Vocations

Virtual Vocations is a family-owned website based in the USA. Although it is not as wide as job boards like FlexJobs, it still covers an astounding 41 different work categories to be found online. You have the option of choosing a freelance, telecommute, or remote working job.

What makes this website unique is how the website is even family operated. And as they have a very active blog section, it is easy to reach out for or seek help when you encounter an obstacle. The online team even provides the services of resume creation.

Working Nomads

Working Nomads is a platform introduced and upheld by two fellow geeks who travel and work themselves remotely. If you can’t find yourself a job interesting enough on other job boards, then this must give you what you’re looking for.

The websites mostly focus on the different types of web development opportunities and projects. This gives developers an edge and an early lead in finding a job that matches their skillset. Working Nomads also provides a weekly e-mail service that notifies you about any new and available opportunities for you. So, no checking your job boards over and over again. You’ll know when you find the perfect match.


Jobspresso is recognized by some of the most leading remote working platforms globally, like WordPress, Zapier, etc.

Although there is a huge variety of job positions to choose from, the top categories revolve around digital marketing and web development. You can also find amazing customer support and data entry opportunities for remote work on this platform.

The only catch about Jobspresso is that it is mostly US-based. Meaning that you won’t be able to apply to a job if you fall out of the specific area mentioned.


Finally, we will conclude this list with a bonus and mention Gaper in the mix. Aimed at skilled developers and engineers, our company always has openings for various skillsets and seniority levels. These are remote positions, but not part-time. Engineers and developers are expected to work as part of a full-time team for our business clients. Of course, our teams also get paid appropriately.

Flexible work, especially in tech, is the future.

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