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7 Fintech Startups to Lookout for in 2022 

The rate at which startups are sprouting is surprisingly high. With the help of AI, fintech startups focus on simplifying financial transactions. When we talk about this particular industry, it has come a long way from traditional transaction methods.

The rate at which startups are sprouting is surprisingly high. With the help of AI, fintech startups focus on simplifying financial transactions. When we talk about this particular industry, it has come a long way from traditional transaction methods.

Now, it is all about electronic and online ways. According to a forecast by Statista, the fintech sector’s revenue was expected to grow at an average rate of nearly 12 percent in the following years since 2018 and reach a value of 188 billion euros by 2024. 

As the tech world grows consistently, the financial sector continues to develop. This is because there is a need to meet changing demands. According to fintechnews.com, San Francisco, Chicago, and  New York are the top fintech cities in the States.

 In this article, we shall discuss some of the top 7 startups from the list of fintech companies in USA. 


Founded by: Mike Cagney

Total funding amount: $1.6 billion

The financial services provided by this company are backed up by blockchain. Secondly, the range of services includes asset management, digital fund services as well as creating solutions for personal use. 

From older retired individuals to youngsters looking for student funding, the client base is diverse. Developing workflows and transparent payment processes are some of this startup’s primary goals. It all comes down to making the transaction phase as seamless as possible.

In 2021, it managed to raise 7.5 million dollars in the stage of seed funding. This business is working hard in simplifying the financial process. Plus, the company entered into a partnership with Apollo which is one of the largest asset management firms in the world. 

This step enabled them to further improve their blockchain initiatives. Since its birth in 2018, the company’s worth increased to 1 billion dollars in late 2019. This shows the level of growth it achieved in less than two years.


Founded in: 2010

Founded by: John Collison and Patrick Collison

Total funding amount: $2.2 billion

Since its birth, the main objective of this startup was to make payments super easy. The founders wanted to use their technological skills to work out a method that would improve online payments. Through Stripe, businesses check for fraud during the payment collection phase.

After starting Stripe in 2010, the two founders received seed funding from Y-combinator. Since that, it has come a long way. The company struggled with the hurdles of maintaining online security, avoiding hackers, etc.

It even received an investment from Paypal in 2011. They managed to get into contact with Elon Musk and Peter Thiel. Musk was one of the first people to invest.

In 2021, it became the highest valued startup. The valuation is estimated to be 95 billion dollars. It is a huge leap from the early days. When we talk about their clientele, it is very diverse. It includes small businesses and also big companies such as Zoom.

According to backlinko.com, Stripe has raised a total of 2.2 billion dollars up till now. Its services are available in 46 countries.  If we shortlist some of the best fintech startups in the Bay area, this company is a valuable addition. Also, it is one of the most successful fintech startups of 2022.


Founded in: 2020

Founded by: Martin Toha and Phillip Zedalis

Total funding amount: $2.2 billion

It is a platform that assists clients in collecting financial data. Through this approach, consumers are kept updated about their financial records. The startup was featured by Forbes in “Next Billion Dollar Startups” in 2021.

Its headquarters are located in New York. Array strives to assist software developers in building the right kind of financial tools for their clients. This also includes mobile applications related to online protection and payment records. The idea is to streamline the stage of payment without any hassle. 

Crunchbase states that Array is using 66 types of technologies for its website. This shows that customer experience is given a huge amount of importance at this startup.


Founded in: 2015

Founded by: Alex Timm and Dan Manges

Total funding amount: $827.5 million

It is a car insurance company whose initial name was MyRate. Root aims to come up with more accurate pricing models. They want to take personal insurance to the next level in order to amplify customer experience.

The insurance rates depend on how the customer drives. Root has a unique pricing model which definitely makes it stand out amongst other fintech startups.  First of all, the customers driving behavior must be tracked by the Root app. This filters out the good drivers from the bad ones.

Through this app, the customers are able to assess their skills. Their driving performance also gives them the freedom to adjust their insurance policy. With this interesting way of functioning, Root made waves in the auto insurance industry.

In 2018, the growing business was able to raise 100 billion dollars in Series D funding. This increased the valuation of the company. In 2020, it raised 724 million dollars further pushing its valuation. The valuation that was targeted was 6.34 billion dollars. 

Swan Bitcoin

Founded in: 2019

Founded by: Cory Klippsten

Total funding amount: $6 million

It is an app that is used for purchasing bitcoins. Swan Bitcoin acts as a channel through which individuals can buy and guard their bitcoin savings.

What makes it particularly unique is the algorithm and the purchasing system of the app. The money is converted into savings and bitcoins are only added as prices decrease. Plus, the security standard is pretty good.

The startup has a regional ranking of 1538  making it one of the hottest fintech startups in the US. By November 2021, Swan was able to raise 6 million dollars in series A. 11 companies have invested in the business. This also includes Lightning Ventures.


Founded in: 2019

Founded by: Roy Ng and Yan Wu

Total funding amount: $42 million

Bond specializes in making software that assists companies in launching financial products. This includes credit cards, debit cards, etc. The website connects digital brands with banks and technology experts. 

It helps companies to develop their financial services. Hence, this reduces the stress of constantly searching for suitable options. With an AI-powered infrastructure, Bond gives businesses the freedom to come up with their banking products.

In its seed round, Bond raised 10 million dollars. In the second round, the company was able to raise 32 million dollars in series A. It is funded by 11 investors with Coatue as one of the two lead investors.


Founded in: 2018

Founded by: Arjun Thyagarajan and Suresh Venkatraman

Total funding amount: $17.8 million

Solid aims to make banking more accessible for its users. The banking process can become long and cumbersome. This can happen due to delays, glitches in the system, etc. By engaging Solid, the customer gets a seamless banking system.

Therefore, businesses can start their banking services without any sort of hassle. Some of their services include creating bank accounts to make payments and issuing cards. 

Previously known as Wire, this startup was able to raise 12 million dollars in the Series A round. The founder acknowledged that the COVID19 pandemic positively impacted the company. Many enterprises had to resort to online spending. The seed investors included Techstars and Base10. They invested again.


It is surprising to see how the world of fintech is expanding. It is not only proposing financial solutions but also generating employment opportunities. This, in turn, boosts the economy.

The COVID 19 pandemic also had a major in promoting remote work opportunities. Multiple job boards are actively posting these openings. When it comes to tech talent, there is an increasing need for software engineers. 

Hence, virtual boards such as Gaper bridge the gap between startups and software engineers. It is a marketplace that supports a community of the most talented engineers from across the globe. As the number of fintech startups rises, there is no doubt fintech evolve even more in the future.


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