Hiring Developers in the US: Evaluating Costs, Skills, Demand, and Supply (Updated 2023)
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Hiring Developers in the US: Evaluating Costs, Skills, Demand, and Supply (Updated 2023)

This article guides the reader about hiring software developers in the US. It also elaborates on important aspects of the developer hiring process.

The Economic and Business Landscape of the US

In early 2020, there had been a significant decline in the US economy. The COVID pandemic has made a noticeable impact on businesses in the US and worldwide.  According to IMF reports, the US has the sixth-highest per capita GDP in the world. 

Some dominating industries include technology, software development, health, and retail. The unemployment rate went down from 2020 to the end of 2021, according to balance.com. However, at the same, the rising oil prices have pushed the economy into an uncomfortable position yet again. The increasing rate of inflation has created a negative impact on businesses. Again, founders have no other option but to rethink their work approach.

Tech Startups and Companies in the US

According to CompTIA, the US is the largest tech market in the world. However, the current situation has been a mix of “layoffs” and rising costs. Yet, the tech industry continues to grow. As businesses readjust to current circumstances, the demand for website developers and mobile app programmers has increased. 

Also, COVID-19 and its effects have significant developments in cybersecurity, cloud sharing, and the internet of things. Hence, virtual platforms that provide software engineers, from senior-level software developers to junior programmers, are becoming the choice for many businesses.

Tech startups in North America are constantly working on new products. These booming businesses make the US a hub of software engineers. From WordPress developers to back-end developers, you can find all sorts of IT experts. 

  • Fintech

Current Number of fintech startups in the US: 10,755

Newswire estimates the worth of the Fintech market to be roughly USD 112.5 billion by the end of 2021. Studies predict that it will reach a valuation of 300 billion by 2028. The US authorities have been actively promoting fintech innovation, encouraging its development. Due to the pandemic, and the current economic landscape, fintech has more users than in 2021.

  • Healthtech

Current Number of health-tech startups in the US: 30,000

One cannot ignore that the COVID pandemic played a crucial role in boosting the health-tech industry. The patient community needed medical care to be more accessible, and health tech paved the way.

  • Edtech

Current Number of ed-tech startups in the US: 1615

The number of ed-tech investments is increasing, creating many employment opportunities. During 2020-2021, schools’ usage of digital tools increased by 52%. (The Journal) Online learning has also proven to be a more beneficial yet cost-effective solution for older students.

IT and Tech Education in the US

With the onset of the fifth industrial revolution and technological advances, the nature of the job market is changing rapidly. Technology education is not only limited to STEM curriculum and software engineering skills. It equips students with soft skills they can use in the professional world.

As an aspiring software developer, finding a course that teaches the latest technological developments is vital. STEM education gives individuals the background they need to take up computer science. However, it is not a necessity. There are several software engineer training programs available online.

  • Beginners start with a fundamental coding language such as HTML or Python.
  • A coding boot camp provides entry-level software engineers with the skills they need 
  • There needs to be specialized software development training according to the software programmer’s interest, for example, blockchain developer training, full-stack developer training, etc.
  • Learning software engineering tools such as GitHub can build a developer’s resume.
  • A master’s degree can be a great option to land a highly-paid job and take your academic background to the next level. However, software developer skills are equally important.

Software Developer Salary in the US

Software engineer salary in the US typically ranges from USD 45,900 to 145,000 USD. (Salaryexplorer.com) Factors that determine software engineer pay scale include experience, portfolio, skills, location, etc. 

Java developer salary in the US

A java developer in the United States typically makes 98,100 USD per year. This amount is the average yearly salary which includes benefits such as housing.

  • Senior java developer salary: 134,000 to 154,000 USD per year
  • Junior java developer salary: 55,100 to 78,100 USD per year

Python developer salary in the US

The average Python developer’s salary in the US is 94,700 USD. It can go up to 151,000 USD per year for experienced python engineers.

  • Senior Python developer salary: 120,000 to 140,000 USD per year
  • Junior Python developer salary: 49,400 to 66,000 USD per year

PHP developer salary in the US

The average Php developer salary in 2022 in the US is 79,500 USD per year.  Half of the people in PHP development are earning less than 73,100.

  • Senior PHP developer salary: 98,000 to 115,000 USD per year
  • Junior PHP developer salary: 49,900 to 63,600 USD per year

Mobile app developer salary in the US

For mobile app engineers, the average base salary is 99,412 USD annually. 

  • Senior mobile app developer salary: 98,000 to 117,000 USD per year
  • Junior mobile app developer salary: 72,000 to 88,000 USD per year

Web developer salary in the US

An average web developer working in the US makes approximately 83,000 USD per year.

  • Senior web developer salary: 104,000 to 122,000 USD per year
  • Junior web developer salary: 43,000 to 83,000 USD per year

Full-stack developer salary in the US

The average full-stack app developer salary in the US is $79 870 annually. An experienced Full Stack Software Developer with 10-19 years of experience can earn an average of $105,561.

  • Senior full-stack developer salary: 94000 to 106 000 USD per year
  • Junior full-stack developer salary: 66,000 to 76,000 USD per year

Blockchain developer salary in the US

Block development is one of the most rapidly rising professional fields. The median blockchain developer salary in the USA is $145,000 per year.

  • Senior blockchain developer salary: 150,000 to 180,000 USD per year
  • Junior blockchain developer salary: 121,000 to 140,000 USD per year

Remote software engineer salary in the US

The average salary of a remote software engineer in the US is 125,000$ annually. New York remote software engineers can earn the highest salaries, going up to 149,974 $ per year. Recently, many companies have started to post freelance coding jobs with the help of virtual job boards.

  • Senior software developer salary: 130,000 to 161,142 USD per year
  • Junior software developer salary: 104,994 to 120,000 USD per year

Software Developer Jobs In The US

According to US News, an estimated 405,900 job openings for software developers will be available after 2022. The United States of America is a multiverse of job opportunities in software engineering. Some industries are undergoing rapid advancement, thus increasing the number of job posts available for software engineers in the US.

  • Retail

Retailers are looking for very specific software development skills. For them, not only their article but how they present it through various channels is highly important. The software engineer needs to understand the nature of the consumer in order to create a product that works according to market needs. Mobile app developers, as well as skilled DevOps engineers, are in high demand.

  • IT services

IT services are always on the lookout for software developers in the US. Positions can be entry-level software engineers, junior developers, and even senior software engineers. Opportunities provided by these business firms benefit young software developers because the company wants to evolve its skills according to their requirements.

  • Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence

LinkedIn studies show that machine learning engineering is the fourth fastest-growing job in the US. The tech industry is transitioning – automation, online tools, and artificial intelligence are replacing repetitive tasks. Therefore, job openings for machine learning engineers in the US are increasing day by day. 

  • Cybersecurity

According to recent data by Cyberseek.org, there were approximately 500,000 open jobs related to cybersecurity, between April 2020 and March 2021. The need for cybersecurity engineers and cloud security experts will only increase. As technology progresses, cybercriminals are becoming more creative. Therefore, it is crucial to keep company assets and sensitive information protected at all times.

  • Demand for US software engineers

Therefore, the US has 3 times the number of startups than its other nine competitors. (Startup Ranking) This includes India as well as the UK. Plus, the vast majority of these startups are in North America. The best states for hiring software engineers in the US are Washington, California, Oregon, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts.

With this pattern of growth and economic hurdles, there is a need for skilled remote software developers. This is because companies would hire software engineers that work remotely instead of training new staff.

The US Business Formation Statistics (BFS) states that the number of business applications has been steadily increasing since the previous decade. The United States is the leading country in the number of startups (71,153)

 Software engineer supply

In 2021, US employers put out advertisements for more than 300,000 tech positions in June alone, according to CompTIA.  Besides Silicon Valley, San Jose, Seattle, Austin, and Atlanta have a pool of talented software engineers.  

The data by Evan’s data corporation states that the US has the highest number of software developers in the world. The number is 4.3 billion. This piece of data shows that a business can find any type of developer. From entry-level software engineers to experienced coders, there is a range of options to choose from.

Hire Developers From the US

Online social networks such as LinkedIn are great for networking, checking professional profiles, and thus hiring remote software engineers. As mentioned above, the USA has become a hub of tech startups. 

Online platforms shorten the hiring process and thus save recruiters from the hassle of sifting through heaps of resumes. Virtual job boards such as Gaper provide startups with the best remote software engineers.

Gaper is a marketplace for the most vetted software engineers worldwide. It helps to bridge the gap between software experts and startups. Through Gaper, an organization can hire the most capable software developers in the US. Gaper’s software engineer community consists of software engineers across the globe. 

To become a part of Gaper, software engineers must pass a series of assessments. This includes a technical exam and a language test. Hiring software engineers in the US was never easier than this. Plus, our software experts are team players and excellent in communication.

 What makes our software engineers stand out?

Our US software engineers are excellent at communication. Besides being coding experts, they are skilled in fostering a solid professional relationship with the client. This makes our US software developers stand out.

Secondly, our software engineers get an opportunity to learn from Gaper’s coding boot camps. This gives them the background and skills they need to work with each client.


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