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How To Publish An iOS App on Apple App Store

The goal of the App Store is to provide its users with the best possible experience, which is why developers strive to meet or exceed industry standards with every new release.


The Apple App Store, as of the first quarter of 2021, was the second largest app store, with a catalog of over 2.22 million iOS apps.

The goal of the App Store is to provide its users with the best possible experience, which is why developers strive to meet or exceed industry standards with every new release. The shop is determined to make its customers feel secure when downloading apps.

After many long development hours, your iOS app is ready to be submitted to Apple for review. Getting an app into the App Store isn’t as easy as clicking a button, but it’s also not as difficult as it would seem. Assuming that you have already signed up for the Apple Developer Program, that your app adheres to Apple’s App Review and Human Interface Guidelines, and that you are ready to publish the app.

To begin, the iOS developer must be up-to-date on macOS and meet all Mac requirements. The application submission fee must be paid using a credit card. The programmer must also have access to development tools, such as Apple’s Xcode. Having to meet so many prerequisites can slow down the application submission process.

Don’t fret, though; we have streamlined the process for submitting an app to the App Store, the configuration steps, and how developers can obtain various certifications. Want to learn how to publish an app on Google’s Play Store? Check out our guide on publishing apps on the Play Store. 

App Store Requirements

Apple Developer Program

Enrollment in the Apple Developer Program is crucial before submitting iOS software to the App Store. You can only get your software into the App Store if you become a part of the Apple Developer Program.

The Apple Creator Program has a yearly fee of about $98. However, it offers many advantages to the developer, including:

  • The flexibility to upload apps to the App Store from any Apple device.
  • Capability to develop and publish add-ons for Safari through the browser’s own extensions gallery.
  • Apple now gives users access to beta versions of their software.
  • In-built testing software, similar to TestFlight.
  • Offers insights into user behavior and some additional features for app developers.
  • Annual subscription renewal is required to keep a developer’s apps in the app store.

The developer needs to remember that the software must adhere to the standards established by the Apple App Store. The developer also needs to meet several other criteria, such as:

  • The developer has to be using the most up-to-date version of macOS.
  • Software tools for development, such as Xcode & Keychain Access.
  • A current, working credit or debit card to cover any applicable fees.

Furnishing Information About The App

Developers must provide all relevant information when submitting an iOS app to the App Store. Everything from the name and description of the software to pictures and icons is included in this.

The developer is required to provide the information listed below:

  • App Name: The name you give your iPhone app is the first thing your users will see, so it needs to be descriptive and easy to remember.
  • Icon Of The App: The app’s icon is the most user-facing feature. It is a symbolic representation of the iOS application. The icon needs to be 72 DPI in RGB color space and saved as a.png or.jpg format.
  • App Description: The application’s functionality and features, along with an explanation of how they work, should be described in detail.
  • App Screenshots: Include at least 2–5 screenshots for compatible devices to give users a better idea of what they can expect from the app.
  • Keywords: Using the correct keywords can do wonders for the app, bringing users in straight from the search results page. Therefore, it’s necessary to use several keywords, each of which must be separated by a comma.
  • App Rating: The developer must survey the intended users so that they can provide feedback on the app. When users rate an app positively, it will help boost its popularity and usage.
  • Categories: Doing so would classify the software as a whole and make it easier for the audience to locate it.
  • Url Of Privacy Policy: This is an optional URL that will contain the application’s Privacy Policy, which should be in line with the users’ rights.
  • Url For Marketing Purposes: Directs app consumers to the app developer’s website or another website. The App Store now offers an opt-out for this feature.
  • Support URL: Unlike a marketing URL, which is entirely up to you whether or not you include it, a support URL must be included and should provide information on how to access support for an iOS application.
  • Details Regarding The Copyright: The information regarding any copyrighted product is provided in this section using the format of “YYYY Organization/Company Name.”
  • Demo Account: The Demo Account is required to have a username and password for users to be able to access all of the features of the application.

Create A Bundle Identifier

After completing the necessary iOS app data submission steps, your app is ready for release. Your submitted iOS app’s name serves as its Bundle Identifier.

This is how App packages are made:

  • To begin submitting the iOS App to the App Store, you must first visit Apple’s Developer Portal and sign in with the ID.
  • After logging in, go to your profile and select the Identifiers. 
  • The process of naming the App ID has begun. It will be similar to the mobile app you’ve developed. 
  • Here, the developer must follow a standard naming convention, such as “com.yourcompanyname.yourappname,” for the ID of the Bundle Identifier.
  • The submission process can begin once you’ve decided on a name for the App Id. After double-checking the services, submit.

iOS Application Certification Process

The iOS app must be certified by Apple before it can be released to the public. Having gone through this procedure, you can rest assured that your app will be compatible with the standards set forth by Apple Inc. for the App Store. 

Initiating iOS App Certification Signing Request

A developer must follow these steps to request a Certificate signing:

  • The developer needs KeyChain Access in order to request a certificate to be signed.
  • Submit a request to a Certificate Authority. Common names and user emails would need to be submitted.

After submitting a request for an app certification signature, the next step is to create a production certificate for the iOS app’s official Apple Developer account.

Create a production certificate for the App Store by following the steps below:

  • The developer must visit Apple’s Developer portal using a web browser to initiate the app store production certificate.
  • From this page, select Certificates. The next step is to select the plus sign (+) in the system’s upper right corner.
  • Select the App Store and Ad Hoc as the product category, and tap the App Store Production button. Select “Continue” to proceed.
  • The next thing that has to be done is uploading the Certificate Signing Request.

Developers of apps can get their own certificates by uploading a certificate signing request and then downloading it. Here, developers must ensure the certificate is installed on the machine by double-clicking to ensure the newly produced file is secure.

After the iOS app certification has been set up, a production provision profile must be crafted so that users can gain access.

Starting The App Store Listing

After the provisioning profile is saved, reserving a spot for the app in the Apple App Store is the next step. This is where the app’s intended users will find and use it.

The developer must adhere to the following guidelines to secure a spot in the Apple App Store:

  • The developer should go to iTunes Connect to create an App Store account and reserve the spot.
  • To add an app, go to your profile page, choose “My Apps,” and click the “+” button.
  • Then, select “New iOS App” and “Bundle ID” from the drop-down menu. Here, the developer needs to double-check that the SKU is correct and that it corresponds to the Bundle ID.
  • Now that you’ve finished the initial draft of the app listing, you can move on to the next step.

The app will be reserved for listing when you’re done with these steps.

Releasing The iOS App On App Store

We’re almost ready to submit your software to the App Store for public use. Firstly, app developers must compress the binary file end users will download from the app store. It is recommended that developers start with Xcode and the provided instructions here in order to pack the binary:

  • Launch the application or project in Xcode.
  • When this happens, the app’s creator must update the app’s version and build numbers. Next, head to the app’s Build settings and double-check that every setting is selected.
  • Now, scroll all the way down to view the code signing. At this point, you will want to use the provisioning profile for your code-signing identity.
  • Choose Generic iOS Device from the menu as the final destination for the build. Now select “distribute.”
  • Sign in with your Apple developer account and submit the application to the App Store.
  • Once the developer completes the submission, they will have to wait for confirmation.  

Submitting The iOS App For Review

Having the app reviewed is one of the most crucial steps in submitting your iOS software to the App Store. Here, the official Apple team evaluates the software based on several criteria.

The app’s developers must decide whether the software will have a manual or an automatic release. Developers must now wait for Apple’s review staff to give the go-ahead after submitting their apps for review. A new app submission is allowed once Apple has reviewed an existing one, which typically takes between two and three weeks.

If the iOS app is rejected, the developers should review the information provided in the Apple Resolution Center. Figure out where you went wrong as well as how to fix it. The iOS app can be resubmitted for evaluation once the review process has been completed.

If the app is approved, the next step is for the developer to choose the Manual release option, following which the Release option will become available. It is recommended that the developer should wait until the app is marked as “Ready for Sale” before beginning the publication process. The time it takes to upload an iOS app to the App Store is unpredictable but can be as long as 24 hours.

How Long Does It Take To Get App Store Approval?

Approval typically takes between one and three days, and if you get it, it can take up to 24 hours for your application to show up in the App Store. The process is automated, and you’ll receive emails at each stage. Learn more about each status by reading the information provided here.

For those who are in a rush to get a new version out with an urgent bug patch or who need to coincide a release with a certain event, the option of an expedited review is also available.

If Your App Is Rejected

Before re-submitting your app for approval, you’ll need to resolve any issues that were found. You can contact Apple with any problems or concerns you might have by utilizing the Resolution Center in the App Store Connect. You have the option to take the matter further and submit an appeal if you consider that your application was denied wrongly.

When an app is rejected from the Apple App Store, poor performance is often cited as the primary cause. Ensure that your app is complete, that you have thoroughly tested it, and that any bugs you found have been fixed. If you use a bug-tracking system during beta testing, you can lessen the likelihood of your app being rejected because of functionality issues.

If Your App Is Approved

Congratulations! You have successfully launched your app on the App Store. Through App Store Connect, you have direct access to information regarding downloads, sales, reviews, and ratings.


Is it hard to publish an iOS app?

When it comes to the process of publishing apps, Apple does make it significantly more difficult than Google does. But that doesn’t imply its impossible. You only need some patience and, ideally, the guidance of someone who has already succeeded at what you’re trying to accomplish.

What is the average salary of an iOS developer?

There is no doubt that the demand for hiring iOS developers is increasing around the world. The United States is one of the most prominent centers of growing technology. The average iOS developer salary in the US is 99,500 USD per year. The amount can also change according to experience, location, and work hours. 

Are iOS developers in demand?

Yes, iOS developers are very much in demand. Apple is much more than a company for tech devices, it is a brand name everyone wants to own. According to Android Authority, the iPhone now beats Android when it comes to the US market.

Can I publish my iOS app for free?

While signing up as an Apple developer is free, submitting an app to the App Store carries a $99 price tag.

Should I learn iOS in 2022?

Yes, this would be the right time to practice and learn iOS development. According to, iPhones have a 65% share of smartphone sales in the US. Many companies are looking to hire freelance ios developers.

The first reason behind this is how much people rely on their mobile phones. This means that businesses are willing to invest in iOS mobile apps. Developing mobile apps is another way to expand the customer base.

How much does it cost to publish an app to the iOS App Store?

Becoming an Apple Developer is a prerequisite to developing iOS apps and distributing them through the App Store. This account costs $99 and needs to be renewed every year.

Is iOS development a promising career?

Being an iOS Developer has many benefits, including high demand for developers, compensation and benefits, and creatively challenging tasks that provide opportunities to participate in various projects.

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