Hiring Developers in Pakistan: Evaluating Costs, Skills, Demand, and Supply (Updated 2023)
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Hiring Developers in Pakistan: Evaluating Costs, Skills, Demand, and Supply (Updated 2023)

This article guides the reader about hiring software developers in Pakistan. It also discusses essential aspects of the software developer hiring process.

The Economic and Business Landscape of Pakistan

Although agriculture has strong dominance in Pakistan, the industrial base has been developing for a long time. Political changes have played a significant role in impacting the economy of Pakistan. 

The rising fuel prices have led to an increase in the cost of goods and services. As a result, the overall climate for investors has become somewhat volatile. The rising levels of inflation have prevented businesses from expanding. Below are a few pointers about the current economic status of Pakistan.

  • According to the tribune, Pakistan’s economy will slow down in 2022 and then slightly improve in 2023
  • Taxation has increased with a surge in imports.
  • Companies are struggling to survive during this time – prices are high, and Covid is returning.
  • Pakistan comes at 108th position in global ease of doing business (Source: Doing Business 2020” by WB group)
  • American firms are pretty prominent in Pakistan. According to the international trade administration, there are more than 80 wholly- or majority-owned U.S. subsidiary firms registered with the American Business Council (ABC) of Pakistan and the American Business Forum (ABF)

What’s next for startups in Pakistan?

In 2021, Pakistan’s startups collectively made 352 million dollars. It was a big leap towards startup evolution. Plus, it exposed Pakistan’s potential as a market for foreign investment. The capitalization for all Pakistani startups lies between 1.5 billion dollars to 2 billion dollars.

The current state is a bit unstable due to political changes and economic factors. However, the market capitalisation is expected to increase to 30 billion dollars in 2031. 

Tech Startups and Companies in Pakistan

Before we begin an in-depth discussion on hiring software developers in Pakistan, it is essential to get an overview of Pakistan’s startup culture. Over the last decade, foreign investors have been somewhat interested in local startups. 

Pakistan has the fifth largest population, with a median age of 22. These factors make the country a favorable environment for startups and digital services. The tribune mentions that in the first quarter of 2022, Pakistani tech startups were able to raise 176 million dollars.  It also predicts that Pakistani startups will attract over 1 billion dollars in 2022.

  • AgriTech

Number of agriTech startups in Pakistan: 52

Pakistani AgriTech entrepreneurs recently launched a Digital Dera initiative in remote parts of Pakistan. The industry provided services to more than 2,000 farmers in villages. There are AgriTech ventures working in livestock, aqua-culture, smart farming etc. Riclar and, Cowlar are some prominent names.

  • FinTech 

Number of finTech startups in Pakistan: 261

Pakistan has 73% cellular usage, making it a favorable environment for fintech startups. The COVID pandemic proved to be a booster for the growth of fintech startups. In the first quarter of 2021, Pakistan startups raised US$19.3 million. Bloomberg termed this occurrence as a fintech “startup funding rush.

  • HealthTech

Number of Health tech startups in Pakistan: 356

Health apps have made medical care a lot more accessible to the population. With health tech services, buying medicines and doctors in a specific become more reachable. According to Dawn, MEDZnMORE raised $11.5 million in its pre-Series A funding round. This amount was an impressive leap for a Pakistani health tech startup. Another example is Healthwire. In 2021, this health tech startup closed 3.3 million in funding.

  • Edtech

Number of edTech startups in Pakistan: 334

Remote learning has gained quite a lot of attention. In terms of investments, there are multiple opportunities in Pakistan. The COVID pandemic played a significant role in boosting the number of startups worldwide. The magnitude of Pakistan’s edTech opportunity is one of the largest in the world. Innovative technology has assisted in helping youngsters with the educational process at home. In 2021, Pakistan edTech startup Maqsad raised $ 2.1 million in its pre-seed round.

IT and Tech Education in Pakistan

To hire a dedicated software developer, one must know their academic background. Plus, it helps during the interview phase. Recently, educational institutions in Pakistan have started to promote STEM education.

In 2020, the Prime minister approved the STEM project. The government did the project in collaboration with 400 secondary schools. The main goal was to incorporate the STEM model in schools. In 2021, the Prime minister declared that academic institutions would open special laboratories to promote STEM education.

How to become a software engineer in Pakistan?

A software developer must know how to design, assess and test computer software. Universities typically offer a four-year computer science degree. This program gives software developers the background they need. Some even offer a four-year BS degree in software engineering. Virtual University is an example of such an institution. 

  • Software engineering diploma course

It is a career-oriented program that teaches students about the fundamentals of the IT industry. Online software engineering diplomas are also gaining popularity amongst aspiring software engineers in Pakistan. With the help of these courses, entry-level software developers can apply for jobs in web application development, front-end development, etc. Omni academy and Eduvision are examples of such channels.

  • Coding boot camps

Coding boot camp duration can be from a year to one year, six months. These programs help entry-level software developers to launch their tech careers. The best part about online coding tutorials is that there is no geographical restriction. Coding and software development require practice. Remaining consistent is vital when it comes to online learning. Hence, any interested individual can evolve their digital skills through these tutorials.

  • Software engineering master’s degree in Pakistan

A master’s in software engineering can help to score a software developer job with a higher salary. A master’s of science in computer engineering teaches students about the complete life-cycle of computer application development. More than 45 universities all over Pakistan offer a master’s in software engineering. Hence, a master’s in computer science in assist in taking your career to the next level.

Software Developer Salary in Pakistan

Ever enter the phrase ‘hire software engineers Pakistan’ on your internet browser? You’d be surprised to see a variety of options. From junior developers to senior software developers, there is an expert for every kind of job. In this section, we will learn about software developer salaries in Pakistan. The average software engineer salary in Pakistan is 819,603 Rs per year.

Java developer salary in Pakistan

Knowing  Java, Spring, Hibernate, and RESTful web services is compulsory for the post of java developer. Java developer demand is very high around the world. Due to this reason, Pakistan is the perfect hub for the best java developers. The average Java developer salary in Pakistan is Rs 707,497/ year.

  • Junior java developer salary: 40,000 Rs/ month to 60,000Rs/ month.
  • Senior java developer salary: 90,000 Rs/ month to 135,000 Rs/ month.

Python developer salary in Pakistan

The average Python developer salary in Pakistan is 83,400 Rs/ month. Python programmer salaries vary according to their experience and portfolio. Python has become increasingly popular around the world, including in Pakistan. Python programming courses in Pakistan can be as long as eight weeks.

  • Junior python developer salary: 38,400 Rs/ month to 80,000 Rs/ month 
  • Senior python developer salary: 90,000 Rs/ month to 133,000 Rs/ month.   

PHP developer salary in Pakistan

The average PHP developer salary in Pakistan is 69,700 Rs/ month.  However, an entry-level PHP developer with experience of fewer than two years makes approximately 42000 Rs/ month. Besides this, many Php developers in Pakistan choose to work remotely. This is because of better salary offers and added benefits.

  • Junior php developer salary: 35000 Rs/ month to 67000 Rs/ month
  • Senior php developer salary: 70,000 Rs/ month to 108,000 Rs/ month 

Mobile app developer salary in Pakistan

Statista predicts that mobile apps will generate over $935 billion by 2023. Therefore, more businesses will be willing to invest in dedicated mobile app developers. The average annual base salary of a mobile application developer is 2,392,108 Rs/ year. An entry-level mobile app developer can make around 1,731,260 Rs in a year. Hence, this career choice can make a good amount of money. 

  • Junior mobile app developer salary: 150,000 Rs/ month to 190,000 Rs/ month
  • Senior mobile app developer salary: 210,000 Rs/ month to 250,000 Rs/ month 

Web developer salary in Pakistan

The average web developer’s salary in Pakistan is approximately 90,000 Rs/month. Web development has a significant amount of potential in terms of career growth. Startups and businesses depend on websites to advertise their product to a more extensive customer base. 

  • Junior web developer salary: 60,000 Rs/ month to 80,000 Rs/ month
  • Senior web developer salary: 95,000 Rs/ month to 101,000 Rs/ month 

Full-stack developer salary in Pakistan

A full-stack developer in Pakistan earns 80,000 Rs/ month. The main full stack developer duties include front-end application development, back-end application development, web application management, etc. Plus, they should be well-versed with fixing bugs as well as the design phase.

  • Senior full stack developer: 80,000 Rs/ month to 115,000 Rs/ month
  • Junior full stack developer: 40,000 Rs/ month to 60,000 Rs/ month

Remote software engineer salary in Pakistan

According to a report by Business Recorder in 2021, 42.4% of freelancers in Pakistan are software developers. This percentage makes up about 10.5 of the global freelancer software developer population.  Multiple virtual job boards are considering hiring software engineers in Pakistan.

This is because they are highly skilled in software development. Plus, there is a variety of remote software engineers you can find such as junior programmer, senior software engineer etc. The median remote software developer salary is 37,000 USD. 

  • Junior software developer salary: 200,000 Rs/ month to 500, 000 Rs/month
  • Senior software developer salary: 700,000 Rs/ month to 12,000,00

Software Developer Jobs In Pakistan

  • Demand for Pakistan software engineers

Social media networks such as LinkedIn  post more than 1000 software developer job openings daily.  The cities of Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad have become the biggest centres of commercial activity. Due to this, there has been an increase in the number of job postings for software developers in Pakistan.

The post pandemic times in Pakistan made people realize the importance of digitization. Hence, there was a boost in software development training. According to dailytimes Pakistan, the IT sector has seen a noticeable rate of expansion over the past decade. With the right amount of time investment, freelance software developers can easily earn a six figure salary.

  • Software engineer supply

Propakistani.com says that 42.4% of freelancers in Pakistan are software developers. This rate is much higher than surrounding countries such as Sri Lanka and Nepal. Currently, software development is counted as a lucrative profession since there is so much technological advancement. 

Hire Developers From Pakistan

According to villagespace.com, Pakistan’s software sector holds over USD 2.5 billion in the international job market.  Earlier, we discussed how universities and academic institutions promote STEM subjects and software development courses.

  • What makes our software engineers stand out?

Gaper is a hiring platform that acts as a marketplace for the top 1% of software engineers worldwide. Our Pakistan software developers are not only experts at their job. They have strong communication skills – a quality that makes them the right fit for your startup. Hiring software engineers from Gaper gives the client access to a diverse pool of programming experts.

 In terms of expenses, Gaper offers a comparatively cost-effective solution to your software development requirements. However, the list of advantages doesn’t end here. To become a part of our team of the most capable remote software developers, the candidates must pass a series of tests. This is a two-tier process that consists of two phases.

  1. Skill assessment test

  2. Communication assessment

Only the candidates with the best marks are shortlisted to join Gaper. Besides being software development experts, our coders are team players. This quality is essential, especially when it comes to distributed engineering teams. It helps to keep each team member in sync with project progress.


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