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Experts in Java development work worldwide to create and implement IT solutions that help companies remain competitive and relevant in their markets.

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Cut down
hiring costs

Cut down hiring costs

Choosing the right Java developer can be a complex process. Because of the rapid increase in the market's need for these professionals, the number of resources available can seem too limited.

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Stay Ahead
of the game

Stay Ahead of the game

Several industries, platforms, and technologies use Java as one of the most adaptable programming languages, making it an industry leader. As a result, the demand for highly-skilled Java developers continues to rise.

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Hand-selected for
your needs

Hand-selected for your needs

Instead of dumping candidates, we thoroughly analyze your requirements and help you hire Java developers.

How to hire Java developers from Gaper?

Our hiring process is simple. Ever walked into your favorite coffee shop and felt completely relaxed knowing your barista’s got your back? That’s the experience we want to replicate when you come to us for hiring engineers.

We take time to ensure your exact needs are understood, and only the most suitable Java programmers are hired by our clients.

If you do not feel like the “match” was suitable, we will simply match you with another.

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Our Hiring Process

We exist to unlock human potential at scale. We envision a world where the most talented people can build a career commensurate with their ability – not their race, gender, or geography.

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Our Engineers
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Freelance Java Developers
Alec Whitten
JAVA Developer
Los Angeles, California
GMT -08:00


9 years +

Hourly Rates

Freelance Java Developers
Farjad Salar
JAVA Developer
Tehran, Iran
GMT +03:30


7 years +

Hourly Rates

Ruby on Rails
Freelance Java Developers
Kelly Williams
JAVA Developer
Wellington, New Zealand
GMT +12:00


9 years +

Hourly Rates

Freelance Java Developers
Nala Smith
JAVA Developer
Saskatchewan, Canada
GMT -06:00


7 years +

Hourly Rates

Mongo DB


Can I hire Java developers within 24 hours?

Yes, Gaper helps you Helps you hire JAVA engineers for your business requirements within 24 hours.

What sets Gaper developers apart from the others?

Gaper is a top-quality marketplace with vetted engineers for hire. We're a network of pre-vetted software engineers. Furthermore, we do our developers' screening and vetting process, so you don't have to. Gaper filters the applicants so that you can have access to our top-notch talent pool, explicitly tailored to meet your company's requirements.

How much does it cost to hire a Java developer?

Rates for hiring a Java developer will vary depending on various aspects, such as the level of expertise and experience offered, the location, and the market conditions. Java developers at our company prefer to work on an hourly basis. Learn more about our pricing plans here.

Why do companies prefer outsourcing Java developers?

Companies frequently outsource Java development because of the abundance of Java freelancers and the ability to get high-quality services at a reasonable cost. Flexibility in terms of employee type and pricing model are two additional benefits of outsourcing Java development.

Why are Java developers still in demand?

When it comes to the development of scalable and high-performance applications, infrastructures, big data projects, and software for SaaS, Java is an excellent option.

Despite the many advantages of Java as a programming language, finding Java developers who are both affordable and capable of meeting all the project's requirements while also delivering high-quality work remains a significant challenge. Clearly defining project requirements and adequately implementing a screening process are critical responsibilities for the employer.

What other technologies and skills are necessary for your Java developers to have?

As a Java developer, you need to have a lot of experience and keep your skills up to date. The following are the most sought-after Java technologies:

Cloud computing
In 2022, cloud computing is expected to be a significant trend, with many companies moving to cloud infrastructures, increasing the demand for associated solutions. As a business, you'll have an advantage if you know how to use AWS, Azure, or GCP.

Angular & React JS
A strong understanding of front-end frameworks like Angular 2+ and React JS for Java developers will certainly enhance their skill set.

Both the Spring 5 Framework and the Spring Security
In addition to standard libraries for Java programming, it is strongly suggested that developers experiment with the Spring 5.0 Framework. This is a new version of one of the oldest Java frameworks, and it comes highly recommended by industry experts. Because it's free and open-source software, using it saves money on licensing fees. Spring Security 5.0 is a significant upgrade to the Spring ecosystem that is well worth learning. It authenticates and authorizes Java applications.

Apache Spark, Hadoop, and Kafka.
As a tool for building big data applications, Java is well-known for its scalability and robustness. In the coming years, the big data sector will be booming, so having tech stack skills relevant to data projects is essential. For Java developers working with large amounts of unstructured data, frameworks like Apache Spark, Apache Hadoop, and Kafka are excellent choices.

DevOps is becoming more popular as more companies adopt a consistent integration approach. By learning about DevOps, Java developers can better manage their environments, automate tasks, and enhance the architecture of their software overall.

Java 11+
As a Java developer, staying up to date on new releases and features is essential.

One of the primary benefits of utilizing microservices is that it enables developers to break code into several smaller services that are easier to manage and operate independently. Its flexible scalability and abundant resources make it ideal for use in a public cloud.

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