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How to Hire Backbone Developers – A Guide for Tech Recruiters and Hiring Managers

Backbone.js is a great choice when it comes to preventing a majority of the pitfalls that developers fall into when it comes to incorporating unstructured codes into the development of their websites making it important for startups and enterprises to hire Backbone developers to ensure you have perfect web applications! 

Backbone.js is a great choice when it comes to preventing a majority of the pitfalls that developers fall into when it comes to incorporating unstructured codes into the development of their websites, which provides benefits not only to them but to businesses who are looking to better their own applications as well. 

However, it is important first to understand what Backbone.js enables you to do, how you can benefit from it while integrating it into your business, and which skills are necessary to utilize Backbone.js to its full extent.

Gaper is a platform that can connect your business with the best of the best Backbone.js developers which creates a perfect fit for your business. The finest companies which need to hire Backbone.js developers turn to Gaper in order to find the top professional developers who are the best match for their vision-driven projects.

What Does Backbone Do?

There are a number of features that Backbone.js provides, which are as follows.

Providing a JavaScript Library

Backbone.js is one of the most widely used JavaScript libraries and is oftentimes considered a framework for JavaScript. It is essentially a free and open-source JavaScript library that assists in organizing and dividing both business and user interface logic. It comprises over 100 accessible extensions, all of which facilitate the enforcement of structure in JavaScript.

Fundamental Functions

In addition to this, Backbone.js also includes features that enable web developers to create single-page applications in a much more simple and more straightforward way by making use of JavaScript functions. The framework’s main objective is the development of single-page apps, and users can utilize exposed Backbone.js objects and their APIs in order to create common web functionality.

Automated Modifications

Developers are able to use Backbone.js’s integrated JavaScript APIs in order to code simple JavaScript code, which simplifies the process for those who are scripting it, and those who will end up interacting with the finished product.

These APIs also modernize and automate a significant amount of the applications’ components, allowing developers to maintain those websites’ user interfaces and databases without requiring any additional code.

For example, the HTML code of any application created through Backbone.js is automatically updated by it if any changes occur in the model. This allows users to focus on implementing supportive methods to operate and query their data instead of having to worry about the HTML pattern or needing to constantly, manually modify the JavaScript object model.

What Are the Benefits of a Backbone Developer?

Java Expertise

As mentioned,Backbone.js is a JavaScript library with its main usage being for the creation of single-page web applications, and it is based on the Model–view–presenter (MVP) application design concept, 

Because of this, any Backbone.js developer is a great JavaScript developer, and having a great JavaScript developer to work with is a way to ensure the development of sound and secure web applications. 

Scale Using Backbone

Backbone.js employs various models, views, routers, plug-ins, and other resources which creates a flexible JavaScript framework with a simple model for representing data. This allows web applications to be optimized for the best speed and scalability.

Syncing With a Back-End

The models provided by Backbone.js can not only create a web app but can be tied to a back-end. There are many libraries available, such as backbone-sync, which use API in order to sync data between the server and your client. Because of this, having a Backbone.js developers means they are able to create an API through the use of Backbone.js models and collections without having to worry about syncing your code. ensuring that everything on the client side is working and is being displayed to customers viewing your site as it should

How Will You Integrate a Backbone Developer Into Your Team?

Before hiring any sort of developer, you need to determine just what exactly you need them to contribute. 

When beginning the hiring process, it is important to ask yourself, “Which tasks would a Backbone.js developer have?”

A company may require a proficient Backbone.js developer to introduce new features for a website or applications or to create code and libraries that can be reused in the future for other purposes.

Oftentimes, a company’s developers will have to collaborate with other team members and stakeholders in the company. Therefore, it is important to understand where they will fit and which duties they will have to carry out.

Which Skills Are Required?

The following are some of the essential criteria that companies should look out for when hiring Backbone.js developers. As easy as Backbone.js makes the process of creating single-page web applications, it is still necessary that any developers that you bring on board are not only familiar with some basics but have experience in more specific areas as well

  • Hands-on experience with JavaScript, its module loaders, and workarounds.
  • Strong understanding of Backbone.js’s features and necessary utility functions.
  • Familiarity with front-end build tools.
  • Experience with input validation techniques and approaches.
  • Understanding of cross-browser compatibility issues
  • Essential knowledge of mark-up languages including HTML5 and CSS3.
  • Knowledge of fundamental REST API concepts.
  • Understanding of browser rendering behavior and performance.
  • Good knowledge behind (MVC) models, collections, and views.
  • Skilled in an understanding of code versioning tools.

These are all skillsets that any potential Backbone.js developer should have a full and proper command of, and should be considered the key, fundamental skills that are needed, not simply preferred, when it comes to a comprehension of Backbone.js and how to make proper use of its functions.

In addition to this, if you want to ensure a smooth match with your company, you also need to prioritize certain additional skills as well. How well are they able to communicate, will they respect deadlines, and which of all these skills are non-negotiable? All of these requirements must be well thought out and defined before you begin looking at developers for hire.


What Makes Gaper’s Backbone Developer Offering Different?

Recruiting the best talent is a difficult task, with numerous companies offering their own Backbone.js developers for hire. Yet with Gaper, companies can find the right developers with the most convenience, through a streamlined process, allowing you to build and establish your teams within hours.

At Gaper, the top 1% of Backbone.js developers worldwide are thoroughly vetted so that your company meets with developers of the highest distinction. We ensure that the right fit between your needs, goals, vision, and company dynamics is found. Combined with the fact that our Backbone.js developers work through all time zones, this leaves a specially curated match for your business and its own unique needs. 

How Fast Can Gaper Connect Businesses with Backbone Developers?

Through Gaper you can find the right developer for hire in a manner of minutes after signing up, without having to wait for the tedious hiring process to kick in.

How Important Is Finding The Right Backbone Developer?

With Backbone.js being one of the most employed JavaScript frameworks, it is imperative that businesses with software projects find themselves the correct developer to add to their teams. Backbone.js plays a pivotal role in web application development, and it is considered a necessity when it comes to designing web application pages.

These web pages can include all the views, models, collections, and routers that a company prefers all together in one file. It’s flexible when it comes to structuring your code and how it should be organized on your website, as well as thoroughly tested, so there are no worries about bugs or issues with performance.

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