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8 Steps to Uplift Freelance Software Development Career

If we do not believe in year-to-year innovation, it is never too late. By reflecting our past and present in a consistent way, we can improve our future. This isn’t only applicable for our personal lives.

If we do not believe in year-to-year innovation, it is never too late. By reflecting our past and present in a consistent way, we can improve our future. This isn’t only applicable for our personal lives. It also implies to our professional pursuits as well. For some of us, this could imply maintaining our current progressive pace in our careers. Others may need to re-evaluate their career, appears stagnant or missing something valuable.

Whatever path your career follows, it wouldn’t hesitate to execute our enlisted steps. With these eight steps you can uplift your freelance software development career. Our goal isn’t to repeat the obvious but to provide you with helpful, actionable advice. Which you can put into practice right away. So, sit back and read these few simple steps. This can elevate your freelance software development career to a whole new level.

1. Agile development methodologies for freelance software developers

Software developers use the agile web development methodologies in a very optimistic manner. It employs to reduce wastage and improve communication & development process of a project. In these methodologies, a team will take a development project and divide it into “sprints.” A sprint is a smaller work cycle, builds up for the entire project. So, each sprint is only a few weeks long.

At the end of each sprint, the software developers team communicates with the client. Also provide guarantee that the coders are still on the correct pathway. The team then proceeds with any changes that the client may have asked for. As a result of this, freelance software developers handle the miscommunications in real-time. Furthermore, it also allows the developing team to respond to a client’s changing needs.

Hence, in agile development, the daily meetings are short, so you don’t waste many teams and get right to the task. The freelancer and his software development team use a shared language to communicate.

2. Focusing on native app development

Freelancers are always hungry for learning new technologies to get consistent clients. Thus, same thing applies for “native apps”. Native apps are particular platform-based, such as Apple’s App Store or Google Play. These apps allow businesses to make the most of their hardware. For instance, games available on the Apple app store have programs inside it. These programs only work in devices that support the iOS, such as iPhones, iPods. Also, developed games on the Google play store can work on Android devices as well.

Some businesses even develop their programming languages or hire a freelance software developers. Swift, a programming language developed by Apple for the development of mobile apps. There’s a high likelihood that you may be developing software for a certain device or platform. So, on your search for freelance work, conduct some research. To inspect what programming languages certain companies are using to create native apps.

3. Freelance work for software development in Big Data and AI

As a freelancer, you have to be familiar with the latest trends and technologies. That is how your freelance career uplifts in software development. Companies use data to predict, their customers how react to their e-commerce products. So, they can see where most visitors exit of a site, which pages lead to the most sales. Not only that, they look for the demographics, clients fall into by gathering huge amount of user information. So, they are in constant search for the freelancers who can conduct data analyzation.

Artificial intelligence (AI) take things a step further with analyzing data with algorithms. It provides an enhanced user experience service. With the help of AI, marketing the products and services according to the consumers’ interest become easy. Moreover, it provides automated customer support such as answering client questions. Self-driving cars, virtual assistants (like Amazon Alexa), and video games all use AI.

Big data and AI are in use of todays’ wide range of businesses. From e-commerce sites and marketing firms to social media platforms and financial institutions. Knowing who your clients and what their requirements are very beneficial for freelancers.

Thus, as a freelancer it becomes compulsory to explore the trending languages. Also, study up on all the AI processes and learn languages use in AI development like:

  • Python
  • Java
  • Rust

4. Getting acquainted with continuous delivery

To become a high-rated freelancer, you need to aware of the software development methodologies. There is a traditional development process, often known as the “Waterfall” method. This method implies when freelance developers have to produce software at the end of a lengthy project. Whereas, the agile method produces software at the end of each sprint. Some development procedures, yet, requires continuous delivery of software.

The DevOps method calls for continuous delivery, automation, and solid communication. Such kind of methods, freelancers adopt a wide range. It collapses the walls of information technology workers (Ops) and software developers (Dev). Continuous delivery allows a DevOps team to check and upgrade their work in real-time. That is why, freelancers who work in teams always gives priority to this method.

Every component of the development process occurs in a continuous way. Hence, freelancing teams using DevOps have the responsibility to track of all members. Development, integration, testing, delivery, and feedback evaluation all happen at once. A freelancer team should include full-stack developers (developers with front-end and back-end skills).

Here are a few deliveries open-source tools you may want to learn about:

  • Buddy
  • Tomcat
  • Ant

5. Working with hybrid teams

With spread of COVID, freelance software development working from home, have full advantage. As, companies no longer in need of developers to work in their offices. Thanks to the rise of video conferencing tools and work management software. By employing independent talent pre-vetted by Gaper, companies can gain access to a larger pool of qualified applicants from around the world.

Thus, you need to accustom yourself to the ability to adapt and evolve according to the need of your hybrid team. Hybrid teams as come with challenges, i.e., language barrier, cultural differentiation. Yet, they can overcome with time. Proper communication and fulfilling customer’s requirements also raise your value.

6. Learn the integration of Internet of Things

We discussed about data analyzation above. The trend of data analyzing is not limited to AI. Yet, freelancers can take more advantage of other technologies to uplift their career. The Internet of Things (IoT) came up with a variety of devices that connect to a network to share data. Creating smart homes, smartwatches, smartphones are becoming the part of limelight. Freelancers, yet can developing these devices. It necessitates a high-level coding expertise as well as coordination of developers.

Freelancers in development, also can help manufacturers. As, they use (IoT) to track and manage inventory. While farmers can use them to track and manage livestock. Which is also a plus for freelancers. As a freelancer, you can develop security scanners, fingerprint or facial recognition detectors. Hospitals also use IoT to watch a patient’s vital signs, such as blood pressure and heart rate. So, the scope for development in IoT is getting high.

To develop these products, you need to learn a few key things. You need to understand how sensors in such devices operate. Also, with which programming languages are essential to learn. To provide the best possible experience, you have to design an ideal user interface (UI). Hence, you have to learn how to use server-side languages like PHP and database languages like SQL to create data storage servers. That is how, your freelancing development skills will increase.

7. Familiar with increased awareness about scope creep

Scope creep occurs when the parameters for a project keep getting wider. Meaning the project requires more time and effort. To make a profit as a freelance software developer, a developer needs to limit scope creep.

Many factors can be the cause of scope creep, miscommunication between team members. Fulfilling the late client requirements is also one of the reasons. Let me give you an example, if a company hires your freelance expertise to redesign homepage. Once you’re done, the client further requests you to redesign their landing pages. Throughout the project, you’ll get a flat amount. Thus, you won’t get compensations for the other work you provide.

Clear communication is the best method to deal with scope creep as a freelancer. Meet with your clientele and any team members before beginning a project. It will ensure that everyone understands what the task entails. Also, inform your client that any unexpected modifications to the project scope. For a freelance developer, this is the best way to get extra charges.

8. Operate in a Niche Market

Freelance programmers usually fall into two categories, i.e., generalist and specialist. The generalist works on a plethora of projects without focusing on a single area. Whereas, the specialist is a developer who has spent several years working in a single field. The main issue with generalist is, you will get a label of beginner when approach by corporates. A specialist although considers as a professional in their respective industries. They have dedicated a large part of their career towards a specific niche. Thus, resulting in a decrease payment as compare to a specialist. Freelance developers must operate in a single niche to grow their career.


Freelancing is not a very easy field to grow. It requires continuous growth and innovation if you are a software developer. We have accumulated eight straight forward steps to apply as in your life. Moreover, our advice will serve as a great outline to improve efficiency. Getting a better grip on any of these will speed-up your growth. We hope implementing these steps you will boost your freelance software development career.

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