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How to Hire PHP Laravel Developers – Recruiter and Employer Guide for 2022

A non-complex, easy-to-use framework, PHP Laravel is an important programming skill to have onboard. We have compiled this guide to help you hire the best PHP Laravel Developers.

If you are looking to hire a Laravel Developer, the wise decision would be to choose wisely and to choose the best. In order to help you hire PHP Laravel developers, we have compiled a guide to help you hire the best Laravel developers out there. 

Every recruiting procedure includes a number of aspects for picking the framework and the engineers. The fundamentals of Laravel as a framework, its requirements, stats for developers, the hiring process, and its parts will all be covered in this article. We will also talk about how successful the framework is, what talents to look for in a new recruit, and other pertinent topics.

For the recruiting procedure, you must first comprehend all that this position entails before you can properly select the top applicant. Let’s examine each of these elements in more detail below to assist you in quickly finding the best Laravel developer.

About Laravel

The open-source PHP web application framework Laravel, also known as PHP Laravel, is recognized because of its non-complex and easy-to-use framework. Laravel uses the model-view-controller (MVC) design pattern, which operates through reusing elements from multiple different frameworks to produce a useful, well-structured online application.

The Laravel framework is renowned for its attractive syntax, which makes it simple and straightforward to write code. The framework has a number of features for primary PHP usage, including programming languages like Yii, Ruby on Rails, or Codelgniter. Laravel reduces the time needed for developing because it has such a large library of features.

The Laravel software design is not only practical but also easy to use and has attractive interfaces. Most often, Laravel is known for its ability to create websites quickly from scratch that are resistant to a variety of online threats.

Stats about Laravel

Laravel turned 10 years old back in 2021 and it has maintained its position as the most popular PHP framework among developers. 

According to a Stack Overflow study, 10.12 percent of developers favor Laravel as a framework, which shows how well-liked it is.

Stats about php Laravel

While 22.61 percent of programmers have used Laravel for about two years on average, 45.86 percent of devs took two to five years to master how to use it and hone their framework skills.

Most developers or speaking in stats, 43.41% of  developers think of Laravel as a framework that advances in the right way, demonstrating that it is utilized and will continue being used and that it has a bright future in the development industry. Amazingly, 66.27 percent of developers believe that this framework is ideal for creating quick and easy web applications, which has led to a rise in the need for developers with experience with the Laravel framework.

Given all levels of expertise, the typical annual income for a Laravel developer falls between $80K and, most frequently, about $109K.

Top brand names and apps using Laravel

Due to benefits like quick web app building that saves a lot of time and money in the long run, many well-known brand names use Laravel as their framework.

PHP Laravel helps you build web apps quickly, saving you time and money in the long run. Due to these benefits, many famous/big brands prefer using Laravel as their framework. 

The following websites, applications, and brands use Laravel:

  • October CMS: A self-hosted, open-source, and free content management system (used by Toyota, Nestle, and KFC too)
  • Asgard CMS
  • BarChart: Open-source project for conversion increasing
  • Invoice Ninja: Accounting software for invoicing processes
  • MyRank: Tracking a brand name through a keyword tracker tool
  • Magento IT Solutions
  • Alison: Essential tools for online small businesses
  • BBC
  • Ratio
  • Crowdcube

Additionally, is a well-known community site that covers a wide range of topics and disseminates information about Laravel as a framework and associated news, updates, podcasts, and other things. Additionally, Laravel is most commonly used in bespoke development, admin apps, and eCommerce.

Interviewing a Laravel developer

Helpful tips for a pre-screening interview

In order to interview a Laravel developer’s interview the proper way, you would need to have a talented professional who would know how to execute the process appropriately. Since they are experts,  they handle the hiring process professionally after shortlisting the perfect candidates for the job and then begin with the interview process/stages.

The interviewer must take every step and ask every question to inquire about the expertise and experience of the candidate with PHP Laravel in order to assess their ability and capability of handling the job. PHP Laravel interview questions may include questions such as: How many years worth of experience do you have with using PHP Laravel? 

Other than asking questions about their work experience etc, the interview focuses on the candidate’s soft skills as well. Doing so will ensure the communication skills of the developers assuring the understanding ability of the dev which guarantees the responsible nature of the developer. 

What are the skills required for a Laravel developer?

An experienced Laravel developer should be experienced in the following skills:

Technical skills of a Laravel developer

  • PHP, CSS, JavaScript, HTML
  • MVC (Model-View-Controller)
  • OOP (Object-Oriented-Programming)
  • SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol)
  • DBMS (Database Management Systems)
  • Waterfall and Agile as project management frameworks
  • APIs like RESTful
  • Scrum (development methodology)
  • Fixing code issues and debugging
  • Code-writing
  • Web apps maintenance
  • UI testing
  • DevOps experience
  • Web app architecture mapping

Technical Laravel Interview Questions To Consider

Here are some beginner PHP Laravel developer interview questions to consider during an interview: 

  • What is Laravel Framework?
  • What is the latest Laravel version?
  • Define Composer.
  • What is the templating engine used in Laravel?
  • What are available databases supported by Laravel?
  • What is an artisan?
  • How to define environment variables in Laravel?
  • Can we use Laravel for Full Stack Development (Frontend + Backend)?
  • How to put Laravel applications in maintenance mode?
  • What are the default route files in Laravel?
  • What are migrations in Laravel?
  • What are seeders in Laravel?
  • What are factories in Laravel?
  • How to implement soft delete in Laravel?
  • What are Models?

Here are some advanced level PHP Laravel Developer interview questions:

  • What are Relationships in Laravel?
  • What is Eloquent in Laravel?
  • What is throttling and how to implement it in Laravel?
  • What are facades?
  • What are Events in Laravel?
  • Explain logging in Laravel?
  • What is Localization in Laravel?
  • What are Requests in Laravel?
  • How to do request validation in Laravel?
  • What is a Service Container in Laravel?
  • What is a Service Provider?
  • What is the register and boot method in the Service Provider class?
  • How to define routes in Laravel?
  • What are named routes?
  • What are route groups?
  • What is Middleware and how to create one in Laravel?
  • How to create a route for resources in laravel?
  • What is dependency Injection in Laravel?
  • What are collections?
  • What are contracts?
  • What are queues in Laravel?
  • What are accessors and mutators?

Non-technical skills of a Laravel developer

Soft skills of a potential candidate reveal a lot of things about how they handle work as mentioned earlier. Non-technical skills prove helpful especially in the long-run.

The perfect example of assessing their soft-skills would be noticing their reaction to when the interview is scheduled and moreover, what time and in what manner they show up for the interview. 

Showing up on time will prove the fact that they respect the job position and that they will take care of work before deadlines once they start working.

Last but not the least, the developer has to be fluent in the English language. The openness and ease of communication throughout the entire conversation will summarize the overall impressions and demonstrate that this particular Laravel developer will have a positive work environment and interact with clients without any difficulties.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Laravel Developer

The main responsibility of Laravel developers is to build a new web application or to update the existing ones. These tasks require expertise and experience in the field.  Before hiring Laravel programmers, make sure they can develop clear, tested, and scalable code as well as optimize it. A good understanding of PHP and other web development technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript is required for a skilled LaBuild future-ready applications and websites.

It goes without saying that scalability and flexibility are crucial when it comes to developing a website or application. Apart from keeping up with a growing customer base, business owners must always be ready to spot the latest tech trends and adapt accordingly to stay competitive. 

Furthermore, as you focus on running your business, your Laravel developer will be able to help you deliver these business needs and requirements on the tech side. Moreover, these Laravel developers stay up-to-date with the latest developments as well as tech innovations, enabling them to bring into the table cutting-edge features that grow, modernize and expand your company. 

Why Hire PHP Laravel Developers?

Below are a few advantages of hiring a dedicated Laravel Developer: 


One of the biggest advantages of hiring a Laravel developer is its cost-effectiveness. Hiring one who has a vast knowledge of the area can save you a lot of time and money on web/app development. 

Better management

Websites and applications these days are built to manage large amounts of constant traffic. Consequently, online traffic may not always remain consistent. Once your programme becomes more prominent, it will have to process several requests per second.This can cause a drastic increase in the price of maintaining your web app.

Furthermore, if your hosting server crashes or is down for any reason, you are put at a risk of losing a large number of customers. Skilled Laravel developers create web apps that have superior traffic management and can easily handle large amounts of continuous traffic.

Latest Tech and Tools

The biggest advantage of using Laravel developers that nobody talks about is how they utilize the latest tools and technology in the industry. Laravel developers are well versed with the “old ways” of developing apps and websites and are also up to date with the latest trends and talks. When combined, you get the benefit of combining the best of classic and latest web and app trends.


Laravel developers are known to be quite efficient in the web and apps development niche. The user-friendly interface and latest tech shortcuts allow these developers to get through your project at a rapid speed. Laravel developers have a lot of experience on their resumes, which in turn also works to boost your work efficiency.

Work Ownership

The nature of Laravel development is such that it requires a developer to take a deep dive into your project. They learn about every variable and element that goes into developing the most suitable apps and websites. And in doing so, they develop a keen interest in your company and take complete ownership of the work.

High Security

Laravel is undoubtedly one of the safest web and app development platforms today. And Laravel developers take due regard to the website’s or app’s security when putting together a project. They are familiar with the inbuilt tools to boost your security against any viral internet attacks. 

What distinguishes a great Laravel developer from a good one?

A great Laravel developer has several qualities that distinguish them from the competition for a variety of reasons, as was described in the basics above.

The best Laravel developers have exemplary knowledge and expertise with not just APIs, SOAP, and RESTful but also Agile, Waterfall, and Scrum.

A competent Laravel developer must also have a thorough understanding of both MVC and OOP. All of the methods, classes, objects, and procedures used here would be easily and rapidly understood by them.

Possible challenges during the hiring of a Laravel developer?

A Laravel developer is a terrific asset to have on your team since they can handle many technical problems and operate flawlessly with this framework. Finding a developer who is qualified to work with this framework is a hurdle, though.

Although this kind of developer is not yet in exceptionally high demand, skilled Laravel developers are difficult to come by. This is not a difficult framework for developers to learn to use. However, it might be a little difficult to include the implementation itself on a wide scale and throughout the organization. The developer must be given a thorough presentation of all of the company’s projects, not simply the company’s work.


1- What distinguishes Gaper PHP Laravel Developers from others?

Gaper focuses on quality more than quantity. Which is out of thousands of yearly applicants; only the top 1% make it to Gaper. All the developers are selected through various screening processes to ensure the expertise of the candidate. Moreover, instead of connecting you to HR reps, you are connected to software engineering experts who can understand your concerns better and guide you accordingly. As a result, you are matched with a PHP Laravel Developer that best suits your needs. 

2. Is it possible to hire a PHP Laravel Developer within 48 hours through Gaper?

Gaper commits to providing you with the best match within 48 hours of your request. 

3. Does Gaper provide a two-week free trial for PHP Laravel developers? provides a two-week risk-free trial period. If during the two weeks you feel like you have not been matched with a suitable developer, you will not be charged a single penny. A noteworthy point: that is unlikely to happen but if it does, buy us a cup of coffee if you will, while we match you with a more suitable candidate.

4. How much does it cost to hire a PHP Laravel developer?

PHP Laravel developer salary depends upon different factors such as the location, expertise, experience, and the market. Also, the cost also relies upon the preferred mode of work. For example, a freelance Laravel developer might cost more or less than a full-time PHP Laravel developer. However, the tech talent at Gaper prefers to work at an hourly rate. To know more about Gaper’s pricing plan click here

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