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Frequently Asked Questions

Connecting the top 1% of globally vetted engineers to top startups and Fortune 500 companies in North America and the United Kingdom. Handpicked from 12 countries, all software engineers go through a rigorous interview and written test process to be funnelled to the top.

We are the tinder for software engineers and match skills to the vacancies within 48 hours as we have a pool of over 1200 engineers experienced and pre vetted to be hired immediately.

The future of work is remote and this is the norm we stand by. Creating opportunities for talent – no matter where in the world they are – is our motto. has headquarters located in New York City, however, operating remotely throughout the world, we have sourced over 1200 engineers across 12 countries, we optimize the working model to fit the needs of each vacancy. We have optimized the hiring process and whether you need 1 or a team of software engineers,we can have it sorted within 48 hours.

Established in 2018, we have scaled in a short space of time by gaining momentum through our podcast series and garnering credibility through it. By successfully placing our engineers in Fortune 500 companies as well as startups, we have helped scale these companies’ tech stack.

We lay great stress on constant training and for that we have ongoing webinars to keep our pool of software engineers abreast with the latest developments in the tech world. Staying ahead of the competition is how we remain relevant.

We are more flexible about our work timings. The project comes under contractual work and engineers are paid  according to the time spent per day on the task/project at hand. Payments are made on a monthly or bi-weekly basis (timelines are discussed before any project is initiated and/or any engineer is assigned to a project).

Being contractual gives a software engineer the flexibility to work on various tech stacks and explore and hone their skills and expertise. This also strengthens their Resume and keeps them relevant in a fast changing and dynamic industry.

We are present on almost all platforms available on social media. Including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, and LinkedIn.

We are literally a Global Company – although for now we have restricted our focus to North America and the United Kingdom to source projects from.

Our engineers have previously worked with top global companies and we still vett them to ensure quality across the board. In our intensive and extensive search for remote software engineers, we have managed to have quantity as well as not compromised on quality per engineer.

Working remotely may come with a bit of responsibility – but with a little bit of focus, begets the most productivity. With the added bonus of flexibility, proponents of remote swear by not being able to go back to a conventional working environment after having had the luxury of working remotely.

Time on and off – by managing a productive schedule, it literally depends on the individual how they work best.

Complete freedom to earn as you work. Time sheets would be shared on a weekly basis and remuneration would be calculated accordingly. Work with other top vetted engineers from around the world and expand your network.

Get more time with family and work from anywhere you like.

Contracts would be discussed and renewed every 6 months. Software Engineers would be assigned to projects and payouts and timelines would be locked before each project commences and/or assigned to an engineer. Work on unlimited projects with us and keep growing your career graph through expanding your skillset in the tech world.

You’re billed by the hour. Gaper pays on a monthly or bi-weekly basis – may vary depending on a particular project. Each engineer hands in a timesheet on a weekly basis upon which pay is determined. It is securely transferred to individual bank accounts around the world.

Software Engineers are expected to coordinate with Project Managers to have at least a few overlapping hours for feedback and instructions. Although timesheets are taken into account – as long as the task is completed properly, Gaper would pay the full amount.

We do consider the week to be a standard 40 hour week and holiday times to be well translated globally. However, communication is key with project managers for better planning.

It is always challenging to decide whom to pick in a pool of strong candidates. Our criteria is extremely stringent and our cut-off is kept quite high. Our rigorous tests and interviewing process eliminates 99% of the candidates applying.

Yes, you can. By improving your technical and soft skills you can apply in the next pool, which is 6 months after your first pool application.