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How to Become an iOS Developer: Learning iOS Development

A beginner's guide on how to become an iOS developer and learn iOS development so you can build applications that work on Apple's devices and ecosystem.

Did you ever ask yourself? How long can you survive without your mobile phone? It shows how technology has become a prominent part of our daily routines. Our mobile phones are much more than a device for communication, they have become a must-have accessory. 

To some people, owning a high-quality mobile phone is a must. Most of us know about Apple devices, and the perks the brand offers to its users. According to, iPhones have a 65% share of smartphone sales in the US. In this article, we will cover how to become an iOS developer in detail.

What is iOS app development?

It refers to making mobile applications compatible with Apple hardware and products. Apple iOS is an operating system for Apple mobile devices such as iPad, Apple iPhone, etc. 

Steve Jobs introduced the Apple iPhone in 2007. The Apple iOS operating system debuted along with the first iPhone model. The iPhone became the talk of the town, and Apple managed to sell 1.4 million iPhones just ten months after its release.

With iOS app development or mobile app development, two features set them apart from other types of application development. They depend on a network connection function. Secondly, the client-server model makes the iOS app take up less space.

What is an iOS developer?

iOS developers are software engineers who build iOS apps for mobiles that work on Apple’s operating system. iOS app programmers are experts in Apple iOS operating system.  

Therefore, an iOS developer is well-versed in iOS mobile application coding. iOS developers are also involved in the design of mobile apps. 

US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that software developer employment will grow by 22% from 2020 to 2030. These statistics show how more companies will start looking for an Apple ios engineer that matches their requirements.

iOS Developer Roles and Responsibilities

Did you ever wonder? What is the software job description for an iOS developer? Every role has its iOS developer requirements, demands, and expectations. 

Rather than making a rushed decision, it is always better to do research. Talk to professionals, explore online communities and then formulate a plan of action. In this section, we will cover iOS developer job duties and roles. 

  • iOS developer job duties
  • Writing clean and efficient code for iOS
  • Design and make applications for Apple iOS mobiles, iPads, iTouch, etc. 
  • Researching and recommending improvements and modifications for apple mobile devices
  • Application testing and checking the performance of iOS mobile apps
  • Checking for errors and fixing bugs to ensure application safety
  • Publishing the application on the app store
  • Following software development standards and best practices with unit testing
  • Should be able to use GitHub and project management software
  • Working with external data sources and APIs
  • Collaborating with team members to work out solutions

iOS Developer Skills

If you are an aspiring iOS app programmer, you should have software engineer knowledge and skills that can help you land a good job. 

  • Entry-level iOS developer
  • Working with different Apple devices
  • Some experience with ios app programming or mobile app development
  • Should be able to research on latest technology trends
  • A degree of bachelor of computer and information sciences or technical school diploma
  • The candidate should be a team player
  • An entry-level iOS programmer should know Apple Human Interface Guidelines. 
  • Should be familiar with Xcode and Git source control
  • Junior iOS developer
  • Writing code using objective C, and should be familiar with Swift software development
  • Experience with iOS frameworks, minimum of at least a year of experience
  • Know-how of Apple’s design principles
  • Some experience in unit testing
  • Checking the responsiveness and performance of applications
  • Familiarity with UX/UI
  • Making use of API as well as standard libraries
  • Researching on top upcoming technologies and tech tools
  • Knowledge about mobile development lifecycle
  • Minimum one-year experience in publishing iOS apps
  • Senior iOS developer
  • Making new mobile apps according to customer needs and feedback
  • Coordinating with other departments to develop company products
  • Implementation of guidelines and safety procedures 
  • Database design for iPhones
  • Review development plans and deal with senior management
  • Researching current technology trends and working with designers
  • Should not be scared to lead a team and take responsibility
  • Creation of web base server application using Javascript language and PHP
  • Collaborating with the quality assurance department
  • Unit testing for a range of Apple mobile products

iOS Developer Salaries

iOS Developer Salary Rates in the US

The average yearly salary for an iOS developer is 99,500 dollars. iOS developers make the most in San Francisco, New York, and Los Angeles when the number of tech startups remains high.

  • Junior iOS developer salary in the US: 52,700 to 99,500 dollars per year
  • Senior  iOS developer salary in the US: 100,000 to 151,000 dollars per year

iOS Developer Salary Rates in the UK

According to, the average yearly salary for an iOS developer is 78,200 GBP per year. The rates of iOS developer salaries remain high in London and Manchester.

  • Junior iOS developer salary in the UK: 39,000 GBP to 78,000 GBP per year
  • Senior  iOS developer salary in the UK: 80,000 GBP to 122,000 GBP per year

iOS Developer Salary Rates in Canada

An iOS developer in Canada can make up to 121,000 Canadian dollars in a year. The cities most concentrated in tech startups include Calgary, Toronto, and Ottawa.

  • Junior iOS developer salary in Canada: 66,000 CAD to 120,000 CAD per year
  • Senior  iOS developer salary in Canada: 121,000 CAD to 183,000 CAD per year

iOS Developer Salary Rates in Germany

The average iOS developer salary in Germany is approximately 530 Euros per month. This amount adds up to  64,000 Euros per year. Berlin, Munich, and Hamberg have the most ios developer openings.

  • Junior iOS developer salary in Germany: 50,000 CAD to 60,000 Euros per year
  • Senior  iOS developer salary in Germany: 70,000 CAD to 81,000 Euros per year

iOS Developer Salary Rates in Russia

An iOS developer in Russia makes up to 1 560 592 ₽ (RUB) per year. Moscow, Kazan, and Saint Petersburg are the best options for finding jobs for an ios mobile developer.

  • Junior iOS developer salary in Russia: 73,3000 RUB to 1,500,000 RUB per year
  • Senior  iOS developer salary in Russia: 1,500,000 CAD to 2,220,000 Euros per year

iOS Developer Salary Rates in Australia

The average base salary for an iOS developer is 102,000 AUD per year. An entry-level iOS developer makes 101,658 AUD per year.

  • Junior iOS developer salary in Australia:  54,100 AUD to 100, 000 AUD per year
  • Senior  iOS developer salary in Australia: 102, 000 AUD to 150, 000 AUD per year

Become an iOS Developer: A Guide for Beginners

Before deciding to learn iOS development, you need to ensure you are on the right track. Refrain from making haphazard decisions. For many companies, developing apps for ios has become a way of growing their customer base.

Hence businesses are actively looking to invest in dedicated iOS developers. Recently, the popularity of outsourcing software development projects has increased. This is where online hiring platforms such as Gaper bridge the gap. 

Gaper is a marketplace for the best software developers from across the globe. Gaper has a community of top software developers in the world. Hence, it is an excellent option for a freelance ios developer to look for remote job opportunities.

Start from scratch

Only take a decision, once you are 100% sure or sure for the most part. Mobile app development is a field that is rapidly developing. Statista states that By 2025, mobile apps will generate over 613 billion U.S. dollars in revenue.

Therefore, a mobile app developer career is worthwhile since the need for iOS apps will only become more. The first step should be research-based. LinkedIn is a source for looking up iOS developer profiles. Remember to consider these questions before searching for iOS developer courses.

  • Why do you want to become an iOS developer?
  • Do you know any iOS developers?
  • Are you ready to take the iOS developer career path?
  • What inspired you to do this?
  • Do you have an idea of the pros and cons of becoming an iPhone app programmer?
  • Is your academic background enough to consider learning iOS development?
  • Do you have patience with iOS app coding?

Check your equipment

Your computer will be your main working tool. Therefore, you have to ensure that it can withstand app development software for android and ios. Setting up a development environment is an integral part of the iOS development learning process. 

  • For building iOS apps, one should have a Mac computer 
  • The computer system should have the latest version of Xcode
  • You should not forget that Xcode is the only way to develop iOS apps
  • You can download Xcode from the Mac app store
  • Explore the tools and technologies included in the iOS software development kit
  • Experiment with the iOS simulator app (found in Xcode) to learn more about iOS programming

Apply for Courses: iOS App Development for Dummies

iOS app development courses will teach you the skills and knowledge needed to become an iOS developer. Without knowing how to use relevant programming languages, it is impossible to become an iOS developer. Coursera courses and Udemy online courses can be quite valuable for teaching iOS development.


Swift is an open-source programming language. The design was by Apple and was launched in 2014 to speed up the iOS app development process.

A Swift programming course can be helpful because it works according to the needs of new coders. Listed below are some reasons why you should learn Swift programming.

  • The incorporation of LLVM technology results in faster speed and better performance
  • Swift code is clear and concise.
  • The Swift application programming interface is easy to read.
  • It is easier to learn and ideal for beginner programmers
  • Swift has more support for managing errors
  • It offers a higher security level
  • Memory management and safety help to manage the app’s memory usage
  • Swift has one of the best online communities, it has many resources, tools, etc. 
  • It offers more advanced functionality. An example is dynamic libraries
  • There is no license fee for Swift

Objective -C

Objective -C programming language has been around since the 1980s. Made by Brad Cox and Tom Love, it remained the standard programming language for macOS for a long time. 

Objective -C programming language is still the most used language at Apple. Obj -C can code applications for any Apple device, from Mac, and iPhone to Apple watch. Let us learn about some Objective -C benefits.

  • Objective -C is well-tested
  • It can support older versions of iOS and macOS
  • Objective -C does not need updates regularly
  • It is compatible with the C++ programming language
  • Objective -C has a large number of libraries available online
  • There is a memory management feature that removes objects that you don’t need during program execution.
  • The user community is experienced and quite diverse
  • The dynamic typing feature helps to simplify code
  • It is not difficult to learn
  • The language has been around for a long time – compilers are mature and stable.

Do a test run

Do not wait for course assessments to confuse you. With knowledge of ios programming fundamentals, you can start working on your project. Here are some tips to guide you through the process.

  • Start practicing right away, do not wait to master it all.
  • Gradually build your project idea
  • Record it as a wireframe
  • Remember to practice every day – this statement applies to most fields, especially coding!
  • Do not hesitate to test out different methods and techniques
  • You can find a suitable software developer community on Reddit, Quora, Facebook and Stackoverflow
  • Create a portfolio of past projects of internships, school, development courses, and Github projects.

Apply for iOS Jobs!

Do not waste your time procrastinating. Start the job search process. 

  • Look for job openings on social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook communities
  • Check online hiring platforms such as Gaper and Freelancer.
  • Create an account, fill in your information, and add your work experience
  • Subscribe to updates if necessary
  • Remain vigilant when it comes to checking for iOS developer job offers


What are the requirements to become an iOS Developer?

Listed below are the requirements needed to become an iOS developer.

  • Working with different Apple devices including Apple mobiles, Apple ipads, etc.
  • Some experience with ios app programming or mobile app development
  • Should be able to research on latest technology trends
  • A degree of bachelor of computer and information sciences or technical school diploma
  • The candidate should be a team player
  • An entry-level iOS programmer should know Apple Human Interface Guidelines. 
  • Should be familiar with Xcode and Git source control

What is the average salary of an iOS developer?

There is no doubt that the demand for hiring iOS developers is increasing around the world. The United States is one of the most prominent centers of growing technology. The average iOS developer salary in the US is 99,500 USD per year. The amount can also change according to experience, location, and work hours. 

Are iOS developers in demand?

Yes, iOS developers are very much in demand. Apple is much more than a company for tech devices, it is a brand name everyone wants to own. According to Android Authority, the iPhone now beats Android when it comes to the US market.

In the US, it beat Android technology in numbers. This was a ground-breaking year for Apple iPhones especially due to iPhone 13 pro max introduction.

Should I learn iOS in 2022?

Yes, this would be the right time to practice and learn iOS development. According to, iPhones have a 65% share of smartphone sales in the US. Many companies are looking to hire freelance ios developers.

The first reason behind this is how much people rely on their mobile phones. This means that businesses are willing to invest in iOS mobile apps. Developing mobile apps is another way to expand the customer base. 

How can I learn iOS development for free?

Yes, Udemy is offering an iOS app development course for beginners. Plus, the internet is full of coding tutorials, online coding practice lessons, and videos for aspiring iOS developers to work on their programming skills. 

How long does it take to become an iOS developer?

Learning the fundamentals of iOS development can take anywhere from three months to a year. On the other hand, a bachelor’s degree could add another four years to the process. The extent of your familiarity with relevant technologies is another consideration that will affect your timeline.

Is iOS development a promising career?

Being an iOS Developer has many benefits, including high demand for developers, compensation and benefits, and creatively challenging tasks that provide opportunities to participate in various projects.

Which language is best for iOS app development?

Swift. Since its release, Swift has been one of the most widely used languages for developing Apple’s mobile and desktop operating systems (iOS, iPadOS, macOS, WatchOS, and itvOS). Introduced by Apple in 2014 as an alternative to Objective C, Swift has seen widespread adoption among iOS programmers ever since.

Learn iOS Fundamentals and Get Started on Your iOS Developer Career.

The path to becoming an iOS developer is not an easy one. Learning to do something well requires a substantial investment of time, energy, and focus. The good news is that you can find plenty of tools, such as training classes, to aid you on your journey to being the developer you aspire to be. If you want to show potential employers that you have the skills they’re looking for, enrolling in various widely available iOS Certification training courses is a great choice. Spending time learning the abilities mentioned above will put you on the path to realizing the many benefits that working as an iOS developer can provide.

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