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At Gaper we are building the next generation of startups. We believe in harnessing talent and resources regardless of where they are from and building teams that will come together to solve problems.

Our Engineers have worked for

Our Engineers
have worked for

Allows you to build faster

Building exceptional startups is not easy but from validating business models to providing access to unmatched global networks, we do It all. We believe in financing startups from day one so they not only grow faster but are able to scale faster too.

Matchmaking for

A good co-founder is essential to running smoothly and we help you pick the best. From a pool of pre-selected Founders which include industry experts, tech geeks, experienced businessmen etc, you will find a co-founder and it will be a match made in heaven!

Investing from day one

Here at Gaper all founders receive financial support from day one in the form of grants. We also connect you to successful entrepreneurs from all around the world because what is better than learning from the experts themselves. After a period of 2 months, selected startups receive further investment to help launch their start-up into the next phase.

Investing from day one

We build from scartch but we build together to go from start to seed in 6 months

What they say

Founders Grit has helped change people lives...

Pauli Mahoney

25 Feb, 2022

I applied to Gaper when I was in the middle of moving countries right at the start of the pandemic. Wasn’t expecting such a quick turnaround when it came to my placement. 2 years into me joining, I am now currently helping a startup based in US build an NFT marketplace!

Erin Hills

6 Apr, 2022

I came across Gaper through Quora where people were discussing alternates to Toptal. I applied, went through the entire vetting process and was matched with my dream project all within 6 months

Alicia Carey

11 Apr, 2022

I wanted to leave my 9 to 5 for a more flexible work dynamic. I am a self-taught developer and I wanted to work in a more diverse team and on more challanging projects and Gaper has allowed me to do just that


4 Jan, 2022

I remember developing an open source invoicing app as a part of a project I was working on before I joined Gaper. The product manager assigned to out team was hired through Gaper’s platform which is how I joined them as well

Jaypee Juanerio

22 Mar, 2022

I am a MERN stack developer and I am currently working on a social app with a team that’s distrinuted across Europe and Asia.

Kristin James

4 May, 2022

I wanted the privilege of WFH but also was scared to compromise on the quality of work I was being offered and the kind of projects I will get but joining Gaper has been a very wise decision because I get to work on some amazing teams and projects

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