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How to Hire Developers in New York

Hiring talent solely from New York is an even greater task now. It is filled to the brim with ginormous corporations and software startups, however, is the city’s market as good as it once was? Let's find out.

With the New York tech scene growing, you may be one of many businesses considering hiring a developer. You should be aware that while the role has significantly changed in recent years, exceptional great software developers still possess the same traits. These experts have excellent programming abilities, a laser-like focus on the task at hand, and that dash of inventiveness that allows them to come up with intricate solutions to challenging issues. 

One key thing that you should acknowledge is that hiring software engineers has become more of a global task, rather than being tied down to a single country. Hiring talent solely from New york is an even greater task now. New york is filled to the brim with ginormous corporations and software startups, however, is the city’s market as good as it once was? Let’s find out.

Supply and Demand in New York

New York has seen a significant rise in software jobs since many Silicon Valley startups and giants have opened offices in the city. They encourage engineers from all over the country to participate in improving the current shortage in the supply of engineers. It is a very well-known fact that there has never been a higher rate of investment in technology across all industries, however, the supply of technically skilled developers hasn’t kept up. 

In fact, New York is one of the few locations where the demand for software expertise has outpaced the supply since the turn of the century. Therefore, it is even harder to find a highly competent software engineer in New york, who is willing to work for you, due to a highly competitive market. 

The demand has very strong, considering Nvidia, Adobe, Dell, and many other conglomerates are based in New york. Thus, it is very important for an employer to understand the competitive salaries offered to these developers.

Tech Firms in New York

New York has an abundance of Technology affiliated companies. Here are some of the best firms currently hiring in New York:


Nvidia is, by far, one of the world’s most recognizable and leading manufacturers of Graphic Processing Units and system in a chip units.

The brand is renowned for its contributions to the gaming industry, as well as the automotive and mobile computing sectors. In 2020, they revealed their plans to acquire Arm Ltd. from Softbank. This deal was recognized as the largest semiconductor acquisition in the history of the global market. 


It is an enterprise cloud computing software organization that focuses on customer relationship management. Their services also include marketing automation, growth analytics, and application development 

It’s an excellent tech business to work for in NYC since Salesforce pays its software engineers an average salary of $125,126 annually.


Vmware is a leading tech business in NYC and a global leader in cloud computing and virtualization. The company’s virtualization of the 8086 microservices architecture is extensively praised throughout the industry. 

They also provide enterprise software solutions with the help of their software Hypervisor. Hypervisor can function independently without an underlying operating system. VMware is one of the best tech companies in NYC to work for especially if you’re looking to work in virtualization, cloud computing, and enterprise software. The average software engineer salary at Salesforce is $125,126 per year. 


Twitter is one of the most well-known social networking and microblogging platforms worldwide. It undoubtedly rates among the top tech firms for software engineers to work for in New York City given that it has an office there. Twitter is a favourite among the top tech businesses in New York because of its fascinating workplace and engaging work culture.

The average software engineer salary at Twitter is $143,758 per year.


One of the most well-known real estate and construction management firms in the US is Procore. It has a great workplace culture, which promotes initiative and diligence, makes it one of the top mid-sized tech businesses in NYC for software engineers.

It provides construction management software as a service and was established in 2002.


The former Transferwise, and now Wise, was created by Taavet Hinrikus, the first employee of Skype.  He established the financial services and remittance business in London in 2011. The business has had significant growth over the past few years and currently ranks among the best IT companies in NYC for software engineers working for mid-sized businesses. It provides construction management software as a service and was established in 2002.


One of the select few businesses with a Glassdoor rating of 5/5. SeatGeek is an all in one ticket booking app and website. When it was established in 2009, it may have been the only sports ticketing business that placed a strong emphasis on improving the fan experience. It enables users to purchase and sell tickets for important sporting, entertainment, concert, and theatrical events.

SeatGeek certainly ranks among the top IT businesses in New York City for software engineers when it comes to the best organisations in the industry. At SeatGeek, compensation for software engineers range from $70,000 to $136,000.


Dell is one of the most well-known corporations in the United States. Due to its excellent workplace culture, the company has frequently been included in lists of the greatest tech companies in New York City.

The company’s main products include laptops, servers, HDTVs, peripherals, network switches, and data storage devices. It also makes, sells, and repairs computer gear. In addition, Dell offers software for a range of electronic devices.

Dell pays its software engineers an average yearly compensation of $98,665.


Paypal is a an American conglomerate and renowned international banking service agency that is known for fast online banking services. It is the brainchild of the one and only Elon Musk. Users and businesses can send money online with Paypal’s online wallet through its financial payments service. 

In the same year that PayPal went public in 2002, eBay acquired full ownership of the company. Due to its dynamic culture and working environment, the organisation is among the best in NYC for software engineers.

Paypal pays software developers an average annual salary of $127,610.


Bloomberg is one of the top media, software, financial, and data companies worldwide. Through its main division, Bloomberg Terminal, the company offers its clients enterprise applications, financial software tools, analytics, trading platform services, and media services.

At Bloomberg, a software engineer makes an annual compensation of $159,518. Bloomberg is a fantastic IT business in NYC if a developer is interested in making a contribution to the finance and media industries.

Salaries in New York

A software engineer in New York City, whose base pay ranges from $53,383 to $158,500 annually, works for a number of years until stopping at a median wage of $102,450. The median compensation for a software development engineer in New York City is $102,450 per year; this figure represents the midpoint of their annual wages.

In New York City, software engineers can work in a wide range of positions. Some software engineers specialise in one area of the industry, such as the creation of tools for software automation. Other engineers work in sectors like instructional design or systems support. Some programmers create mobile apps and web applications. Many software developers work on both front-end and back-end projects (these are usually referred to as full stack engineers).

You can utilise a search by the employer feature on websites that compare salaries to discover a rating by industry. In order for a software engineer to easily determine whether they would be ahead of or behind the company at which they plan to work. For instance, a software engineer in New York City who works for Google earns $231,600 more year (at 20% commission). It is only about $10,000 more a year and doesn’t overwhelm them if they choose to relocate and work at Amazon ($105K), which has fierce competition.

-Platforms to hire developers from with a focus on Gaper and a link to our alternatives articles

Hiring Platforms

Nowadays, it is more common to outsource software developers than actually go through the hiring process yourself. In spite of disagreements on how, and whether it is worthwhile to outsource software development, the market for IT outsourcing reached $66.52 billion in 2019. Therefore, do you ignore outsourcing, or is it a great potential that you are not fully utilising?

Outsourcing is quicker and less expensive than in-house development because it eliminates the requirement for office space rental, infrastructure setup, and professional team formation.

Here are some of the best software developer recruiting sites:


Flexjobs is an online site specialises in flexible and remote employment options, including full-time, part-time, and freelance jobs. There are numerous diverse professions, from teaching and training to writing and journalism.

Every job listed on the website is authenticated by Flexjobs. All job listings are examined and screened, and fraudsters and imposters are removed. Unlike other online job boards, this freelance website doesn’t feature any advertisements on its page.

A subscription is required for users to search for freelance opportunities. There are four alternatives available, with prices beginning at $6.95 each week. Unlimited job listings, a customised work portfolio, career advice, and cost-free skills testing are all included with every subscription. Customers can conveniently use a credit card, prepaid card, or Paypal to pay for prescriptions through Flexjobs.

The 30-day satisfaction guarantee offered by Flexjobs ensures that customers will receive a return if they are not satisfied with the service.


Toptal is the freelance platform for you if you’re a top-performing finance specialist, designer, or software engineer with a grasp of the English language. Toptal links independent contractors with businesses looking for top talent. You can use Toptal to discover hourly, full-time, or part-time work. If you’re a highly talented freelancer who has experience working on high-profile projects, it’s ideal.

Toptal markets itself as a tool for locating the top 3% of independent contractors. Only a small portion of the hundreds of entries they receive each month are accepted due to their rigorous screening process. They stand out from the abundance of other freelance employment sites by virtue of their exclusivity.

It can seem difficult to get accepted, but if you do, you’ll have the chance to work with some well-known brands; just a few of the businesses that have used Toptal to find designers are Airbnb, Duolingo, and Shopify.

You must successfully complete five parts of the screening process, beginning with a thorough English evaluation and concluding with a project review, in order to become a freelancer at Toptal. Once you’ve finished all the steps, you’ll have access to a selection of job ads from significant clients and businesses, such as Motorola and Airbnb. On the other hand, failing the test will put your application on wait for a while. is a brilliant outsourcing company  provides the top 1% of verified software engineers. And they only complete it in a day. The process is straightforward; customers only need to visit their website and click the “hire” button. carefully considers each client need and accompanies it with the developer who will best meet that want.

They also provide a two-week no-charge guarantee. Meaning that will find a different engineer for the client’s project if they feel the first engineer is not a good fit without charging them for the previous two weeks. Additionally, they work with providing engineering teams. Therefore, Gaper can make it happen if a corporation needs an entire team for their project rather than just one.

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