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Gaper Gift Card

Have questions about the gift card? We’ve got you covered.

Step: 01

A customer service rep will call you and guide you through the process.You will receive a security code by SMS at the time of activation.

Step: 02

Visit your desired brands. There are numerous options available.

Step: 03

Give them the voucher code listed at the back of your card.

Terms and conditions are also listed below the voucher code.

Step: 04

Let the store know how much money you want to redeem. You have a total of PKR 5252. You can spend this all at once or at different brands.

Step: 05

Give them your security code from SMS. After one use the security code will update and you will receive a new one for next purchase.

View complete vendor list here. For any other queries call at 03330337729 @2023 All rights reserved.

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