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Cryptocurrency Market – A New Gambling Addiction?

The cryptocurrency market has now formed a new cult following. It is the new mode of investing and making money. Yet, how volatile is this market and how do people earn from it? The risks? Pitfalls? Is it a new gambling addiction for people who want to make it big and quick?

Is it stable? Will it grow further or will it come crashing down, just as fast as it climbed up? Are the walls crumbling? These are a few questions everyone needs to have answered. Before plunging into the depths of a new form of quick buck-making business.

What Are Cryptocurrencies? Why Its Market Matters?

The term “crypto” refers to complex encryption. It enables the creation and processing of digital currency. It helps in processing their transactions across decentralized platforms. Cryptocurrencies are nearly meant to be decentralized and uncontrollable by governments.

The cryptocurrency that is based on Bitcoin. Aside from that, the world of cryptocurrencies is always evolving. As the next big digital coin may be introduced tomorrow.

Cryptocurrencies come in a variety of forms. This means there are many types of cryptos in the market. These Cryptocurrencies are designed to be used for payments and value transmission. Ethereum, Litecoin, Cardano, Polkadot, Bitcoin Cash, and Stellar are some of the best cryptos.

Remote Earnings – Get Paid at Home

Now the charm of investing in a thing like a cryptocurrency is the lure of remote earnings without really having to do much. Those who invested early on, have reaped benefits beyond imagination. However, it is not a sustainable model.

At the end of the day, the cryptocurrency market is a volatile one. With unexpected deviations in market sentiment, there can be a sharp and sudden movement in price. It is not unusual for the value of crypto-currencies to drop by hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

Another reason to be wary of such investments is that it is not regulated. A lot of governments have discreetly banned the trading of such use of currency. It is mainly due to the high-risk factor attached to it.

While some got into the game at the best time, many others are left out of the loop. Simply because they missed the chance of being the early bird.

Gambling in the Cryptocurrency Market

Like any other gambling scheme, it is either all in or all out. The addition of a quick buck will always lure in high-risk-takers and keep risk-averse individuals away.

Trading in cryptos is not the same as trading in stocks and bonds. You can also be easily scammed. As many people have not done their homework before wading into this sea of potential wealth.

It is still an unknown territory not many have understood or gained knowledge about. Stable earnings are usually low and slow – perfect for risk-averse investors.

To invest in cryptos (at least for now and the foreseeable future) it takes the gamblers among us to take a shot.

However, there are ways of being part of the investment portfolio without directly investing in cryptos. Read here to know more.

Best Crypto Exchanges in the Market

If you want to start trading or investing in cryptocurrencies. It’s critical to select the appropriate exchange for your needs. We’ve included the four major exchanges below.

Coinbase and Coinbase Pro: It facilitates the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies. While maintaining a high level of security.

Cash App: It’s simple to use and offers a variety of withdrawal choices to other bitcoin wallets.

Bisq: It’s a decentralized, open-source exchange. It doesn’t need you to know who you’re dealing with.

Binance: It supports a wide range of currencies in addition to the most popular digital coins.

So, start building your bitcoin portfolio right now. Gambling and trade will both benefit from it. Organize your investment portfolio. Buy and trade major digital currencies in one spot and keep track of them all. Purchases that occur on a regular basis.

Invest in cryptocurrencies over time by making daily, weekly, or monthly purchases. Use apps on mobile devices for a quick overview. With the Coinbase app for Android or iOS, you can stay on top of the markets.

The Endgame

The problem with tech investments is that there is always something new to invest in. Also, the timelines are shortening year on year. It goes without saying that technology is rapidly and exponentially changing and growing.

Hence, the opportunities of investment practically mimic the same trend. If you can catch that before it goes beyond your means, you are already too late to invest. It is all about catching the trend and riding it to the top.

Tech investments in and of themselves are like being in a charged gambling arena. You never know when the next “silly” idea can be the next Dotcom boom.

One reason why VCs and tech incubators like YCombinator, Acceleprise, 500 Startups. Also, a host of others always spread their risks across several startups. Even if one hits it big, they have already covered their investments and then some.

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