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Digital Transformation for your Healthcare Business

Access world-class solutions and API integrations

5x Project Deployment with Mulesoft integrations

Transform your Heathcare operations with seamless connections, boosting efficiency while crafting a comprehensive profile for each patient and member

AI and Data Insights

Harness the power of APIs to access and leverage core systems and data effectively. This pivotal approach empowers decisions that drive success.


Automatically generate patient records in Salesforce Health Cloud to eliminate the arduous manual task of creating patients in Salesforce from the EMR system during each call.

Data Centralization

By bringing all data together into a unified repository, it effectively minimizes redundant data sets, ensuring consistency and accuracy across various functions.

How Gaper helped this company combat Clinician burnout and improve decision making

As the world fought Covid, clinicians had to make key life saving decisions that required access to a large and developing knowledge base. This led to extreme burnout and left many too overwhelmed to function.

Gaper proposed a no-code builder that will give clinicians the power to create EHR-Integratable and AI-enabled pathways that would not only accelerate decision making but would also improve the quality of care provided.

Deploy Large Language Models with Gaper

Incorporating Large Language Models (LLMs) into health tech involves significant costs, often reaching millions or even hundreds of millions for a company to build such models from scratch.

Nevertheless, in the realm of health technology, leveraging AI-powered LLMs holds immense promise. At Gaper, we recognize the importance of deploying tailored LLM solutions efficiently. Our approach emphasizes a quicker, more straightforward, and notably cost-effective deployment of customized LLMs, especially in pre-detection applications, enhancing the value proposition in healthcare technology.

LLMs for Pharma

Customizing Large Language Models (LLMs) with Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG)

Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG)

Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG), the go-to solution for companies seeking personalized and precise information retrieval and generation.

Vector Databases

Strategic Design and Creation: Crafting Vector Databases tailored to your specific needs and data organization requirements.

Efficient Information Retrieval: Optimizing databases for swift and accurate data retrieval based on multi-dimensional attributes.

Integration with LLMs: Seamless integration with Large Language Models to enhance the precision and relevancy of responses.

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