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How to Hire AWS Lambda Developers – Recruiter and Employer Guide for 2022

AWS Lambda allows its users to run programs in multiple different languages including Java, Python, and C#, as well as many different types of applications or back-end services. What does the entire process of hiring an AWS Lambda developer entail and what are some of the things that you should keep in mind? 

What is AWS Lambda?

AWS (Amazon Web Services) AWS Lambda is a serverless programming management resource from Amazon, which enables its users to run code without having to first create any customized application configurations. The code is run in response to events, and the computing resources which that code requires are automatically managed by the platform.

Moreover, AWS Lambda allows its users to run programs in multiple different languages including Java, Python, and C#, as well as many different types of applications or back-end services.  Because of this, what it essentially does is take the responsibility of provisioning off of a program administrator. Hiring an AWS Lambda Developer is on the task list of a lot of businesses and startups. What does the entire process entail and what are some of the things that you should keep in mind? 

How Does AWS Lambda Work?

AWS Lambda is a flexible service that allows vendors to offer their own on-demand computing resources, creating a high-availability computer infrastructure. The platform itself handles all of the demands of these applications and programs, such as logging, capacity provisioning, automating, scaling, as well as server and operating system maintenance. allowing developers to run applications and complete computing projects

Scaling Through AWS Lambda

AWS Lambda provides a platform that automatically scales. Due to this, AWS Lambda, as a platform, is designed in a way so that it is able to expand and contract in order to handle the increases in real-time demand by applications after they have scaled. 

This way, a developer is able to scale virtually any type of application or back-end service that they create through AWS Lambda. All they need to do is ensure that the code that they input is in one of the languages that AWS Lambda supports, and because the platform takes care of its operations, this includes the way it would naturally begin to scale as well.

How Can AWS Lambda Help Your Company?

Due to how non-specific AWS Lambda’s serverless application model is, it can be employed with almost any type of application. The following are a few ways where AWS Lambda can be used.

AWS Lambda’s Payment Model Minimizes Cost

The core benefit behind AWS Lambda’s payment model is simple: you are charged based only on the number of requests made for your functions, and the duration it takes for your code to execute. Through this, you are only paying for what you use minimizing operating costs because the platform only bills users according to resource demand, and nothing more.

Web Apps and Websites

When servers are removed from the equation, web applications can be designed without a cost at times when there is no traffic. 

IT Automation Via AWS Lambda

As there are no servers to manage, users only need to upload their code. Everything necessary to run and scale it is handled for you. AWS Lambda can automate processes by triggering them with events or by running them on a fixed schedule.

Now, let us look into the variables associated with hiring AWS Lambda developers including the roles and responsibilities, and cost of hiring an AWS Lambda Developer.

Responsibilities of AWS Lambda Developer

  • Develop server-less applications that work well, can be tested, and can be used again
  • Use AWS Lambda to handle complex performance and architecture challenges
  • Integrate software to other products offered by Amazon

Add any other responsibilities that are relevant to your specific organizational needs.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire AWS Lambda Developers?

In the United States, an AWS Developer may expect an average annual compensation of $96,168, with a high end of $119,648. This is according to salary information compiled by Glassdoor. Annualized compensation is projected to increase by $23,481. Additional compensation may come in the form of a monetary bonus, commission, tips, or a share of the profits.

Upwork reports that the average income for a freelance AWS developer is $20–$45/hr. The hourly amount you’ll pay a freelance AWS Lambda developer might vary based on factors such as the developer’s level of expertise, location, availability, and additional programming languages that you might need along with AWS.

If you are looking to hire AWS Lambda developers, feel free to set up a quick appointment with us. You can either build a tech team from scratch or use our platform to augment your existing in-house team.

What Determines the Cost of Hiring AWS Lambda Developers?

Now that we are familiar with and understand the fundamental guidelines for hiring AWS Lambda developers, we will move on to the factors influencing the cost. We will cover tips that should be kept in mind by any company looking to hire an AWS Lambda development team or individual AWS Lambda developers.

Skills Required For Your Project

Your company’s success heavily depends on the caliber of employees you hire. Therefore, when hiring a development team, it is important to verify that they possess the necessary skills, experience, and knowledge in areas such as knowledge of API integration, and relevant platform and framework understanding. 

Cost insight into the process by which AWS Lambda developers construct an application is a valuable commodity for businesses. You can also propose your requirements to see if the AWS Lambda developers you have opted for can do it.

The Project’s Overall Scope

At the outset, you should know how long the project will take, what it will entail, and what features it will need. Many factors, such as the developer’s location, technological expertise, and experience contribute to the cost of hiring a software developer, all of which are related to the complexity of the AWS Lambda development project. Experienced AWS Lambda developers with industry experience can advise businesses on what they can expect regarding timeline, resources, and cost. If you do not have such senior AWS Lambda experts to consult, Gaper would be happy to assist you.

Size of the Team

The complexity of the project would determine the size of the team. Each team member’s salary is based on their experience and expertise. To put it another way: if you don’t hire enough people, the project could take longer than expected and cost more money. Create a plan of action and build a group of people who can implement it successfully to achieve your goals.


The last but certainly not least factor when looking to hire an AWS Lambda Developer is location. Consider the developer’s location when estimating how much it will cost to hire a developer. If you’re located in an area with a high cost of living, outsourcing to developers in other countries may be your best option. How? By using an outsourcing service or a platform for software developers. AWS Lambda developer outsourcing offers the same conveniences and customization in app creation as in-house development.

Hire The Best AWS Lambda Developers Through Gaper

The need to hire qualified developers has become increasingly evident to most companies. Hiring a remote AWS Lambda developer is a cost-effective way to gain access to a wide range of technical skills.

Gaper uses a perfect match mechanism to find the most compatible and talented AWS Lambda developers and an AWS Lambda architect ideal for organizations needing reliable developers. Gaper has developed a systematic, AI-based procedure for finding and vetting suitable placements for expert AWS Lambda developers in various organizations and startups.

Gaper is more than just an innovative hiring platform; we ease the transition to the modern workforce for startups. Gaper will find you the best AWS Lambda programmers after they have been extensively screened and vetted. Our developers are dedicated to staying on top of global trends while keeping the needs of specific regions in mind.

Which Skills Are Required for AWS Lambda Developers?

The following are some of the essential criteria that companies should look out for when hiring AWS Lambda developers.

  • Expertise in using AWS offerings including CloudFront, DynamoDB, and CloudFormation.
  • Experience in several programming languages, especially Java, Python, and C#.
  • The ability to perform basic tasks involving front-end technologies including JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3.
  • Training and familiarity with all aspects of security regulations. “Depends on the nature of the task at hand.”
  • Familiarity with the underlying architectural principles that underpin a serverless application’s scalability.
  • Integrated user authentication and permission across distributed servers and operating systems.
  • Data consolidation from various sources into a single repository.
  • Expertise with source code management systems like Git is required.
  • Add any other frameworks, libraries, or technologies that are part of your development stack.
  • Experience with using AWS service, APIs, AWS CLI, and SDKs to write applications.
  • Knowledge of developing AWS databases.
  • Understanding of core AWS services uses and basic AWS architecture.
  • Proficiency in developing, deploying, and debugging cloud-based applications using AWS Lambda
  • Experience in writing code for serverless applications
  • Knowledge of cloud reference architectures and AWS best-practices
  • Understanding of how to use CI/CD pipeline to deploy applications on AWS 

How to Interview a Skilled AWS Lambda Developer? 

Assuming you plan to perform an in-person interview to hire AWS Lambda developers, here are some ideas to help you get the best possible results.

Involvement Of Developers In The Process Is Encouraged

To build a team of highly-talented developers, you should include at least 3-5 senior programmers in the interview process. A manager can’t determine a candidate’s strengths and weaknesses independently. As mentioned before, if you are unable to have technical recruiters on your hiring team, reach out to Gaper for assistance. 

Schedule Ample Time For The Interview

You must give a reasonable amount of time for the interview process. Ask all the necessary questions, request a demonstration of skills, and have the candidate devise a solution to a problem. As a result, it will help you hire the proper individual for the job vacancy; otherwise, you may choose the wrong person if you rush it.

Make Informed Decisions 

Remember that if a candidate has all the necessary abilities, there is no reason to prolong the hiring process. In contrast, it is best to decline a candidate if they display many warning signs. It’ll make the interview and recruiting process easier for everyone involved. It will also save your business a lot of cost (time and money) in the future. 


What Makes Gaper’s AWS Lambda Developer Offering Different?

Finding the best talent to recruit is a difficult task, especially considering the countless companies offering their own supply of AWS Lambda developers. However, through Gaper, businesses can find the right developers with convenience, through a streamlined process, allowing you to build and establish your teams within hours.

At Gaper, developers from all over the world are thoroughly vetted so that your company meets with developers of the highest distinction. We ensure that the right fit between your needs, goals, vision, and company dynamics is found. Combined with the fact that our AWS Lambda developers work through all time zones, this leaves a specially curated match for your business and its own unique needs. 

How Fast Can Gaper Connect Businesses with AWS Lambda Developers?

Gaper helps you hire a developer within 48 hours with a 2-week free trial.

How Important Is Finding The Right AWS Lambda Developer?

AWS Lambda is a serverless service, that allows you to run code without needing to maintain servers. It automates services from composing and sending emails to responding to web requests. Essentially, it is an all-rounder tool for executing code within the AWS cloud.

By using AWS Lambda, you erase the need for traditional computing services and infrastructure. All you have to do is code, configure, and deploy the functions you want, greatly simplifying the process without compromising on the quality of the execution.

AWS Lambda is Amazon’s serverless computing service. You can run your code on it without having to manage servers or even containers. It will automatically scale depending on how much work you feed into it.

You can use it in data pipelines, to respond to web requests, or even to compose and send emails. It is the jack-of-all-trades way to execute code in the AWS cloud.

AWS Lambda is a service that allows developers and software companies to run code without having to set up and manage servers, which is often known as “serverless architecture.” 

How Does AWS Lambda Work?

In a nutshell, you send your function’s code to AWS, and they run it. You pay for the time the function actually gets executed, in a “pay as you go model.” That’s pretty much it.

So, adopting AWS Lambda effectively eliminates your need for traditional computing services and infrastructure. That, in its turn, greatly reduces the cost and complexity of your IT operations, making development times faster and scaling easier.

You might argue that the benefits I’ve just laid out aren’t exclusive to AWS Lambda, but instead are common to other serverless solutions. You’d be right. And that’s why we bring you the following list of 11 reasons why you’re better off adopting AWS Lambda.

AWS Lambda can be used today to run:

  • Node.js,
  • Python,
  • Java,
  • Go,
  • C#,
  • and even PowerShell.

Although you might be used to writing statefully in these languages, you do have to remember that AWS Lambdas are stateless. They just run your function once, then dispose of everything.

You’ll be able to persist state in your database and rehydrate it of course, but for transactions, you’ll make it all happen in one go. If you’re used to stateful object-oriented programming, you might have to shift your style a bit to utilize the AWS Lambdas.

And if your favorite language is not supported out of the box, don’t worry. AWS provides the ability to provide your own custom runtime. A custom runtime is exactly what you think it is, you can provide support in any programming language including COBOL, if that’s your preferred language.

Managers like this benefit, but there are plenty of reasons for developers to like it too. How many times have you turned a server upside down to resolve an issue with a server patch?

As a developer, would you want to spend a good portion of your time managing servers? Or would you rather be coding up some cool stuff that matters?

Sure, it’s a fun engineering project to fine-tune a cluster of containers or a VM using shared resources, but you can still have that if you’d like.

AWS Lambda is simply another tool in your toolset. You can use them in many applications, but not every situation is right for AWS Lambda.

The benefit of having no infrastructure to manage is that you can spin up a new AWS Lambda without having to add a new resource to your infrastructure.

It Is a good way to extend your existing infrastructure or deploy new services in a microservices architecture. And for some services on the AWS Lambdas are the only real way to perform certain tasks such as logging Cognito login requests. And because there is no infrastructure to maintain you also don’t need to take care of scalability. AWS Lambda automatically scales to support the rate of incoming requests without requiring you to configure anything. There is no limit to the number of requests your code can handle, the performance remains the same when the number of requests increases. Just remember that your code needs to be spotless in order to scale.

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