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Tinder for Top 1% Software engineers and Startups

Are you a startup looking to hire remote engineers that help your company grow? Searching for the top 1% of software engineers to become part of your team? The number of entrepreneurs entering the market is increasing quite steadily.

Are you a startup looking to hire remote engineers that help your company grow? Searching for the top 1% of software engineers to become part of your team? The number of entrepreneurs entering the market is increasing quite steadily. At Gaper, we will act as a platform to connect small businesses with a pool of diverse talent.
In this article, we will discuss what Gaper has to offer. Let’s begin, shall we?

Competent remote workers

Ever heard of the term remote work? Gaper is made up of the most talented individuals who are skilled in software engineering. After passing a series of tests held around the world, these remote workers have started working with us.
Want to know more? They come from a variety of places such as Eastern Europe, Africa and parts of Southeast Asia. When it comes to software skills, they will not disappoint. Node, Javascript, React and Python are some of the programming languages they are experts in.
Leave the vetting to us! Innovation is another quality that our engineers will constantly bring to the table. So, if you are a company that is aiming to hire a software developer then do not hesitate to contact us.

No money issues

When you trust us with the talent then you can trust us with the cash too! Firstly, all software developers will carry out their job according to your budget. Do you feel the relief of unburdening yourself?
Areas such as Silicon Valley are home to the youngest of entrepreneurs. Of course, everyone knows it is where Facebook and Google were founded. This level of competition can lead to costs being very high.
Even if you are a software engineer, you do not have to worry about being underpaid. You will receive your money at the right time. Just imagine, being paid at home!
So, if you want to stay within a certain financial plan, then have no fear! You can put your faith in us. In short, for us, every individual matters equally.

Zero risk

Have you changed your mind? It’s okay, we will not charge extra. When it comes to the client, we are always here to assist. Talk to us and let us know your concerns over a call.
Customer satisfaction, organization, and guidance are some of our main priorities. If you decide to cancel within 2 weeks, then we can surely reach an agreement. Indeed, it is a win for everyone!


Want more options? We are more than happy to provide. During projects, it is up to the client to decide what nature of software engineers do they require. This can range from part-time to full time and hourly.
When we talk about startups, there is so much happening at the same time. It can be sort of mind-boggling for the person who is in charge. At this point, it is the right decision to outsource some tasks.
Once engaged, our remote workers will not only deliver. But, they are also experienced in networking, project management, and building customer relations. What more could you ask for?

Tech stack

Coming to the topic of the tech stack, a certain standard has been maintained in this regard. Our development team consists of the top 1% of software engineers who are well-versed with the necessary tools.
These also include React, React native and salesforce.
It depends on the demand of the customer. Which kind of work do they need? Gaper is here to provide a solution. So, what are you waiting for? We are just a click away.

Team dedication

A successful business is all about being team players. This aspect is quite integral for any startup to evolve. By adding us to your resources, you can expect commitment and consistency.
With most of Gaper’s employees being remote workers, there is no compromise on coordination and effective communication. Your days of never-ending phone calls are over!

Acceleration of growth

Sometimes, building an entire team can be very stressful. The hurdles include interviews, conferences and non-stop training. Plus, in a typical office environment, you have to consider factors such as space, maintenance, and additional utilities.
With our top 1 % of software engineers, you do not have to worry about this! You can trust us with your operations. When you decide to take us on board, scaling becomes a simpler process.
Our chief technology officer will check every activity. This will be done to make sure that all the remote developers finish on time. Hence, the stress of the project being delivered late gets resolved automatically.

Leveling up automation

Sometimes all that technology can take a toll on you. To save you from extra frustration, Gaper is ready to automate your hiring tasks. Plus, you will not have to go through endless resumes and interview people.
We will do the matching for you! Hence, you will be free from the routine of searching and finding a suitable software engineer. As the Techworld gets bigger and bigger, the demand for experts is getting more.
This way startups can focus on their main goals while our team members can manage other activities for you. As a result, many actions will be streamlined. There will be less scattering and ultimately, more organization. Sounds good, right?

Understanding market needs

Since Gaper is built based on an experienced remote working team, we are familiar with what small businesses need. The world has become a global village with many people opting for working from their spaces of comfort.
So, how to find the best? This is what we do. As mentioned earlier, we work hard to ensure only the most experienced and enthusiastic top 1% of software engineers join us. Therefore, only the most suitable ones are added to our database.
Also, the rates that we have set for our top 1% software engineers that are working remotely are quite reasonable. Does it get any better than this?

Community Building

Through our website, our objective is to grow a community. This is where small businesses, startups, and remote developers can interact and benefit from each other’s experiences.
Events such as the Gaperthon’ 20 are being held so that individuals with expertise get to network with each other. Nothing is better than the acquisition of knowledge!
This event involves around thirteen countries. You better be excited for this one! To learn more, you can also go to the link that is available on our site.


There is no denying the fact that indeed this is the era of remote employment and jobs. With this pace, you can expect software engineers to become more internationally accessible.
Now that we have talked about what services our company provides for its customers, the final choice is yours! Have you made up your mind?

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