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5 Cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin that you should know of

January 14, 2021
Bitcoin is no doubt the leading crypto-currency and has been for years in terms of its market capitalization, popularity, and user base. It holds a special place in the history…

“Hire Smart” is the advice Nour Chamoun– Forbes 30 under 30 – shares

February 4, 2020
Nour Chamoun studied Graphic Design in Lebanon and moved to New York about 7 years ago in pursuit of her Masters in Design and Technology.

Monique tells us about her entrepreneurial adventure with Blushup

February 13, 2020
Right after college, Monique began her career in investment banking. “I was on the other side,” including VC firms in New York and back home in Brazil. Prior to Blushup…

Cynthia shares about Remote Work at Stix – only on

March 10, 2020
Before Stix Cynthia was part of “Adventure for America Fellowship.” It helped recent college grads to get into the early stages of startups. She then went on to be part…

Distributed Teams – trials turned opportunities for Elnaz at Roybi

March 18, 2020
Distributed Teams have always been the backbone of Roybi and Elnaz shares her journey with us at

Deep Dive into Fintech: What is Cryptocurrency

November 20, 2020
Welcome to our second part article on a deep dive into Fintech. Today, our topic is Cryptocurrencies. If you go on the web, it seems like everyone knows what it…

Sustainable Business Models: A Guide To Dealing With Uncertain Times

December 17, 2020
Every decade or so, businesses big or small, are hit by a ruthless wave of economic distress caused by a recession or in the case of 2020, a pandemic. Folks… @2023 All rights reserved.

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