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How To Hire iOS Developers – Recruiter and Employer Guide for 2022

Finding talented iOS developers is not an easy task. Here is a compiled list of tips and different steps that you can take to help you in the process of hiring iOS developers.

Are you looking to hire iOS developers for your startup? There is no doubt that mobile applications have become a crucial part of our lives. Be it shopping, updating bank details, or even checking social media – in conclusion, mobile apps make the user experience much more interactive. 

For businesses, it provides them with an opportunity to make their product more accessible to customers. In addition, the product can become available to a large customer base. Mobile apps provide customers with a more personalized experience. 

Apple is a brand that has a loyal clientele. According to a recent report by Statista, the Apple app store has roughly 2.22 million available apps for iOS. Due to changing user needs, the number of apps has increased over the past decade.

To provide you with perfect answers and solutions to hiring iOS developers, we have compiled useful information to help you succeed in your goal.

Let’s begin!

What is an iOS developer?

An iOS developer creates applications for mobiles that use Apple’s operating system. Hence, they are experts in building applications on Apple’s iOS platform. In addition, as an Apple iOS programmer, the main goal is to assist companies in developing solutions with the help of iOS languages.

What iOS developer qualifications are needed?

Are you looking to hire a dedicated iOS developer? Knowing about the developer’s academic background is integral for a business founder or startup leader. Moreover, specific requirements must be fulfilled to hire iOS developers, specially dedicated iOS developers.

Moving on, since it is a growing career, multiple websites offer online iOS app development courses. The main question is what educational background is required to become an iOS programmer. In this section, we shall cover these aspects. 

Is a degree in computer science compulsory?

A degree in computer science gives an individual the background in science that needs to understand specific concepts. Hence, it can be helpful in the practical world. However, this does not compare to the know-how of iOS developer skills.

iOS App Development Courses

Knowing suitable programming languages is necessary to enter the professional world or work as a junior iOS developer. The two iOS programming languages are Swift and Objective – C. In fact, these coding languages are the backbone of building iOS applications.


Swift is an open-source programming language. After its introduction in 2014, Swift has assisted iOS app developers in making applications for all types of Apple products. In addition to that, the list consists of Mac, Apple iPad, Apple watches, etc. 


Objective-C is one of the main languages used by Apple to come up with iOS frameworks. This app is extraordinarily detail-oriented. Thus, it proves to be an excellent resource for app developers. Moreover, it is suitable for memory management.

iOS Developer Responsibilities

By the end of 2021, Apple managed to generate a revenue of $123.9 billion. Moreover, the brand continues to evolve its products and keeps its customers engaged. Potential clients or employers should comprehend the nature of these roles so that they can post a job opening.

Furthermore, being an iOS app programmer has some demands. Since it is a post based on expertise in Apple technologies, collaboration with other team members is a big part of the iOS app development process.

  • Reporting to tech lead, CTO, and product manager
  • Writing code compatible with iOS devices should work with Apple’s iOS platforms. 
  • They should understand and comprehend Apple’s design aesthetic. Knowing your target market and Apple user nature is a big plus.
  • We provide solutions to projects with assistance from iOS app coding languages, including Objective C and Swift.
  • It knows how to utilize Cocoa Touch – the application environment for building iOS software programs. 
  • Should be able to check the quality and the workings of an iOS mobile application
  • An iOS app developer should be able to identify errors and bugs. Hence, they should know how to resolve these technical issues. 
  • They should know how to publish apps on the app store
  • The creation of high-quality code that the developer can use again. 
  • Staying up-to-date with Apple technological updates and procedures
  • Participating in the complete iOS app lifecycle, from concept to designing and test stage.

Top iOS developer qualities

We are in a world where owning a particular mobile phone is also a statement. iPhone has specialized features that get users hooked. Now, who is responsible for creating all these interactive Apple iPhone applications? 

We already know the answer. To build, design, and execute an impressive app, the iOS mobile app developer must fully understand the technical and design aspect. Moreover, the HR manager can also assess some of these skills during the interviewing process. 

iOS programmer analytical skills

An expert iOS developer should have the knowledge and a comprehensive understanding of iOS frameworks. Apart from certification, a portfolio that reflects this adds to the iOS developer skill set. In short, it shows how they can apply what they’ve learned from past experiences to projects. 

Delivers on time

Punctuality tells us a lot about an individual’s level of commitment. The best iOS developers will realize the importance of meeting deadlines. iOS app development lifestyle is composed of so many stages. Additionally, each phase requires concentration and attention to detail. Therefore, a dedicated iOS programmer will understand this and try their best to end tasks according to deadlines.


One of those iOS app developer qualities distinguishes them from other candidates. Thinking with a creative approach does not only provide a range of solutions to problem-solving. In fact, it shows the individual’s capacity to improvise. Moreover, the ability to come up with innovative solutions also means that the developer can create unique apps in the future. 

Strong communication skills

An organized communication strategy is the backbone of a team. It drives the team members and plays a significant role in achieving project goals on time. An iOS developer has to work with many team members. In such a situation, it is essential to be vocal about errors, project goals, feedback, etc.

Cross-platform development

Being skilled in a single programming language is just not enough. The company hiring manager must look for diversity in knowledge. This quality showcases the developer’s ability to learn and develop their skills. Knowing other platforms enables programmers to understand the cons and develop their strengths.

Versatility is one of the best traits of a mobile app developer. Especially for iOS, developers must know how to make an application for any device. Such qualities would also distinguish them from other Apple app developers.

Sense of responsibility

Mistakes can happen. Issues take place when an individual does not take responsibility for them. As a result, this attitude can be harmful to the whole team. The sign of a dedicated iOS developer is that they do not shy away from recognizing their mistakes.

Such an approach is an indicator of problem-solving skills. It becomes easier to devise a solution to deal with the consequences.

iOS Developer Salary Rates in the US

Entry-level iOS developer salary

According to, the salary of an entry-level iOS programmer can range from $74000 to $94000. The average iOS developer salary in the United States is $83.572.

Junior iOS app developer salary 

An average iOS developer in the US can make up to $112,500. The best iOS developers that you can find in San Francisco can make up to $135,000. (Comparably)

Senior iOS developer salary

According to, the average US iOS engineer’s salary is $145,650. It can go up to $165,964, depending on the years invested in the profession. 

In San Francisco, iOS developers can make between $162 749 to $207 455. In New York, it can be between $156,629 to $199 654.

Remote iOS developer salary

The average salary for a remote iOS developer is $140,000. Again, the prior experience of the individual also affects their pay scale.

Remote iOS programmer salaries can start at $120,000 and go up to $165,000 for more experienced iOS developers. Companies from the states of California and Minnesota have higher wages to offer.

Freelance iOS developers earn an average salary of $104,000. The amount can range from $79,000 to $130,000 per year, depending on the number of projects, portfolios, and clients.

Step-by-step Guide to Hiring iOS Developers

According to, the worldwide share of iOS operating systems has increased from 22.7% to 26.3% since 2019. These statistics show how Apple has a loyal clientele that is expanding. Hence, more and more enterprises are hiring iOS developers for their tech teams.

As a startup, the iOS developer hiring process can seem daunting. The solution lies in creating a step-by-step developer hiring strategy. Hence, a company must take some steps before hiring a suitable iOS programmer. It is always better to have a plan before making a final hiring decision.  

Define project scope

By 2022, 1.87 billion people will be mobile employees, representing 42.5% of the global workforce. This study posted by the Global mobile workflow forecast shows how more businesses will start depending on mobile apps for expansion.  

Therefore, to create an iOS mobile app that works, there needs to be a set of goals. The first step is to prepare a list of factors influencing your hiring decision. 

Moving on, you must think about these questions before starting the app developer hiring process. 

  • What kind of Apple iOS app are you envisioning? 
  • How would the app generate revenue for the company
  • What is the idea behind the app
  • How do you wish to sell your product
  • How can the iOS developer’s strengths be utilized for building that particular Apple iOS app?
  • How will hiring an iOS app developer benefit your company?

Remember to consider these factors before hiring iOS developers or outsourcing companies.

  • Be clear about the mobile app development project milestones
  • Mention deadlines and how important it is to stick to them
  • Specify your requirements and company niche
  • The experience that is needed, i.e. senior iOS engineer, junior iOS developer, etc
  • Company timings, and if certain work hours are a compulsion
  • How much will the company pay, for example, mentioning the hourly rate for freelance  iOS app developers

To post an iOS app developer job opening, you should be very specific about the work processes and software demands. Why? The company can find the right match for its project with this approach. 

Creating a budget plan

Before beginning the iOS developer recruiting process, it is integral to formulate a solid budget plan. The client cannot proceed to the next stage without preparing a financial plan. Hiring a suitable programmer is not a difficult task. At the same time, the app should be attractive and user-friendly to engage more customers.

However, ensuring you find a great iOS app developer without going overboard with the budget can be tricky. Moreover, Funding is crucial for a startup that has to spend on other resources. Hence, make a list of these pointers before beginning the next step.

  • What would be the cost of iOS app production?
  • What is the type of app the company is trying to make?
  • How to find a balance between quality and saving money?
  • Which options are most affordable: in-house hiring, freelancer iOS developers, or hiring remote iOS app developers?
  • How much money do you spend on UX/UI design?
  • How much cash can you invest in the project during a specific time frame?

After discussing these concerns with your partner, you can make an organized budget plan. With this strategy, you can avoid the problem of money wastage.

Choose a working model

After resolving the budget and project goals, the next step is to begin the search for channels. The availability of cash will define the type of iOS app developer that can be the right fit. Each hiring method has its pros and cons. Therefore, you must conduct in-depth research. As a result, it will become easier to make a decision.

Hiring in-house iOS app developers

Some companies have a workplace culture that they prefer to keep. Moreover, they can add a new individual to their team if it fits their budget. Since it is the age of social media, you can begin your search through social networks such as LinkedIn and Facebook. In addition to that, Facebook has iOS developer communities that the company representative can utilize. 

iOS developer LinkedIn profiles

The standard search box is one option. However, there’s a LinkedIn feature for this purpose. With a LinkedIn recruiter, you can match candidates with your needs.

Once the recruitment manager posts a job, they can explore up to millions of candidate profiles. With filters, the search can become more effective.

iOS developer Facebook groups

Facebook boasts tons of communities that connect employers looking for potential employees. Therefore, the team lead can post in the group on behalf of the company.

However, the recruiter might end up with their inbox flooding with messages. Therefore, a better alternative would be to give the company’s email address. It is a more professional way of checking resumes.

In-house iOS developer pros

  • It is easier to train an in-house developer team.
  • There is one-on-one interaction. Hence, communication issues are minimized.
  • It takes less time to make changes.

In-house iOS developer cons

  • Maintaining costs might become an issue.
  • With in-house iOS programmer teams, you can prevent wasting time and cash.
  • The app developer hiring phase may become long without any fruitful results.

Hiring Remote iOS Developers

Job boards and online hiring platforms post profiles of IT talent from all over the world. Therefore, for startups looking to build Apple iOS apps, remote iOS developers are an excellent option. 

Moreover, virtual job boards offer the best iOS developers at reasonable costs. An example of such a website is Gaper. It is a marketplace of software engineers that bridges the gap between clients and remote software developers. 

Furthermore, the iOS app developer community at Gaper consists of the top iOS developers from across the globe. After a series of examinations, vetting processes, and training, only the most talented, hand-picked developers become a part of Gaper.

Remote iOS developer pros

  • You get access to a pool of diverse talent.
  • The client can find iOS developers that work according to budget
  • You can forget about hours of sifting through resumes and performing background checks
  • The matching networks ensure that there is no compromise on client demands.

Remote iOS developer cons

  • The differences in time zones might be a problem.
  • There can be issues in maintaining the consistency of the remote iOS developer team.

Hiring Freelance iOS App Developers

If an organization is looking to hire a freelance iOS developer, there are various websites they can consult. Freelance programmers usually post their hourly rates, portfolios as well as certifications. Hence, this helps to shorten the developer onboarding process. 

Freelance iOS app developer pros

  • You get one-on-one interaction with the freelancer.
  • The business gets more time to focus on other priorities.
  • There is less time wastage.

Freelance iOS app developer cons

  • They may lose motivation hence hindering project progress.

iOS Developer Interviews 

After shortlisting one channel, the client should familiarize themselves with the platform’s rules and regulations. In most cases, outsourcing a remote iOS developer team or hiring freelance iOS developers would be ideal for a startup. 

Furthermore, you can schedule a video call with online hiring platforms to assess programmer skills. The website or the candidate organizes the interview. Due to this, the employee and candidate get to discuss company regulations, project-related information, and team goals.

Plus, the recruiter can get an idea of the individual’s personality traits and how they can work in favor of the company. Mentioned below are some of the questions that can help.

  • Talk about a time when you had to do something you had never done before.
  • What is an iOS application, and where do you fit your code?
  • What are the essential certificates for issuing and developing apps?
  • How do you reduce app size?
  • How do you debug on iOS?


Q1. What are some iOS app development skills needed to build an iOS app?

A professional iOS developer should preferably be knowledgeable in either Objective-C or Swift, the two programming languages supported by this platform. Additionally, they must be well-versed in the trends and procedures that surround the iOS framework.

Q2. How much do I pay to hire junior iOS developers?

The median hourly rate for iOS Developers is $25. But the rate may vary on location, platform, and experience.  

Q3. How do I hire an iOS developer?

You can hire iOS developers through various means. For e.g, you can hire iOS developers remotely via different mediums like

Q4. How do you become a junior iOS developer?

You need the following skills to become a Junior iOS developer: 

  • possess some command line
  • Xcode
  • GIT knowledge
  • demonstrate some familiarity with Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines and knowledge of mobile design.
  • Be capable of creating an API endpoint
  • parse data 
  • build a UITableView.


Hiring iOS developers is not as easy as it seems. With the increasing competition, enterprises should prepare well before initiating the iOS programmer hiring phase. Therefore, be clear in your requirements, choose your options wisely, and always state the advancement level of the iOS app developer. Good luck with your search!

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