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How To Hire Django Developers

A guide to hiring Django Developers

Are you searching for a Django developer for your startup? With a multitude of options available online, the software developer hiring process can become tricky. Therefore, it might become hard to make the final decision. 

The candidate selection stage has to be dealt with with an organized approach. That is how one can find a Django developer that matches your company profile. 

What is Django?

It was created in 2003 by  Adrian Holovaty and Simon Willison. These two individuals were web programmers experimenting with Python to build a web application. The two programmers worked at Lawrence Journal-World newspaper. Django for professionals has become a preference over many other web development frameworks. It is Python-based, and it promotes clean design.

The concept behind Django was to make applications in a minimal amount of time. In short, it simplifies the hassles of web development.  According to a Stackoverflow developers survey,  55.28% of developers prefer the Django framework. It prevents security mistakes, making it a highly reliable python web framework.

What is a Django developer?

A Django developer is a software engineer who works with the Django framework. The focal responsibility is to build applications with the help of Django. At the same time, they need to keep checking the whole application development process. A Django developer should have practice in troubleshooting problems and addressing bugs. 

Django developer responsibilities

Before you hire a Django developer, you should understand their job duties. Before you hire a Django developer, you should be fully aware of their tasks. A Django developer job description comprises specific tasks. Many virtual hiring platforms are posting openings for Python Django developers. Now, let us talk about some duties that are a must for a Django developer career.

  • Selection of resources for every project
  • Monitor the development process and keep a check on each phase
  • Communication and working with front-end developers on UX design
  • Testing code and trying to minimize the risk of error
  • Integration of data storage solutions
  • Incorporating data security into the application
  • Work closely with the team and build client relations
  • Knowing how to maximize information system performance

Django developer qualifications 

According to, Django is amongst the top three in the list of the most backend frameworks in 2022. Therefore, the demand for Django developers remains high.  As a tech recruiter, one should know what qualifications make a candidate’s resume stand out.

  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science

Most software developers or coders earn a degree in computer science before taking the next step. Before pursuing their Bachelor’s, students study STEM subjects such as Mathematics and Physics. These subjects give them the background they need for an education in computer science.

During their Bachelor’s, students learn about data structures, algorithms, web development, and essential fundamentals of software engineering. Hence, it gives them the base they need to choose their tech-related interests.

  • Django developer courses

A suitable degree does strengthen your resume. However, being a software engineer is about an individual’s skill set. Websites such as Udemy have options such as Django Bootcamp and Django training.  A Django online course can act as a guidance channel for beginners. It can broaden a candidate’s perspective by equipping them with technical skills. Plus, a Django course can give them insight into the professional world. 

Consistency is key when it comes to online learning. Sometimes, a web development course might not be enough. Django tutorials can be beneficial in practicing how to code and clearing concepts. 

  • Python language

Django developer job openings are advertised as Django Python developer posts by many businesses. To understand Django better, the user should be familiar with the basics of python. With these concepts, it becomes easier to use Django.

Especially if a person is a programming beginner, experts recommend that they learn Python. According to, Python is the top programming language of 2022. Therefore, practicing Python can make all the difference. 

  • Master in computer science

A Master’s degree in computer science upgrades a software developer’s resume. It also demonstrates more academic knowledge. Eventually, it might assist the software engineer in landing a highly paid job. For an experienced Django developer, having a Master’s in computer science can certainly help.

Django developer qualities

As a startup looking to hire Django developers,  it is integral to know what kind of qualities match your company’s needs. With such an approach, it becomes simpler to compile software developer interview questions.

  • Junior Django developer

A software developer that has worked for 1-3 years would classify as a Junior Django developer. The nature of the workplace also defines an individual’s job. However, there are some technical skills that every Junior Django developer should have besides the ones that are mentioned above. 

  • Developing an end-to-end application with technologies like Python, Django, MySQL and using Python Libraries
  • Candidates should know about API and restful API
  • Understanding of cloud services
  • Knowing how to use GIT
  • They should know object-oriented programming
  • Participation in the requirement analysis phase
  • Candidates should be able to code versioning tools
  • Working with other developers and creating strategies
  • Devising solutions to address bugs and errors
  • Knowledge of the latest tech trends and web frameworks
  • Senior Django developer

Being a senior Django developer is more than just the right software developer skills. The ability to take responsibility and act as a mentor to younger team members is something enterprises are searching for.

  • At least 3 years of experience working as a Python developer and Django
  • Knowledge about front-end technologies
  • An ample amount of experience with software containerization (Docker)
  • Candidates should know about ORM (Object Relational Mapper) libraries
  • Experience with large-scale projects 
  • Proper understanding of coding on GIT
  • Build and scale distributed service-oriented systems
  • Debugging skills are a must
  • A Clear understanding of Object-Oriented and Functional programming
  • Django developer soft skills

After getting an overview of technical skills and work proficiency, it is mandatory to get an idea of the Django developer’s soft skills. 

  • Being a team player 
  • Effective communication and the willingness to keep the client in the loop
  • Punctuality is something that is valued by the workplace and clients
  • The ability to manage time and multi-task
  • Being able to take responsibility for errors and the interest to rectify them
  • Flexibility and motivation to learn something new
  • The willingness to abide by company rules and follow principles

Django developer salary rates

Determining the developer’s salary constitutes a prominent part of the hiring process. The average Django developer hourly rate is 62 dollars per hour in the US. The rate can vary due to location, experience, and in some cases, the academic background of the programmer. 

US Django developer salary 

According to, the average Django developer in the US makes $100,550. Since all Django developers must know Python, this increases their demand even more. Django developers earn the most in the city of Boston.

  • Junior Django developer salary in the US: 57,000 dollars to 98,000 dollars per year
  • Senior  Django developer salary in the US: 100,000 dollars to 154,000 dollars per year

United Kingdom Django developer salary states that the average salary for a Django developer in the UK is 67,000 pounds per year. Now, this rate may vary from city to city. 

  • Junior Django developer salary in the UK: 30,000 pounds to 67,000 pounds per year
  • Senior  Django developer salary in the UK: 68,000 pounds to 91,000 pounds per year

Django developer salary Canada

The average salary for a Django developer in Canada is 110,000 dollars per year. The cities of Toronto, Edmonton, Quebec, and Calgary have quite a lot of businesses that are searching for Django developers. 

  • Junior Django developer salary in Canada: 88,000 dollars to 100,000 dollars per year
  • Senior  Django developer salary in Canada: 110,000 dollars to 148,000 dollars per year

Django Developer Salary Australia

A Django developer can make a salary of 100,000 dollars in Australia. The type of industry also determines the salary of Django developers in Australia. 

  • Junior Django developer salary in Australia: 50,000 dollars to 100,000 dollars per year
  • Senior  Django developer salary in Australia: 100,000 dollars to 140,000 dollars per year

Django developer hiring guide

The hiring phase consists of several stages. When hiring a suitable web developer, abrupt decisions can be harmful. Therefore, the startup founder needs to follow an organized plan. 

Do your research

As a startup founder, you need to know what exactly are you looking for. Rather than beginning a haphazard search, one should define their requirements, project scope, future milestones, etc. Before proceeding to the next step, remember to address these pointers. 

  • What should be the Django developer’s experience?
  • What kind of a working model are you planning to follow i.e remote work, hybrid work, etc?
  • Remember to define your project budget.
  • Which channels are you considering to search for developers i.e online or an in-house job?
  • Creating the right candidate profile
  • Defining Django developer skills
  • Writing a software developer job description

Looking for job posting platforms

The number of virtual hiring platforms job hiring platforms has increased to a significant extent over the past couple of years. The COVID-19 pandemic had made its contribution to amplifying the number. A huge chunk of enterprises prefers to resort to online hiring. 

Websites such as Gaper act as a marketplace for software engineers.  At Gaper, you get access to a diverse pool of software developers from all around the globe. Our vetted software developer community consists of the most talented, hand-picked software engineers. 

  • Start searching for onboarding platforms 
  • Short-list your preferred choices for online onboarding platforms 
  • You can also take help from social media networks such as Facebook communities, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Go through Django developer profiles
  • Specify hourly rate, project scope, project objectives, and Django developer status. This will speed up your search. 
  • Make a list of Django developers you prefer

Choosing the right Django developer

Once you are done with the searching aspect, it is time to make the next move. There should be proper criteria to assess which candidate fits your needs and company motives. It is better to print a document to keep a record of interviews. Here is a list of questions you can ask during interviews. 

  • How does Django work?
  • How do you set up a database in Django?
  • How do you manage your time when there’s extra pressure?
  • What is the difference between Python and Django?
  • What are the advantages of Django?
  • Which project taught them the most?
  • What are the features available in the Django web framework?
  • What is the command to start Django’s built-in development server?
  • Mention what Django field class types.
  • Name some companies using Django. 


The Covid pandemic, rising fuel costs, and the overall inflation rates have affected the way companies work. Hence, businesses have been experimenting with methods and techniques to stay afloat. As a result of this, companies are transforming their recruiting strategies as well. Effective recruitment strategies and practices can result in a better choice of employees for the enterprise.

It is no surprise that the need for remote Django developers keeps growing. Thanks to online onboarding platforms, businesses can filter search options for software engineers according to the coding skills they are looking for.


  • What are some interview questions when hiring Django developers?

These interview questions are a must during the Django developer interview process.

How does Django work?

How do you set up a database in Django?

How do you manage your time when there’s extra pressure?

What is the difference between Python language and Django?

  • How much does a Django developer earn in the US?

The average Django developer in the US makes $100,550.

  • What are top Django developer qualities?

  1. Developing an end-to-end application with technologies like Python, Django, MySQL and using Python Libraries
  2. Candidates should be able to code versioning tools
  3. Debugging skills are a must
  • Does a Django developer need to know Python?

Apart from basic coding skills,  knowing python essentials surely helps Django developers in further improving their programming. A Python foundation course can boost the Django learning process for the student.


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