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Top 10 companies that offer remote jobs around the world

Telecommuting, work-at-home jobs, and the concept of being a digital nomad has been around for a while. However, it was only in 2020 that remote work achieved ubiquity around the world due to pandemic-led lockdowns.

Back in 2017, 3.4 million U.S. employees used to work from home. For some, it helped make extra money on the side; for stay at home moms, it was a means to work part-time. It obviously helps people set up their own business as well. That number has dramatically increased given the current circumstances. For a decent amount of jobs, you only need an internet connection to make money while still being fully equipped to produce your best work.

Some people like working from home while some don’t. However, a better work-life balance means that even when a return to the office is inevitable, a lot of employees are continuing to look for flexible work options. The only issue with job-searching and working from home is choosing reputable and legitimate companies and clients to work for and avoiding any scam entity with malicious intentions.

Importance of Remote Jobs

Remote jobs offer the ultimate flexibility, autonomy, and independence. And people are increasingly willing to trade in their daily commute in favor of the home office now that work from home opportunities are even more normalized.

A major reason there is a shortage of skills in many labor markets nowadays is the high demand for remote work, and telecommute systems. Note that it is no longer just data entry jobs, transcription, virtual assistant jobs, tutoring, customer service representative, typing, or call center work that are home based. It is every single job role that is able to be done with a computer. Software development, engineering, accounting, art, design, and even roles like management, supervision, and leadership have been adapted to remote work systems now. Work from home positions now cover almost every niche that can be worked on through a computer.

Now while a work from home job is a very smart way of making money and extra income (depending on whether you work full-time, hourly, as a freelancer, or as an independent contractor), it is also important to ensure that you do not fall for scams in your endeavor to make money while working from home. Legitimate companies and platforms will never ask you to share sensitive and private information. They will certainly not demand any money from you. Here is a list of ten companies that will hire you from anywhere around the world. Of course, it goes without saying that the list is not exhaustive. There are plenty of freelancing websites and online job platforms that allow teleworkers to find work from home jobs.


Appen is a company based in Australia. They have been providing speech and language solutions since 1996. They have a clientele in more than 180 languages and dialects. Moreover, it also offers search, voice recognition, and media services in 180 languages and dialects.


VIPKID is located in Beijing, China. They hire teachers from all around the world. The only requirement they have is that the teacher has to be proficient in the English language. VIPKIDS aims to provide an American school experience for Chinese kids.

Furthermore, it’s a one-on-one system. This means that they need a lot of home-based teachers all the time. Therefore, if your English language skills are top-notch, go apply for a job there right now.


SAP is a German software company that happens to frequently hire from all around the world. The company specializes in business intelligence, analytics, sustainability, and innovation. They have around 300,000 customers globally who use SAP solutions to manage profits and grow sustainably.


Phillips is based in Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands. It is a globally diversified company founded in 1891. Their home appliances are marked as one of the best globally. Other than home appliances, they also provide home healthcare, oral healthcare, watches, jewelry, photographs, and energy-efficient lighting solutions for global markets as well.

A well-known company across many borders, Philps joins other big names that are now allowing their employees to do their jobs from home.


Gitlab is a coding platform. Which allows people to review, generate, analyze, and implement code into the consolidated user interface. The impressive thing about GitLab that will want you to work for them is that organizations like NASA, Sony, Verizon, and Expedia use GitLab.


Wevocalize specialties in services like translating e-learning content, product manuals, web content, user interfaces, enterprise applications, etc. Wevocalize is mostly used by companies like Disney, Dell, and Intuit.

Wikimedia Foundation

Wikimedia Foundation is the non-profit organization behind Wikipedia. They aim to provide free multilingual content to people around the world. is based in New York, USA. We provide vetted remote software engineers to companies looking to hire tech teams. Our engineers are based remotely. However, unlike freelancers or part-time independent contractors, our teams work with our clients on a full-time basis. Gaper regularly hires skilled engineers and developers to join our teams. If you think you’re a good fit with us, apply away!


Bumble is a social media platform that focuses on career building, dating, and moreover, helps you in finding friends.


Quora is built on the belief that not all knowledge is available on the internet. It’s a Q/A platform that allows you to ask a question from other people and allows others like yourself to answer your queries. It lets you experience another person’s point of view. In a way Quora lets individuals learn from each other in a very realistic way.

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