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Hiring Developers In India: Evaluating Costs, Skills, Demand and Supply

Everything there is to know about hiring developers in India through Gaper.

The Economic and Business Landscape of India 

It’s no secret that India’s IT industry is one of the largest in the world and that its top developers are among the best in the market. India’s massive and educated workforce, with a median age of only 25 years, gives the country a significant competitive advantage over other developing nations. Iron ore, manganese, mica, bauxite, titanium ore, natural gas, diamonds, petroleum, and limestone are some of India’s many abundant mineral resources.

It has been a long and eventful road for the Indian startup ecosystem, which began in 2011 when it produced its first unicorn in the shape of InMobi and has now crossed the century mark of unicorns in India this year.

India’s recent growth as a hub for fintech companies has been quite encouraging. Managerial and technical talent in the country is on par with the best in the world. Despite the global economic downturn, the economic climate is favorable, with a growth of over 7 percent. The industry accounted for 51% of all services exports and contributed 9% to GDP.

“This has been a watershed year for the tech industry, thanks to the persistent focus on customer-centricity. The industry has added $100 billion in ten years; the first $100 billion took 30 years,” Nasscom president Debjani Chos said.

India is a great place to find technical talent and hiring Indian developers, making it a great place to source goods for export. The rising prosperity of India’s middle class has made the country a significant consumer market. The government is rapidly becoming a global IT powerhouse, with enormous potential rewards for investors worldwide. Because of these factors, investors everywhere, including those in Singapore, are paying close attention to tech startups and companies in India.

Therefore, entrepreneurs all over the globe can now hire from a larger pool of highly skilled workers who can develop and market innovative products. Their services include automated data collecting and management, OTP, automated inventory, electronic data exchange, and electronic money transfer. They build and train employees per market demand.

Has The Idea Of Outsourcing Indian Developers Been On Your Radar? 

Perhaps it already has been, but you’re hesitating due to misconceptions about working with developers in India. Whatever the situation, remember that the quality of your digital marketing and financial results is directly tied to the caliber of the people working on both.

Should You Be Hiring Indian Developers?

It’s no secret that India is home to many skilled programmers. Hiring a developer was a difficult and expensive process just a few years ago. In most cases, they were employed by major enterprises such as Yahoo,  IBM, Oracle, and other organizations of a similar type. But with the growth of the software development sector and remote work in India, many companies have started outsourcing.

Let’s say you’re an entrepreneur considering employing an offshore development team but are still on the fence about doing so. If so, we can explain why working with Indian outsourcing would be the best option for you.

In this brief article, we’ll help you overcome your fear of outsourcing software development to India and open the door to expanding your firm globally. Voilà!

Why Choose India for Hiring Developers?  

These expenditures can be eliminated by outsourcing work to virtual employees in India. As you are contracting employees from India, you only pay their salaries, nothing else.

Other countries with a vast talent pool of competent people are hard to come by, but India has an unmatched talent pool. According to official data, the national workforce in India grows by approximately 3.1 million graduates per year. The country has a reputation worldwide for producing high-quality IT experts, particularly in cloud computing.  

india hiring stats

India is unquestionably the world’s most important outsourcing destination. No other low-cost country can compete with its availability of highly competent English-speaking employees. Throughout the industry, there has been constant growth. NASSCOM‘s online platform, for example, has been used to upskill more than a million tech workers while also training an additional 2 million people who are interested in learning how to do this type of work. There are around 75-80 countries where Indian IT companies have set up more than 1000 delivery centers.  

The country is home to over 75% of the world’s digital talent.  

Reasons to Hiring Indian Developers

1. IT and Tech Education in India

Changes in the way people are taught and educated are being ushered in by India’s booming education technology industry. The shift in focus from traditional classrooms to mobile devices has necessitated the development of innovative educational tools that leverage artificial intelligence, such as online proctoring, video conferencing, and online learning.

The information technology sector in India is flourishing and expanding. The India Brand Equity Foundation estimates that the market will be worth US$225 billion by 2020. The information technology industry is expected to grow by 230,000 jobs by 2020 and is a major reason for the country’s economic success.

The proliferation of online educational opportunities is being stoked by the education sector’s adoption of new technologies. Not only students, but also workers, are putting in the effort to better themselves and their abilities through lifelong learning. 

2. Access to Highly Skilled Workforce  

India is a great country to outsource your business since it provides access to highly skilled and experienced workers. IT, BPO, and Finance are just a handful of the sectors with the most skilled workers.  

India also has the best expertise in successfully managing complex projects. In countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and Dubai, among others, the availability of a skilled workforce at a reasonable cost is like icing on the cake.  

3. Language Proficiency & Communication  

According to research, India ranks fifth among Asian countries in English proficiency. This is an additional reason these countries prefer India over any other country. Effective communication is the most important aspect of ensuring that successful plans and strategies are carried out. Compared to their Chinese and Filipino counterparts, Indians are better at speaking English. 

4. Latest Technology and State-of-the-Art Infrastructure  

India has a strong emphasis on using the most innovative technology and infrastructure. Their strategy also focuses on educating their employees on the latest technology.  

India has established IT centers in several cities, including Bangalore, Gurgaon, and Hyderabad, demonstrating itself as a global leader in information technology infrastructure. In many Indian towns and cities, the telecommunications and cellular networks are also well-developed, ensuring a smooth flow of communication.  

Even though there is still room for improvement in India’s infrastructure, India has the edge over its counterparts due to its superior facilities and lower operational expenses.   

 This is due to India’s regular training initiatives, ensuring that their employees are always operating as efficiently as possible. In this way, Indian companies can meet the demanding requirements of their international clientele and carry out key projects seamlessly.  

5. Solutions for E-commerce  

E-commerce is one of the areas in which India has achieved tremendous advancements in recent years. Amazon’s choice to open a software development center in Indian cities like Chennai and Pune shows that. 

As E-commerce enterprises have become more competitive, they have focused on outsourcing their customer support. That is why they have resorted to technology to make the most of their available resources. 

6. Friendly Policies   

India’s economy is heavily dependent on the outsourcing of firms. More than two-thirds of India’s outsourcing revenue has grown since 2010, from $50 to $118 billion. 

Indian outsourcing policies are therefore adaptable, making it easier for foreign corporations to delegate work to India with no hassle. 

How to Hire Indian Software Engineers

It can be difficult, if not impossible, to manage a remote developer team from another country. Do as much research as possible before beginning the process, and then break it down into manageable steps.

  • Create a detailed job description.

When searching for a software developer, it’s crucial to have a detailed and specific job description. Providing as much detail as can will help weed out unqualified prospects. From the title on, focus every word on the skills you require. Instead of posting an ad for a software developer, you should highlight the language(s) you’ll need to use to create your product.

Just jot down everything that fits this category:

  • Skills
  • Essential Educational Prerequisites
  • Experience
  • Workplace expectations
  • Everyday Responsibilities
  • It is preferable to use a bulleted list format rather than a wall of text when describing your experience and the position’s specific requirements.
  • Skills and certifications can be broken down into “must-haves” and “good to have(s).”
  • Duty Hours
  • Conduct extensive interviews remotely.

Having a thorough interview is essential when recruiting someone from another country. However, comprehensive interviews can take a lot of time; therefore, performing some sort of preliminary screening of applicants may be worthwhile. Many sites provide pre-screening options for users. Eliminating applicants who don’t meet the minimal competence level using a thorough coding test can save time.

After you have narrowed down your pool of potential candidates, doing a virtual interview with them through a platform like Zoom/ Google Meet will allow you to evaluate how well they communicate and whether they will mesh well with the rest of your team. If you have already tested the applicants, conducting a live technical interview is still recommended to verify the test findings’ accuracy. Observing the candidates’ performance in a real-world setting is still recommended.

Though technical proficiency is crucial, looking for candidates with strong interpersonal skills is equally important. People working closely with the new developer should be invited to the interview. A lack of compatibility between a candidate and your team can cause unnecessary delays.

  • Make sure you set realistic financial goals.

While it’s true that Indian developers are far less expensive to hire than their American counterparts, the savings are sometimes not as significant as one might expect. When budgeting for a developer hire, it’s important to remember that salaries aren’t the only cost to consider. Keep this in mind as you conduct interviews for software development positions; Indian developers often seek a salary raise of at least 30 percent when making a career switch.

Expect to pay between one-third and one-half as much as you would for local developers. That should be plenty of a safety net to cover any unforeseen costs you may run into.

Platforms That Provide You Assistance in Hiring Indian Developers  

The following are a few platforms where you can look for remote developers in India. .  

  • Job boards.

Similar to the United States, you can use online job boards to find developers. This is perhaps the most time-consuming approach. You’ll have to take care of everything related to locating, recruiting, and integrating the developers on your own.

  • Search Engines    

One of the easiest ways of finding something today is to Google it. The same method applies to remote developers. A simple search on any search engine will provide you with a list of many Indian remote developers.  

Just type in “remote developers in India” into Google’s search bar, and the search engine’s algorithms will return the most relevant companies or platforms. You may even narrow down your search results by entering a particular geographic location (India, in this case).  

Companies That Offer Outsourcing Services.

It’s possible that hiring an outsourcing firm might be preferable to establishing your own offshore facility. With the help of an outsourcing firm, you may find and bring on only the skilled workers you require. Contrary to offshoring, you need not have a physical presence in India or hire locals to work full-time for business.

When you don’t know how many developers you’ll need or for how long, outsourcing can be a cost-effective solution. If you are having problems hiring tech talent for your present team, this may also be a smart alternative to consider to fill in any existing gaps.

  • Gaper

Brimming with the best experts in software development, Gaper is the right place to hire experienced software developers. It is particularly suitable for startups looking to outsource their development services. The software engineers are well-versed with programs such as JavaScript, React Native, Python, Node, etc. There are hundreds of remote developers from all around the world. In addition to that, Gaper is a very cost-effective option for startups.  

  • Dev.To      

Dev.To is a popular online community for remote developers. Hundreds of thousands of developers come together on this platform to exchange resources, solve problems, and stay updated with the latest developments. Developers can also be found here.   

  • Rekrut India    

Rekrut’s profound expertise, pioneering solutions, vast network, and patented technology help firms improve their human capital in today’s fast-paced environment.   

They have established a Center of Excellence, a benchmark for industry recruiting capabilities and specialized hiring skills, thanks to their thorough knowledge of business and functional requirements. Rekrut can deliver solutions at a pace that few can match across a wide range of functions and levels.   

  • Indeed India

Indeed India, like its American counterpart, allows advertisers to directly interact with job searchers. Basic job postings are free; however, you can pay to boost your exposure by sponsoring the post.

  • Upwork     

Companies searching for Indian remote developers often turn to Upwork. You can find several types of tech expertise on Upwork, whether you are looking for independent professionals to shorten or speed up the development process or looking for tech specialists to add new functionality to your existing applications. Microsoft, Airbnb, Nasdaq, and many other notable companies rely on Upwork to meet their remote development needs.  

Why Choose Gaper to Hire Indian Developers?

While it’s true that outsourcing development work to India or another country has its benefits, it’s essential to keep in mind the many factors that must be taken into account. Cultural barriers, finding skilled developers, managing currency fluctuations, and adhering to new labor regulations might all feel impossible.

Gaper simplifies the process of discovering the top remote software engineers. Our platform streamlines the process of locating and recruiting top-tier engineering professionals worldwide. Our programmers have been thoroughly vetted to ensure they possess the necessary expertise. In addition, we provide a trial period so that you can try us out without any commitment or financial risk.

We collaborate with you to tailor an experience to the needs of your team. You’ll be able to concentrate on running your company while caring for their own professional and mental well-being. Reach out to our team to learn more about how our company may assist you in recruiting Indian developers to work remotely.

Wrapping Up

Hiring the right staff is critical for any firm, but it is especially vital for small businesses. You should utilize all the resources to find an employee who will be an asset, rather than a burden, to your business. 

As a result, many businesses now outsource their work to India. Tens of thousands of Indian firms cater to the outsourcing needs of American companies. Developers in India can help you expand your business’s reach, create products more quickly, and give reliable support at a cheaper cost than you’d find anywhere else without having to compromise on the quality.

If you were on the fence about hiring Indian developers to build your products, we hope this guide has dispelled any such reservations.

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