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Generating Sales; In Conversation with Eric Klein, COO & Co-Founder Cloudonix

In conversation with Gaper: Cloudonix is changing the way companies manage communications; merging data and voice to generate more sales!

Eric Klein is the COO and Co-founder of Cloudonix which is a communications platform that sits on top existing infrastructure that a business has, and enables them to turn visitors into customers. We are living in a world where the exchange of data and the speed of communication exceedingly play a higher role in how businesses interact with their customers. Cloudonix’s journey also started in a similar fashion with businesses looking to add “voice features” to their mobile apps.  

What accelerated the process was when they realized how much time and energy is lost by businesses due to the lack of flexibility in existing CPaaS (Communication platform as a service) solutions. 

“Customers originally came to us looking for solutions to put voice into mobile apps but what really pushed us was when Nir’s (CEO & Founder at Cloudonix) wife had her car breakdown one night and called Nir to come and handle it instead of calling a tow service or the insurance company. That’s when we realized how high-friction these calls can be because you call via a mobile app and as soon as the call reaches the service provider, all information is lost and at best all they know is your name” 

From 4 to 350+ in 24 months; How Cloudonix hacked sales

More often than not businesses hit a wall with sales because they are simply selling to the wrong audience. Such was the case with Cloudonix when they first started. But they quickly realized that they were selling to the wrong teams and made a shift from pitching to tech teams to pitching to the sales teams and enabling them to see the value of converting more people and thus generating higher sales without the need for putting in new infrastructure.

Eric mentions one of their early customers was a startup that worked at deploying a virtual company phone within an employee’s personal phone to enable work communications separately from personal communications and the company could simply shut the phone off if the employee left. Cloudonix helped them deploy SMS and Voice calls without the presence of a sim card by strictly utilizing VoIP solutions. 

Fast forward to the Pandemic that shifted the entire world into work from home affecting thousands of businesses across the globe. This was especially hard on companies that relied heavily on in-person call centers. Cloudonix’s solution; to replicate the on-premise telephone system over to the cloud without breaking or compromising GDPR or HIPPA requirements so employees could easily work from home.

To raise or not to raise and why competition is not always bad!

Most founders, if not all, tend to focus their energies on both raising money and generating revenue which isn’t always the best of ideas; and Eric agrees. “ You can either focus on building a company, meaning building revenue, or you’re looking for an investment – you cannot spend 100% time on both” 

Cloudonix raised a pre-seed round but that was about it. They focused on building their services rather than waiting for investors to catch up to and understand their technology. Cloudonix was greatly criticized by investors on how they will compete with Twillio, a company that provides programmable communication tools. Cloudonix went on to form a successful partnership with Twillio generating sales and currently has 9 deals in the works with them! Talk about growing together.

When asked for advice for young founders, Eric had 3 great pieces of wisdom to share that form the basis of his mentoring: 

  • Make sure you are doing a solution for a problem and not a solution looking for a problem 
  • Make sure your target audience knows they have a problem or start educating them on the problem six months before launching
  • Make sure to carefully identify who the target user and the target budget holder is

Cloudonix’s journey has just started and as more and more businesses move towards remote work, stronger, more secure and flexible communication solutions will be the biggest driver of growth. At Gaper, we strongly believe that remote is the future and focusing on mobile VoIP solutions will help businesses transform their communication systems.

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